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  1. I dunno, I like Cracker Barrel. Although, I don't go there very often- usually it's on the road on the way to vacation someplace, so that might have something to do with it. I like the old-timey candy they sell. https://crackerbarrel.com/
  2. Just because someone is upset over the loss of their pet does not mean they equate them with the humans in their lives.
  3. Agree about his music- I like some of it. But I also give him tons of credit for the charity work that he does. I just find it annoying that he always seems to have a camera present when he does it.
  4. I think he looks a little like Clint Eastwood.
  5. There are so many little nuances in that song!
  6. You can see Richard Blackwell doing it starting around 9:17 (I was dere ): I'm so happy Bruce brought this song back last tour!
  7. Even the best ones, I'm sure he'd need to get used to them. I didn't notice anything unusual about his appearance the first time I watched it. After reading comments here and elsewhere, I rewatched, and my first thought was also he'd had something done with his teeth. Which, considering his age, wouldn't be unusual. It's also common for people to lose weight if they haven't been able to eat well due to dental work, so maybe he's lost a few pounds. Overall, I thought he looked and sounded pretty well.
  8. The mention Steel Mill, but don't post The Wind and the Rain?
  9. In his studio, or wherever he was when he played his songs, to his right (left of screen) there was a huge black and white poster of him in his hair metal days. Cool pic, actually, but I thought it was weird. But then, most rock stars are a bit vain.
  10. Judging by the giant picture of his younger self he had on display, I'm not so sure he's let it go.