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  1. I don't think there is any song that I wish he hadn't played, though there are some that I'd happily swap out for others. I don't mind Sunny Day (I enjoy watching the audience have fun), though I wouldn't mind at all if he dropped it. Especially at the 11/7/09 Wild and Innocent show- having it start up after the album was like a slap back to reality with a dead fish!
  2. This was also my last ESB show. (My last time seeing Bruce was Stand Up for Heroes 2019.) It was amazing- Bruce pulled out ALL of the epics! Before that last run of shows, if someone had posted that setlist, they would have been accused of lying! Sandy was just magical that night. It felt like an end to me also, but more like the end of a chapter than closing the book. Having said that, if it turns out it was my last show, I'm ok with that. I've seen pretty much every song I really wanted to see (though I'm sure I can come up with one of two more ). I really hope they have at least
  3. This one is fan-made, but I watch it sometimes when I need a "fix". (Maybe some of you are in it.)
  4. Wow, I don't know what to say except that I'm very sad to hear this! I didn't really know Marsha well, but she seemed like a very sweet person. My condolences to her family and friends.
  5. I've thought that the guy in Somewhere North of Nashville was sleeping in the backseat of a borrowed car.
  6. I was at the Pittsburgh 4/22/14 show. I got very excited when Bruce sat down at the piano (I love it when he plays piano ), though I was expecting For You, so I was thrilled to get The Promise instead. Having said that, there's something really special about the '70's performances. The aforementioned Seattle one is great, but I also like Dallas '78 (I believe). I do like the full band version also, especially the Carousel performance with David Lindley on violin.
  7. Oh, no doubt Bruce has good lawyers. My source also said (as you did) that impairment is much harder to prove without a BAC.
  8. According to someone I spoke with who knows about these things, there technically is not a permitted alcohol level. I asked him what is the point in having a limit if a person can still be charged below it. He said the difference is the potential penalties are higher if someone is above the limit. If the stories are true, Bruce admitted that he drank and then intended to drive away. Having said that, he didn't think Bruce will receive any serious penalties, if any.
  9. I've been told I drive like an old lady, and even I've been pulled over for speeding. But the nice sonny boy officer let me go with a warning.
  10. Exactly- there are reasons why (eg. age, previous injuries, etc.) he might have failed the sobriety test without being drunk. I think the blow to his reputation is likely to be worse than any punishment he might receive. Which, if this was leaked deliberately, the damage was done.
  11. It's not really their place to clarify anything. If he had indeed just taken the shot, some of the alcohol would still be in his mouth and could affect the reading. Better to wait, IMO. Maybe he's been vaccinated. Actually, people have been known to show up at places he's known to frequent in the hopes of "accidentally" bumping into him. It's also no secret to those same people that he likes his tequila. Also, if you read the posted report, I don't believe that it specifically states that the Bruce was in possession of the bottle ( I could be wrong), only that it was e
  12. Yep, the timing seems...interesting. Exactly- you can't un-ring a bell, as they say. People won't hear the follow-up.
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