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  1. He's played one before on occasion, but that one last night was a beauty!
  2. Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (French horn at 5:55 for Daisey ): Speaking of the MSO, I love Elton's concert with them: And needed or not, this freaking rocks: So yes, I would love to see Bruce do this!
  3. I like Brad Paisley a lot! Some of his songs are funny, but some are serious/pretty. I've thought Local Hero sounds like something Brad would have written. A couple of my faves:
  4. Beautiful dog! I love German Shepherds! I think they actually have two.
  5. Not me- I was also behind the stage! Well, almost- I was on the turn behind Charlie. It was my first Incident too, but the highlight for me was NYCS.
  6. You might have if you'd seen how obnoxious she was. But it goes to show the lengths his followers would go not to vote by mail.
  7. It's not odd at all, considering Trump has been saying for months that mail-in voting is full of fraud. When I went to vote, there was a woman who had driven all the way from Alabama to Chicago just to vote for Trump (she claimed she still owns a house here- sure!). She could have easily done that by mail. (Besides which, she just wasted her time and gas, since Illinois is historically blue.)
  8. The signature is on the outer envelope. These are checked against voter registration records to verify that the signatures match.
  9. Good point- we know that Bruce often took his inspiration from the movies.
  10. It is a good point. Maybe Bruce wrote in such a crude fashion in order to evoke a feeling, which he clearly does.
  11. That studio (which is lovely) is sure getting a lot of screen time these days.
  12. Bruce has been doing so many interviews for this album, I can't keep up!
  13. Do you have access to Hulu where you are? I caught up on several seasons there. I didn't know the show was back, but I stumbled on it towards the end.
  14. Agree with this- I love it musically. Lyrically, I'm not sure Bruce himself knows what it's about- I think he's said as much. I imagine he was writing more for the sounds of the words, as opposed to the narrative (as I think Dylan did?). Having said that, though, in my mind I picture a relationship kind of like Seymour and Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors (bear with me here, lol), and the doctor (and the others) is like the dentist character in Little Shop. As for what a shooter is, I also think it's a protector. These three old songs have a bit of Western imagery in them (as does the Ba
  15. After a number of listens now, I'm really enjoying this album! I'm totally loving If I Was the Priest; it's my favorite, followed by Ghosts and Janey. So far, the only songs I'm not feeling are Burnin' Train and Rainmaker, but they are starting to grow on me a little. I agree that the opener sounds like something off Joad- not a bad thing. Song for Orphans reminds me of the Wallflowers, also not a bad thing. I loved the documentary as well. The scene near the end where Bruce is toasting the band had me in tears. I miss these guys so much!
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