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  1. I went to an AMC theatre- they didn't show it either. I find it annoying that they advertise stuff, but the theaters don't show it.
  2. I do too. But I love the version I got in Glendale, AZ even more: I've seen Racing a few times (3 for the classic version, twice for the Promise version with Joe G), but the most recent was for a great sign:
  3. One of my friends in high school taught her baby sister to say, "I hate Duran Duran" (It came out, "Dran Dran"). I thought it was hilarious!
  4. I hear you. I think it should be mandatory that everyone has to work retail for some period of their life (like military service).
  5. I love those lines, and the pictures. Looks like a great book!
  6. Interesting! I never even realized there were different versions.