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  1. Yes, we were. Wasn't that the tour the Kansas City show was cancelled? Like when he said he'd never play the Prove It '78 intro again... True; acts like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran do just fine.
  2. Yep, I remember that. I guess the conversion never caught on. Although, the metric system is taught and used in the sciences.
  3. You wear big gloves? What I remember most when I shook his hand is that it felt very warm. (which was good, because it was cold out) In my picture from the book signing, he looks a lot taller than me, and I'm about 5'7". My friend who has met Bruce "in the wild" a couple of times says Bruce is about his same height, which is about 5'9" . There was a picture of his California Driver's License out there, and it said he's 5'10" . Maybe in boots.
  4. Since most people here are serious fans, my guess is that if anyone here has those things, they wouldn't be willing to part with them. I know I wouldn't (if I had any, which I don't).
  5. Who needs props? Air guitar is the only way to go.
  6. You are 100% correct. I always find it ironic that Bruce seems to attract a fair number of music snobs when he doesn't seem to be one himself.
  7. I didn't see Michelle Obama, but I loved the Stevie Wonder episode.
  8. Cubs. Arch rivals of the Cards.
  9. Ha! Thanks, but the pic isn't me, it's Kate Hudson in Almost Famous.