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  1. Anyone get a Signed arm by Bruce Two guys get their arms signed this weekend in London Bruce was very generous giving dealers lots of signed albums too i'm sure they'll appear on internet for sale soon
  2. Amazon UK now advertising Volume 2 Box set CD @ £180-67 but it is free delivery Release date July 6th
  3. okay guys with regards to promise 61 comments obviously a unbeliever heres a photo of hanks and guy he spoke to its not a secret if hanks said what he said that was up to him hanks is in london doing book signing staying at a well know hotel the guy has tee shirt on which hanks pointing to and then had a little conversation about Bruce So guys believe what you may but the guy met Hanks
  4. May be several threads on this subject but this has come from a close friend of Bruce, like Tom Hanks. Ive been a member of the lake for years maybe my first post under this name, but wanted to share the good news. weather this actually happens time will tell, my friend certainly don't make stories up, if he says Tom Hanks said Bruce bringing Broadway style show to London I believe him. I understand it will be hard for others to believe. I'm just spreading the news.
  5. Friend of mine met Tom Hanks today who was wearing a Springsteen tee shirt Tom Hanks says Bruce bringing the Broadway show to West End London Why did Tom say that?? Should he of said that ?? Who knows ??? Anyway after you all read this and think whatever where's the proof All I can say is you heard it here first and I hope it does happen