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  1. Where are you, Greetings? Yes, I know you're in Barcelona, but ...

  2. Hey, just thought I'd say hi as I don't see you that much on the main boards at the mo. 


    Hope it's going good over there! 


    Cheers Steve

  3. The double over Liverpool is going to be Man Utd's crowning achievement this season. Congratulations!
  4. City won a Premier League title thanks to extra time. It's one of my favourite sports moments of all time too.
  5. Since you live in GB and not Spain, you once again have no idea what your talking about.
  6. That game was bullshit Andrew. I agree, Terry was miles offside and well past the 7 minutes of stoppage time given. I'll say it again....bullshit!
  7. Jonjo Shelvey has made an immediate impact for NC, great pass to set up the goal. If Toon keep playing like this they'll be more than safe in May.
  8. Newcastle played very well with Janmaat putting some good balls in as he found a lot of space all the time, also Wijnaldum had 2 great chances which were well saved by Cech. The 3 points was very important but Arsenal played so poor, Walcott, Ox, Giroud really didnt do anything at all upfront and Ramsey, Ozil were poor in midfield.
  9. The transfer window in England doesn't open up till January the 2nd. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/10114239/when-does-the-transfer-window-open-key-dates-affecting-premier-league-clubs
  10. Thanks for posting that Andrew. That was funny to read.
  11. Arsenal top of the table at New Year. The Gunners should use this as a marker to go out and win the thing.
  12. Chance after chance squandered against Bournemouth. Ozil is the man of the match with a wonderful goal and assist to his credit.
  13. It looks like this bore-fest of a match will end 0-0. Chelsea fans singing "Attack, Attack, Attack!" .......isn't that usually the Man Utd moto?
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