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  1. Where are you, Greetings? Yes, I know you're in Barcelona, but ...

  2. Official statement from FC Barcelona to Johan Cruyff "FC Barcelona would like to express it's pain and sorrow at the passing away of Johan Cruyff (Amsterdam, 25/04/1947 - Barcelona 24/03/2016), who was both an FC Barcelona player and a coach and who will forever be a legend at the club. FC Barcelona wishes to send it's most heartfelt sympathy to Johan Cruyff's family at such a painful moment, a sentiment which the Club members, fans and the whole world of football and sport will share. Rest in peace Thank you Johan."
  3. Hey, just thought I'd say hi as I don't see you that much on the main boards at the mo. 


    Hope it's going good over there! 


    Cheers Steve

  4. Everyone knew Real Madrid would come up with something so as to not have to offer the Santiago Bernabéu for the Copa del Rey Final and in recent years the excuse has been renovating the stadium toilets. This year though they've got a great excuse as they've just offered the stadium to Bruce Springsteen for his European Tour (the concert was to be in La Peineta). The best but about it was Luis Enrique's response when he was informed in a press conference today: "Damn... Springsteen at the Bernabéu on the night of the final? I won't let my boys go I'm afraid but I'm sure our rival's players will have a great night".
  5. Too bad, Luis Suarez got a hat-trick and Iniesta and Neymar made some stunningly beautiful passes well worth watching.
  6. The double over Liverpool is going to be Man Utd's crowning achievement this season. Congratulations!
  7. City won a Premier League title thanks to extra time. It's one of my favourite sports moments of all time too.
  8. Heading out the door for Camp Nou. I always love it when Athletic Bilbao comes to town. They are a fantastic club with amazing youth development and fierce Basque pride.
  9. Since you live in GB and not Spain, you once again have no idea what your talking about.
  10. That game was bullshit Andrew. I agree, Terry was miles offside and well past the 7 minutes of stoppage time given. I'll say it again....bullshit!
  11. Jonjo Shelvey has made an immediate impact for NC, great pass to set up the goal. If Toon keep playing like this they'll be more than safe in May.
  12. Barcelona were punished in April and appealed while Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid have been punished in January and the appeal will occur earlier meaning it won't coincide with a transfer window.
  13. Both Madrid clubs are recieving transfer bans after being caught hiring minors.
  14. Latest: Luis Suárez has been punished with a two match suspension which is only applicable to the Copa del Rey for apparently waiting for the Espanyol players in the tunnel after the game and telling them he was going to beat them all up. This has occurred because th referee was in the tunnel also and he wrote this in his match report while he didn't see the deliberate nasty stamp on Messi's ankle from the Espanyol keeper during the match and because in Spain what's not in the match report stays unpunished, then that's it. You can kill someone and if the ref didn't see it, it is left as is.
  15. Windy conditions in the Camp Nou as I'm glad I grabbed a jacket. Great to see our new guys have a trot but this match was very physical. Espanyol deserved the red cards they got for all their aggressive play and time wasting antics. When I got home I watched the highlights and was shocked to see what Pau Lopez did to Messi! Fucking asshole deserved a straight red for that shit! Messi had a wonderful match scoring goals and setting them up too. His free kick was picture perfect! Watching him play I was once again reminded of what a special player he is and how fortunate we fans are to see him in action. The rest of the guys were clinical today as well and overall I think we can take care of business for Leg 2.