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  1. Stone Temple Pilots - Core (1992) Stone Temple Pilots - Purple (1994) Stone Temple Pilots - Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop (1996)
  2. That's unfortunate about your cable provider. It's ridiculous to have to add lots of additional channels just to get 1 channel which is a premium channel to begin with.
  3. Andrew, will you order the channel if Liverpool make it to the League Cup final?
  4. Like the dark ages by choice Andrew, the Bein Sports channel is available anytime.
  5. Great choice dalkin! I just dusted this one off to give it a listen. I remember how excited I was to hear this musical match-up back in 1993. Coverdale/Page really deserves more credit as its a rather respectable collection of rock tracks.
  6. Congrats to Liverpool on their 4-1 win. LFC seem to really enjoy storming into Manchester and beating a team with that scoreline.
  7. Deep Purple - In Rock (1970) Deep Purple - Machine Head (1972)
  8. Metallica - Death Magnetic (2008) A return-to-form album that made me forgive the band for that awful St.Anger mess of a record! Death Magnetic is classic-Metallica and worth your time to check it out.
  9. There's a lot of love in this thread! Can you feel the love tonight?
  10. x 2 Thanks for the suggestion Goombay. I haven't spun this one in a few years.
  11. Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses (1987) Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion (1993)
  12. Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (2005) 10 years old and it's as good as the day I first heard it. http://www.stereogum.com/1732685/silent-alarm-turns-10/franchises/the-anniversary/
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