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  1. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/30126430
  2. Barcelona v Sevilla was a legendary match yesterday! 5-1 with a hat trick by Messi and a record broken makes me happy that I'm around to watch a footballing master like Messi. The whole team celebrated his victory and I especially enjoyed watching them lift Lionel into the air. Great game!
  3. Face The Music: A Life Exposed by Paul Stanley http://www.amazon.com/Face-Music-A-Life-Exposed/dp/0062114042
  4. "All The Rage Back Home" from the new Interpol album El Pintor.......notice the anagram in the title?
  5. "Honest Roy's Bookies" Thanks Roy, I just went to a local lotto place here in Vancouver and put a bet down on Southampton. I know it's a long shot, but it would make my year to see an underdog win the EPL instead of Chelsea or those "Red Devils" (the one sports team I can't stand!). On a personal note, I would have loved to seen NewCastle win the EPL during it's successful run in the 90's. They deserved it!
  6. It is all over, the four point lead is over Southampton, who with all respect wont challenge. The lead is eight points, over the only team who can possible stop them Man City. But they wont, no one will. It's a crackin' Chelsea team who wont drop many points this season. Even if they did,the "other rans" will not catch and overtake them. Bookies are never wrong and make them 1/6 favs. This season it's a one horse race for sure. Bookies are never wrong? What do they have a power and crystal ball I don't know about? Chelsea could still "shit the bed". It is rather sad to think the season is already wrapped up now. Hey at least La Liga is still competitive this year!
  7. Newcastle United in the Champions League = Geordies running wild in Europe! Personally, I would love to see it!
  8. Cozmic Kid inspired me to crack open my White Lion - Pride CD. Thanks.......hey if I'm starting on the "White" bands then follow up would include Whitesnake, Great White, White Zombie and of course The White Stripes.
  9. They compare Messi with Maradona and Pele. And they compare Ronaldo with Messi. Enough said. I agree with that^ Messi is the best footballer ever. I'd love to see Messi play live, my list of all time best players is this... Messi Pele the fat cheat. me. Peter Beardsley. The man in your icon picture is one of the greatest strikers IMO too. Much respect for Mr. Shearer!
  10. Regardless of the stats, Messi is a joy to watch and IMO seems to be favored by "experienced" football aka soccer fans vs Ronaldo who garnishes attention from women who think "he's hot", anyone with Portuguese decent and people who are more casual watchers of the beautiful game.
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