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  1. sorry BTR, just checked, I don't have the Godfather version of Vancouver, anyone else?
  2. Just looked at the info for your DVD, & it looks slightly different from the audio I've got (which is from the Bodysmoother DVD), here's the tracklist: 1. Tuning 2. Promised land 3. Radio nowhere 4. Living In The Future 5. My Hometown 6. Long Walk Home 7. Promised Land - Not Aired 8. My Hometown - Not Aired 9. Last to Die - Not Aired 10. Long Walk Home (noticeably missing Night), so would be good to have the audio from yours also....
  3. Manny thanks @Breakaway I've got the audio for the Today show for Bruce already,but if someone can extract the audio for Patti's show from your DVD, I'd be most grateful
  4. Here's 2009-04-21 - Bowery https://mega.nz/folder/nQQHCA4Q#Uc0K1fpyjgZ2Pgyi2WQYbQ If anyone has the others, would be great? edit: Eddy's site seems to suggest that there's no audio in circulation for the other 2 dates.
  5. Just had a look on Dime, there's nothing on there for Patti.
  6. considering Claudio runs it on a shoe-string, he does extremely well keeping it running 'most' of the time. We just live with the odd outage.
  7. Hi, Jungleland is still very much active, & many of my d/loads have come from there. It's normally best to grab them early, as you say once they've been there for a while the seeds do drop off. However we all depend on each other's collections here to share what we have, so the more people who participate in that, the better for all of us cheers
  8. May be so, but if you have flac, & want to convert to WAV, what Bosstrade says makes perfect sense.
  9. sorry, must have missed that one...! on it's way now. Flac (with art & info where available): 2013-07-23 Cardiff (Essexboy) https://mega.nz/folder/ydRzgYxQ#TgyN_YgV8-c3VUILJS1E5A enjoy!
  10. Hi, For Las Vegas, I've got the IEM_AUD mix, described as Version 3, as well as the Hrubesh audience version, will load both: Flac (art & info where available): 2000-05-27 Las Vegas (IEM-Aud Mix) https://mega.nz/folder/bAJjFQaT#c0OrKTMznMmY2VUHmkfEzg 2000-05-27 Las Vegas, NV (Tape Transfer) (Mauro R) https://mega.nz/folder/3EA3VKrQ#JSl8cZX7IfGlO_nMwC0F3Q enjoy!
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