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  1. You beat me to it BT sorry @waquantrilluk, we're not allowed to share any boots with the same dates as any officially released material.
  2. you're more than welcome, any others you want, just let us know
  3. I usually use EAC (Exact Audio Copy), it's free, reliable, & easy to use.
  4. I think that goes for all of us here loading now... Flac (with art & info where available): 2013-06-15 London, England (loftarasa Version) 16bit-48kHz https://mega.nz/folder/mZpgkK5A#3FRmDLN1aVUmK1e9peHzEA cheers!
  5. Loading 95 now... Flac (with art & info where available): 1995-10-28 You Better Not Touch Vol 2 (Crystal Cat) https://mega.nz/folder/rcpynQoK#-fao-AGv2_PlgyP4IN22OQ cheers!
  6. I feel your pain. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. It's a horrible place to be, & I wouldn't recommend it to anyone
  7. Loading now Chevy... Flac (with art & info where available): 1981-03-02 Hampton Recorder 3 (DS Archives Volume 44) https://mega.nz/folder/bMg2DIhT#MuBMT3MIr9qjb6qrFDu1Aw cheers!
  8. Hi, I'll start loading Red Bank & Cleveland, unfortunately we're not allowed to share St. Louis here as it's the same date as an official release. Flac (with art & info where available): Red Bank 1998-01-31 CC 454/455/456 Red Bank Night https://mega.nz/folder/3ZokkSAB#Prbyh13ZRCGt_T3r_Jzp7w Cleveland 1996-09-29 CC 415 USA Blues Vol. 2 https://mega.nz/folder/SdhiBKRI#OhxLvFCRwYG-xZR3Gh6QEQ cheers!
  9. @Breakaway Loading the 1st 3 now, sorry, I don't have Turin Godfather... Flac (with art & info where available): 1981-02-12 Mobile (Who'll Stop Singing & Howling-Ev2 Revisited) The Girlfriend Free Version https://mega.nz/folder/yUAVTIAR#vfeMZ8Qc7Vc5AZeuZzOisA 1984-10-19 Tacoma Dome - Tacoma, WA (JEMS) https://mega.nz/folder/vIB3QIhK#BIkPk192wU5krsjN0zFBtw 1993-06-26 Madison Square Garden, New York (Crystal Cat) https://mega.nz/folder/LMYzgQ7J#AlMsM63Ggs4RhcxK2Y93fw cheers!