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  1. Hey Jahoe, I don't have this, would be great if you can share? 1978-12-20 This is for the Crazies - Seattle Arena, Seattle, WA cheers
  2. sorry, just checked, don't have any of these 3
  3. Brilliant, you're a treasure BTR! many thanks.
  4. Hey BTR, Yes, got the BS Story stuff, but not these, so would be most grateful if you could load? cheers.
  5. Hi Folks, Looking for (flac) recordings for 24-04-1970 (apart from Torn & Frayed), also 14-08-1970, hope you can help? cheers
  6. Yep, loading now... flac, art, info, etc: 1993-04-20 Rotterdam, The Netherlands - I'm So Glad To Be Here Tonight (Gamble Records -Silver) https://mega.nz/#F!TdwAzaIT!niypZ7xE5553N6eushXm6w (sorry, forgot to re-make the md5 files, as I've tagged the tracks since the original file was created)
  7. Hi BTR, tracks 04 & 05 (Ties that Bind & lucky day) look ok to me, & play fine. Not sure why these are causing an issue?
  8. I'll load 2009-07-03 Frankfurt CC: 2009-07-03 Frankfurt Dream Night CC945-48 https://mega.nz/#F!OYQDWA4L!nRDJg-fJ-fU556v-Vc-Abg Hope this version is ok.
  9. I've got this from the 8th, looks like a CC naming convention: 2003-05-08 Feyenoord Stadion Night 691-93 but if @Springstone has this also, & can load earlier, we're in good shape!
  10. Ah, righty, thanks. If you're able to upload these, I'm sure some of us would be most grateful
  11. I've got this in flac: 2003-05-06 Rotterdam NLD Feyenoord Stadion unfortunately I can't tell you any more about it, (or load) until I get home, but presumably it's a CC release. Will load tonight.
  12. Here's the Hobbes version (md5 & ffp redone due to tagging): https://mega.nz/#F!bJIkFSRI!8KOUY4EvlUcY8L-ttvfufA
  13. I've got the Hobbes Master version, can load tonight unless someone else can do it before then?
  14. Hi Jahoe, I'll start the upload, but need to go to work, so can't wait till it's done. I'll post the link now, but don't access until about an hour from this post, should be done by then: https://mega.nz/#F!TYZ0VaYA!nmKir--mJelw-bhvEgW25g (It's flac, art,info,etc, but I re-made the md5 due to added tags) cheers