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  1. @JimCT - you're making us cry, over & over......
  2. If you've any doubt how good an outdoor BITUSA show sounds, you only have to look at the superb recordings done by @JimCT, & the excellent mastering of his work by Hrubesh. They really don't get much better than that Here's an example: https://www.greasylake.org/the-circuit/index.php?/topic/133405-the-bootleg-collectors-corner/page/1061/&tab=comments#comment-3312855
  3. Hi, Might be an idea to check your dates. AFAIK, the ony time he played Alte Oper was 1996-02-12, & there's no CC release for that date. The only 2 CC releases for Frankfurt concerts are 2009-07-03 / 2012-05-25. There is no live performance for 2006-03-18 If you're not aware, Brucebase is a great site to verify your dates: http://brucebase.wikidot.com/2006
  4. ok, thanks, confirms it - I did it by comparing some of the tracks, & specifically Something In The Night & Rosalita - if you listen to the mp3 versions of these, you can get a direct match for the same on 08-22 Springfield. Rosie is the easiest, just listen to the part around 4:45 ish where Bruce starts the band intros, specifically for Roy....: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are lucky to have with us here tonight…a distinguished name in the music business…the most educated member of the band…he got the diploma from Wikapucka Tech…and Akawakaiya…"
  5. Hi, You may want to re-visit 1976-10-10 Oxford,OH I think it's almost certainly 1976-08-22 Springfield,MA
  6. It really doesn't get any better than this! A fantastic production of a superb show - it's just a shame you guys will not get the recognition you deserve for such a brilliant product. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jim, Hrubesh & Hobbes for all the time, effort, dedication, & professionalism gone into making this, & the kindness to share with us all. We are truly not worthy.
  7. That's the C90 they're using as the master - they're having a few issues with the case.....
  8. You really couldn't make this sh&t up Seriously, if you only knew.....!!!!! edit: I made an assumption that this was the pre-existing Discord site which sought to make life a misery for certain members here. I've just been advised by @tipyourkapthat this is a new site, run by different folk. In that case, I apologise for any unwarranted upset (ie my initial response), & wish them the best of luck.
  9. Unfortunately, the same can be said for an unquantifiable number of dates, there are many others in private collections, limited circulation,etc that, for a variety of reasons, are not released into the big, bad world. C'est la vie.
  10. Hi, Just to clarify here, I don't believe there's a Mike Camp version for 15th, just the 18th. Hope that helps? Regards.
  11. Hi All, Apologies for the confusion, my fault! The actual date is 2004-09-21 (not 2009-04-21), when Bruce joined Patti on-stage at the Bowery Ballroom. 2004-09-21 - BOWERY BALLROOM, NEW YORK CITY, NY Sorry
  12. sorry, no - I won't give them air-time here. The Mods know.
  13. Hi Daisy / Nicky, I don't really want to get into this here, as I'm sure many are sick of this by now, but (& I'm sure I can speak for others here too), the above you mention is merely a side-show. We completely understand many (for a variety of reasons) are unable to load / share. I think this has become the perception of the main problem here, however there's much deeper reasons for the current state. It's far more about the respect (of lack of) for others, common decency, good manners, & the targeted 'attacks' by others existing on another site. It's a terrible situation, as a significant amount of this is not visible on the threads, making it almost impossible for folk to make a fair assessment of the situation. I for one will not tolerate the despicable behavior demonstrated towards folk I regard as dear friends, & will make a stand based on what I know & am aware of. I really hope this thread one day comes back to what it should be: a friendly, fun, enjoyable place where we can share the great captures of concerts we all love, & ensure many more after us can continue to get pleasure from that. best wishes, M.
  14. At last, I can sleep at night - been bugging me that one Best wishes Eileen
  15. I could write so many words here, but I won't (I hear you all sigh with relief).... All I'll do at this juncture is throw a quote out from the Great Man himself: Nobody Wins Unless Everybody Wins Stay safe, be happy, & enjoy!
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