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  1. Yes, I've been through it now & it's the full gig from 18th, Foxborough. The confusion lies on the track-naming. If the subset of tracks which are named bs-2018-08-15 were renamed to bs-2012-08-18, then you sort in track-name order, it then looks ok.
  2. Yes, on the Bakerstuff boot, DITD is in the wrong place, it should follow Detroit Medley (& not Darkness...). It's in the right place on the Bakerstuff-Night edit version. However, the Mike Camp version we talked about above is completely wrong.....
  3. ok, now I'm really confused! That's the Bakerstuff version, not the version that is in the link @sunshine2020posted? see below: 2012-08-15 Fenway Park Boston MA (Mike Camp Version) https://mega.nz/folder/iuJGRTqQ#1Gt54XNOdPiSU11cWeaPWg Maybe we need to wait till she signs-on to clear this one up......
  4. Hi JB, here's the Bakerstuff version for reference, (& it has excellent sound1): Flac (art, info,etc where available): 2012-08-15 Boston MA (Bakerstuff Tape) https://mega.nz/folder/aAgwWBxZ#Cepems8RKx-Hk7IFhESzyA enjoy!
  5. I wouldn't pay too much attention to that, brucebase has the correct tracks listed. Bruce has a habit of creating an 'indicative' set-list before the gig, then completely ripping it up during the concert, which really keeps the band on their toes
  6. Hi JB, any chance you could upload your copy please, as it sounds like sunshine's must have changed after you d/loaded?
  7. Hi @sunshine2020& @Jerseyboy84 Just want to check the Fenway show, checked my collection this morning & realised I didn't have a copy, but when I d/loaded, it's a mix of files from Fenway on the 15th, & Foxborough on the 18th. The filenames use a date in the name, also if you listen to 2015-08-18-01 file,it's 'My Love Will Not Let You Down', which wasn't played on the 15th, & you hear him saying 'Foxborough' in the intro. It's very odd, since JB seems to have got a copy which is presumably ok, as it opens with Thunder Road, but I've checked the link again, & somet
  8. As soon as the Borders open, I'm gonna fly over there, & take a hammer & nail to your keyboard to make sure you can't use that delete key ever again
  9. Hi, Just a quick reminder, when you're requesting shows can you please ensure you've checked with the official releases info before you request please? It makes the task of the loaders easier when we don't have to do this ourselves. All the info you need is on Brucebase, & it's also a fabulous source of much, much more, so if you're not familiar, take a tour..... http://brucebase.wikidot.com/stats:discography thanks, & happy listening!
  10. Flac (art, info,etc where available): 2009-10-09 East_Rutherford_(Travitz_Version) https://mega.nz/folder/TIg21TpI#2ERjSKbDf-Dy_NrKrNwgBA enjoy!
  11. H, Loading all for you now....: Flac (art, info,etc where available): 1981-02-07 Kemper_Arena__Kansas_City,_MO__(Kansas_City_Baby,_JEMS) https://mega.nz/folder/TIxWkJbL#xHm3yo00iPC7XIlNsnNY8A 1984-12-02 The_Boss_On_The_Bayou https://mega.nz/folder/SJoASR6Z#loCFz-SscXsqsHuKLcAvrw 1988-02-29 Worcester (Recorder 2 - 1st gen mjk5510 tape transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/mFxCkBYT#-Ktu0wJUfmHyC1ns_O8uYA 2005-10-24 Richmond VA https://mega.nz/folder/OQowzBKS#3LDqAIKBzmDMmLw3r3SQBw 2009-04-08 Houston TX https://mega.nz/folder/OcoEgJBb#Rqf4iHb
  12. thanks chevy, have been playing around with the various options on megaysnc settings for bandwidth, parallel threads,etc, & the happy medium seems to be about 2mb/s upload speed, & looks ok now....
  13. Not at all mate, glad to help I just had a huge upload to do & mega-sync decided for reasons known only to itself to drop my load speed from avg 2mb/s -> 40kb/s, ie literally dropped off a cliff. I still had over 60gb to load at that point, so canned it & did yours, which ran fine... c'est la vie
  14. Here's the biccio's ! Flac (art, info,etc where available): 1988-06-15 Roma, Italy (SONY UX-Pro Master Tape) (biccio59 Master Series) https://mega.nz/folder/TYhyUTLS#8Novbb2VvdpdCImHawM1qw 1997-05-26 Paris(Biccio59 DAT Master Clone-hrubesh-Ivan) https://mega.nz/folder/7MpWmLQB#JLDrOh_5MURa7g63gWWprg enjoy!
  15. For @E Street nation, sorry about the delay, mega-juggling! Flac (art, info,etc where available): 1978-08-22 NYC (Godfather SILVER RIP) https://mega.nz/folder/zMplCAhK#wwuoYQdqkpXNiuM2UJIzNQ 1981-05-11 City Hall, Newcastle, England https://mega.nz/folder/vd5wERgJ#l-_zZ7RPFTeiuErrJR5FXw 1977-03-24 Running Into the Darkness - Boston, MA (E Street) https://mega.nz/folder/3coimBwL#h6xL7C28OguG70bZ8Hjhkw enjoy!
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