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  1. Yes - my point was there are no SB's.
  2. There are no SB boots circulating for Seeger sessions gigs: http://brucebase.wikidot.com/stats:circulating-sndbrd-recordings
  3. ...& just to add, once you've listened to this excellent boot (or any other), why not jump over here & rate it https://bruceinboots.guru The more who participate, the more the quality of data improves....
  4. & Brucebase: http://brucebase.wikidot.com/gig:2021-11-08-alice-tully-hall-new-york-city-ny (then click on media tab)
  5. Both - The DVD comes with the 2 CD's, or you can buy the Blu-ray separately, as well as the vinyl.
  6. Thanks Daisy - that's a great article, & love the headline photo
  7. Hi, if you pm me your details, I'll follow it up for you?
  8. so why not Michael? If the boot circulates, there's a 99% chance of it being listed there. I'm not aware of any other site on the web which has a more complete listing of circulating Bruce boots.
  9. If only there was a place you could check things like these out..... https://www.greasylake.org/the-circuit/index.php?/topic/141476-which-bootleg-version-is-the-best/ Sign up & have fun
  10. Naw, still be worth more if Bruce wore it......
  11. £1000!!!! Holy Moly! - maybe worth remotely considering if Bruce himself actually wore it & there was a photo to prove it
  12. & there's something for everyone's tastes in that Top 20 section - some real beauties there, & the more folk who join & rate, the bigger it gets
  13. Great to see participation in our site - hope the enthusiasm keeps up, the more the better
  14. Can only reiterate what has already been said, ie the more people who use this to rate, the more representative the ratings become - which benefits everyone. Also, this site contains what we believe to be the most comprehensive list of Bruce boots currently in circulation - as such, a great place to find info on what's out there
  15. Fair point J To be honest, I'm struggling to remember, I know it was a long, long time back, but it may have been after 92, but the source (ie documentary,etc) could have pre-dated that. I don't think there was anything in there on Other Band, so I'm guessing it was probably pre-92.
  16. Fairly sure it would have been pre Other Band, but that doesn't really narrow it down that much.....
  17. ok, just to clarify here, I'm not saying for certain it was Kyoto 85. The footage I saw (& my brother confirmed but his memory is as bad as mine!) was very 'similar' to the still photos from Kyoto, in that he was walking around an empty arena, strumming his guitar. We both agreed at the time that the chords were 'In My Time...". It may have been in a documentary, or possibly a short in the Anthology video or something similar. It can't have been anything obscure, as I don't have much Bruce in video, & if it was in a documentary it would have been broadcast in the UK. I'll keep digging....
  18. great spot! the photo on the 1st page - I'm almost certain that is where the footage was taken from - now just need to work out which venue, & where the video clip exists
  19. Many thanks for sharing that - still not been able to track down the clip in question - he's in a huge arena, walking between the rows of seats with his guitar on, checking sound levels / acoustics. The place is practically empty, so I guess it was during a sound-check. It's not on the 80's David Hepworth Glory Days doc, as I watched that again this morning....
  20. funny you should mention that, I was lying in bed thinking about this last night, & Hepworth i/view came to mind.... Might have to try & track that down, thanks for the tip
  21. I remember seeing a short clip many years back, probably in an officially released video, of Bruce, walking round an empty arena. He played a few bars of this, presumably during the s/check. He was walking down the isle towards the stage. Would anyone recall where this footage was, ie which gig or video it was in please? Possibly in the Anthology 1978-88.
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