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  1. You really couldn't make this sh&t up Seriously, if you only knew.....!!!!! edit: I made an assumption that this was the pre-existing Discord site which sought to make life a misery for certain members here. I've just been advised by @tipyourkapthat this is a new site, run by different folk. In that case, I apologise for any unwarranted upset (ie my initial response), & wish them the best of luck.
  2. Unfortunately, the same can be said for an unquantifiable number of dates, there are many others in private collections, limited circulation,etc that, for a variety of reasons, are not released into the big, bad world. C'est la vie.
  3. Hi, Just to clarify here, I don't believe there's a Mike Camp version for 15th, just the 18th. Hope that helps? Regards.
  4. Hi All, Apologies for the confusion, my fault! The actual date is 2004-09-21 (not 2009-04-21), when Bruce joined Patti on-stage at the Bowery Ballroom. 2004-09-21 - BOWERY BALLROOM, NEW YORK CITY, NY Sorry
  5. sorry, no - I won't give them air-time here. The Mods know.
  6. Hi Daisy / Nicky, I don't really want to get into this here, as I'm sure many are sick of this by now, but (& I'm sure I can speak for others here too), the above you mention is merely a side-show. We completely understand many (for a variety of reasons) are unable to load / share. I think this has become the perception of the main problem here, however there's much deeper reasons for the current state. It's far more about the respect (of lack of) for others, common decency, good manners, & the targeted 'attacks' by others existing on another site. It's a terrible situat
  7. At last, I can sleep at night - been bugging me that one Best wishes Eileen
  8. I could write so many words here, but I won't (I hear you all sigh with relief).... All I'll do at this juncture is throw a quote out from the Great Man himself: Nobody Wins Unless Everybody Wins Stay safe, be happy, & enjoy!
  9. The naughty step is about to shatter with the weight of the entire boots community, we're all just bad to the bone
  10. & from me also, great job @Twink, very much appreciated
  11. Hi, I think the message is loud & clear now, & hopefully we can move onwards & upwards, & all of us can build our collections through the generosity of others, in a fun & sharing spirit of community. Thanks.
  12. Wow- what a treat! - will move it straight to the top of my listening list Many thanks to yourslf & Hrubesh for all the work done - star men, both of you!
  13. Good Morning Judy, I notice that @sunshine2020very kindly provided the links for the 2001 run, here's a selection from others years, incl the Sam Moore appearance in 2003. Flac, (art, info,etc where available): 2000-12-17 Asbury Park, NJ - Prodigal Son Meets The Ubers (Uber Series #2) (Prodigal Son Edit) (SBD) https://mega.nz/folder/qIInBKgZ#eqRjX1EG5zSAcbnR1NkxMA 2000-12-17 Asbury Park, NJ - Blue Christmas Night (Crystal Cat Records) (SBD) https://mega.nz/folder/iMhRFa5R#8xFY1ZZX_C_04cSxUpRTsg 2000-12-18 Asbury Park, NJ - Christmas Holiday Night (Crystal Cat
  14. These hard-drives look like they need a clean & polish....
  15. what!!! You know the rules, specify a date in CCYY-MM-DD format, have already shared dozens of your own, & paid homage to the boots corner folk via a sacrifice at the alter..... (just kiddin', I'm sure we can accommodate)
  16. I'd check her pockets on the way out, look for hard-disk shaped objects hidden in her apron.... Hmm, gives me ideas though - If I get a pair of rubber gloves & borrow the wife's dress, & head to @bosstrade01's? (why does that sound wrong in so many ways....?)
  17. Another super gift from The Great One - we are not worthy! Flac, (art, info,etc where available): 1999-09-13 Philadelphia, PA - Philly Opening Night (Reunion Flood) https://mega.nz/folder/PVxHjQwB#juOaVk-BNuTsifzxxgVEtw enjoy, & many thanks (yet again) @bosstrade01
  18. Hi, Thanks Marnix, but I'm looking for the specific Reunion Flood version.
  19. This popped up on Jungleland last night, & filled a gap for me: Flac, (art, info,etc where available): 2009-11-18 Nashville TN - Sommet Center - (Eisenheim-Deb1) https://mega.nz/folder/qIg3Ra7b#FSR9Em27j9gRD2PYsdugmA enjoy!
  20. Thanks @Born To Rock, but I don't think either are the Reunion Flood version. That has 13 tracks (ie bonus tracks) on disk 3, so may be a flac version of the SHN copy above. Maybe @bosstrade01 could help clarify here please?
  21. Lovely! Many thanks @Born To Rock& Stefano
  22. Good Morning All, & welcome to Sat I'm looking for a Reunion Flood boot: 1999-09-13 First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA - Philly First Night Hopefully someone has this, would be very grateful? thanks! edit: Also looking for : Reunion Flood 1999-11-15 Cleveland OH Just the Boys in Cleveland (there seem to be different versions of this under same name)
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