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  1. That's brilliant, many thanks again. For info, the lst one you listed was actually Bramall Lane, Sheffield (09/07/1988). The only gap I have now for 88 is: 13/06/1988 Rome,Italy
  2. Hi Badlands, Many thanks for all your uploads, much apprecitaed, but do you have the one above for the following day, ie 04/03/1988, same venue? cheers!
  3. Thanks Cowboy, sorry don't have any of those.
  4. Badlands & Born To Run, thank you both so much
  5. Hi, Would anyone have any of the 88 gigs please? 1988 04/03/1988 DEAN E. SMITH STUDENT ACTIVITIES CENTER, CHAPEL HILL, NC no 1988 17/03/1988 ROSEMONT HORIZON, ROSEMONT, IL no 1988 26/03/1988 RUPP ARENA, LEXINGTON, KY no 1988 05/04/1988 CAPITAL CENTRE, LARGO, MD no 1988 12/04/1988 THE SUMMIT, HOUSTON, TX no 1988 20/04/1988 McNICHOLS SPORTS ARENA, DENVER, CO no 1988 25/04/1988 LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL SPORTS ARENA, LOS ANGELES, CA no 1988 13/05/1988 MARKET SQUARE ARENA, INDIANAPOLIS, IN no 1988 13/06/1988 PIAZZA DI SPAGNA, ROME, ITALY no 1988 07/07/1988 RDS ARENA, DUBLIN, IRELAND no 1988 09/07/1988 BRAMALL LANE, SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND no 1988 23/07/1988 STRØGET, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK 1988 21/08/1988 tHE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ 1988 24/08/1988 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, NEW YORK CITY, NY no Ideally flac, but mp3 would do, many thanks!
  6. Here's the flac version: https://mega.nz/#F!6RoHSCTL!jkDG-Uqc2J4oSVoxpVt3Wg
  7. Many thanks BTR, if there's anything you're missing, please let me know...
  8. Hi, Here's 1988-07-19 East Berlin (Audience) (DS Archives Vol 32) (in flac): https://mega.nz/#F!mNh1Va4Q!HKfB6zTyBHkOi7lH2wBujw Enjoy
  9. Hi, Got a few more gaps here, if anyone can help (& as I'm new here, please let me know if you need anything): 2010 22/01/2010 "MTV STUDIOS, NEW YORK CITY, NY (HOPE FOR HAITI)" 2010 24/04/2010 "TRIBECA GRILL, NEW YORK CITY, NY (w THE RASCALS)" 2010 07/12/2010 "CAROUSEL HOUSE, THE CASINO, ASBURY PARK, NJ" 2011 15/01/2011 "PARAMOUNT THEATRE, ASBURY PARK, NJ (w JOE GRUSHECKY)" 2011 02/04/2011 "WONDER BAR, ASBURY PARK, NJ (w NICKY ADDEO)" 2011 09/11/2011 "BEACON THEATRE, NEW YORK CITY, NY (STAND UP FOR HEROES)" 2014 15/04/2014 "NATIONWIDE ARENA, COLUMBUS, OH" 2014 05/11/2014 "THE THEATER AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, NEW YORK CITY, NY (STAND UP FOR HEROES)" 2015 06/02/2015 "LOS ANGELES CONVENTION CENTER, LOS ANGELES, CA (MUSICARES)" 2015 16/05/2015 "TRIBECA GRILL, NEW YORK CITY, NY (w THE SESSIONS BAND)" many thanks.
  10. That's terrific Cowboy, many thanks again!
  11. many thanks BTR, will d/load them when I get home from work tonight.... Much appreciated
  12. Would any of you kind folk have these available please? Ideally flac but mp3 would be most welcome too? 1987 29/07/1987 "KEY LARGO, BELMAR, NJ (w JAH LOVE)" 1987 09/08/1987 "THE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ" 1987 26/08/1987 "KEY LARGO, BELMAR, NJ (w JAH LOVE)" 1987 08/10/1987 "THE RITZ, NEW YORK CITY, NY" 1987 20/11/1987 "THE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ (w BOBBY BANDIERA)" 1987 05/12/1987 "THE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ (w CATS ON A SMOOTH SURFACE)" 1987 07/12/1987 "CARNEGIE HALL, NEW YORK CITY, NY"1988 15/09/1988 "MAPLE LEAF GARDENS, TORONTO, ON" Many thanks
  13. Hey Rivermeet, Here it is (flac): 2002-07-30 Rehearsal Night (CC 649-50) https://mega.nz/#F!CBJ0TCyD!OEaVoIWHKpmhIubLjAQNDg Enjoy
  14. That's terrific Cowboy, many thanks sorry, haven't got the gaps for 2003, as per others by the sounds of it....
  15. Got the Crystal Cat version of this, not Godfather though.
  16. here you go: https://mega.nz/#F!yQ5zyCZR!W9_Vv6nsOltOlMtB_e8RNQ Is there a list anywhere for Godfather, if so, I can cross-check with my gaps?
  17. Hi, Do you mean 2008-06-21 for Hamburg gig? If so, I can upload?
  18. Hey Cowboy, Here's Fargo: https://mega.nz/#F!icxnwITQ!wHbM_BzxvBEeJDQALIw-5w
  19. That's great Cowboy, I'd prefer flac to mp3, but for any that you only have mp3, I'd be very gratefule too For fargo 29-9-2002, fairly sure I've got it, so when I get home from work, I'll upload.
  20. Sorry, yes, this was my list before I'd seen you've done Albany & Denver. Ideally flac if you've got them? cheers.
  21. Hi Cowboy, many thanks for those, would you by any chance have any of these, would be much appreciated: 01/08/2002 ED SULLIVAN THEATER, NEW YORK CITY, NY 25/08/2002 AMERICA WEST ARENA, PHOENIX, AZ 27/08/2002 COMPAQ CENTER AT SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA 22/09/2002 PEPSI CENTER, DENVER, CO 27/09/2002 BRADLEY CENTER, MILWAUKEE, WI 16/10/2002 PALAU SANT JORDI, BARCELONA, SPAIN 02/11/2002 TRADEWINDS, SEA BRIGHT, NJ 03/11/2002 AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER, DALLAS, TX 04/12/2002 MELLON ARENA, PITTSBURGH, PA 08/12/2002 CHARLOTTE COLISEUM, CHARLOTTE, NC 11/12/2002 STUDIO 6A, GE BUILDING, ROCKEFELLER CENTER, NEW YORK CITY, NY 13/12/2002 PEPSI ARENA, ALBANY, NY 17/12/2002 CONSECO FIELDHOUSE, INDIANAPOLIS, IN many thanks, Mick
  22. Perfect, many thanks for the quick reply
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