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  1. Hi, Do you mean 2008-06-21 for Hamburg gig? If so, I can upload?
  2. Hey Cowboy, Here's Fargo: https://mega.nz/#F!icxnwITQ!wHbM_BzxvBEeJDQALIw-5w
  3. That's great Cowboy, I'd prefer flac to mp3, but for any that you only have mp3, I'd be very gratefule too For fargo 29-9-2002, fairly sure I've got it, so when I get home from work, I'll upload.
  4. Sorry, yes, this was my list before I'd seen you've done Albany & Denver. Ideally flac if you've got them? cheers.
  5. Hi Cowboy, many thanks for those, would you by any chance have any of these, would be much appreciated: 01/08/2002 ED SULLIVAN THEATER, NEW YORK CITY, NY 25/08/2002 AMERICA WEST ARENA, PHOENIX, AZ 27/08/2002 COMPAQ CENTER AT SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA 22/09/2002 PEPSI CENTER, DENVER, CO 27/09/2002 BRADLEY CENTER, MILWAUKEE, WI 16/10/2002 PALAU SANT JORDI, BARCELONA, SPAIN 02/11/2002 TRADEWINDS, SEA BRIGHT, NJ 03/11/2002 AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER, DALLAS, TX 04/12/2002 MELLON ARENA, PITTSBURGH, PA 08/12/2002 CHARLOTTE COLISEUM, CHARLOTTE, NC 11/12/2002 STUDIO 6A, GE BUILDING, ROCKEFELLER CENTER, NEW YORK CITY, NY 13/12/2002 PEPSI ARENA, ALBANY, NY 17/12/2002 CONSECO FIELDHOUSE, INDIANAPOLIS, IN many thanks, Mick
  6. Perfect, many thanks for the quick reply
  7. Hi All, I'm about to start using MEGA, as I have a fairly extensive collection which I'm happy to share, (& also a few gaps needing filled!), but have a very basic question: When I create my account, & upload some zipped files which I intend for sharing here, does that mean these are accessible to anyone if I just cut & paste the link, or do I need to do anything else? cheers.
  8. Hi, 1st time doing these, so I may have got this wrong, but for Duluth, the last track I get is #9, disk 2, which is BITUSA, I'm missing the last 2 tracks? cheers
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