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  1. Just watch the TT races - you'll get a brilliant view of the Island (& see some nutters on bikes)
  2. OK, you're going to make me do the hard work here..... According to Eddy' site, we're missing these: 2009-10-13 Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA; - (Nicky C & Flying Gonz) (there's 2 versions, not sure the difference)? - [no title] Soomlos version) - [no title] Tapehead2 version - [no title] Travitz version 2009-10-14 Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA; - [no title] Flying Gonz version - [no title] Travitz version If anyone out there has any of these, friends for life
  3. Yes, slightly different in that the source is CD (silvers), & it's slightly smaller, as some tracks were dropped to allow it to fit on 5 CD's.
  4. Nassau 1980-12-31 - All of it as it's rude to listen to just one song (& impossible to turn off).....!
  5. Many thanks @Born To Rock, & pass our gratitude back to Stefano (again!) please?
  6. This was requested recently, but I don't think was uploaded. I have the CD's but no way of scanning the art, so @bosstrade01came to the rescue, yet again! Flac, (art, info etc where available): All Those Years (Templar - Silvers) https://mega.nz/folder/aBxw2C4T#bG3DOrQa_3rttcnhs7Yc5g enjoy! Many thanks @bosstrade01
  7. Hi, Is this the one you're after, it's IEM, & has been very kindly provided by our good friend @bosstrade01this morning: Flac, (art, info etc where available): 1999-10-25 Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA - Oakland First Night (IEM) https://mega.nz/folder/XZgQBSzY#atCHA3L52rj-bZx2k_JKYA enjoy!
  8. We should be getting commission from HD manufacturers for the sales generated from this thread
  9. Sorry, should have said Good Morning to all on the Manx Cat Appreciation thread Boot Collectors corner
  10. Hi @Estreet_19, My interpretation is that as long as we are sure we're not deriving Bruce Inc with any revenue from potential sales, we're ok to share. As it's a single song in this case, I'm happy to load: Flac, (art, info etc where available): 2005-10-28 Boston, MA (Mr. Red Socko Version) https://mega.nz/folder/GRgG1AKb#edJkFqZH45Wy586ZVSQURw enjoy!
  11. IOM? Fantastic! As a huge biker fan, I love watching the TT, so jealous!
  12. just pick something at random, doesn't mater if it's been shared before, just shows willing
  13. why is it quiet here for most of the day, then goes nuts?
  14. here you go. We can't do NY as it had an official release (Pete Seeger's b/day): Flac, (art, info etc where available): 2009-05-02 Greensboro, NC (Bakerstuff Version) https://mega.nz/folder/aJgmRISI#xVoqxAwlq3rtL8ScQp-mTw 2009-08-19 Hartford, CT (Bakerstuff Version) https://mega.nz/folder/fRpCiARQ#w91uKzSblVlNjA7xlkGJ6Q 2009-10-25 St. Louis, MO (Scottneal5 Version) https://mega.nz/folder/TYxmAKiI#0Dt9cUhBbJZbOGnXD8o-gQ enjoy!
  15. According to Eddy's site, I think this is the only one we're missing: 1992-07-09 London, England - Untitled (CDR) Anyone?
  16. I've got this one: Flac, (art, info etc where available): 1992-07-06 London, England - Wembley Nights 1992 #1 (Jockel Tape Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/DF4WHK4T#nmXwI-412DfwHgZBgAJghg enjoy!
  17. A random upload for this morning. Please be aware if you already have a copy, you might want to check that tracks 4 & 5 are Darlington County followed by Trapped. My early copy had these swapped. Also, the info file on the later version still has these in the wrong order Flac, (art, info etc where available): 2000-06-04 Atlanta, GA - Time To Premiere (ALD-AUD Mix) (EV2) https://mega.nz/folder/fR5GUKJD#XzGuDaTstFmuZvekCZTlYQ enjoy!
  18. ooh, new hard-drive! bets on how long till it's full
  19. I think the dinner's burning......must dash
  20. I have it in Mega, so easy to post a link, but someone who wants it would need to check for dates, as per @amber438's note.I've attached the detailed list..... richt info.txt Still remember the thrill when finding a CD boxset of this infamous boot at a record fair in Camden Town, London in the early 90's, & getting an early train home that day to get it on the CD player asap
  21. ok, nothing to do with boots, but @sunshine2020ask me to post this on her behalf: The animals in a zoo in Germany were depressed and never left their dens. This happened during the pandemic. Nobody went there anymore, neither children nor adults. The zoo remained empty. So the zoo keeper called this pianist to play for them .. And see what happened. Music truly is the universal language!! VID-20210217-WA0010.mp4
  22. sorry Chevy, this slipped through the net, was just going back to see what I missed.... The trick is not to show fear, they can sense it, & will go for the jugular - we have this in the bag, no doubt
  23. Thought it rude not to post the gig it came from, so here you go: Flac, (art, info etc where available): 1974-03-09_10 Houston, TX - Greetings From Liberty Hall (Wonderland Records - Silver) https://mega.nz/folder/DMZURJYR#7lae8EmpoFMTUZZi0peTVg enjoy!
  24. Don't worry, I'm still wearing that hat from requesting same date as Winterland
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