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  1. It's one track, so I'm not going to fret! You're a star sir
  2. Hey Simon, thanks for the offer, I do have the mp3 currently, just know that there's also a flac version out there..... I'll keep looking
  3. I seem to have a habit of picking stuff nobody has How about this one, single track for Harry Chapin Tribute - (I know it's out there as it was a @bosstrade01 special!): 1987-12-07 Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY thanks!
  4. Good Day Everyone! Just looking for: 1985-07-04 Wembley Stadium Spacematic Records, vinyl transfer (Cre001/hrubesh) thanks!
  5. sorry @Twink had it all along, just misplaced it - very careless - but thanks!
  6. Great job @Twink Can't see anything we're missing, apart from an untitled on 28th, but it sounds a bit suspect to me anyway: https://www.springsteenlyrics.com/bootlegs.php?filter_date=1981-01-28&cmd=list&category=filter_date
  7. Not sure if this is a different version, but file-sizes are slightly different to the one above: Flac, (art, ifno,etc where available): 1981-01-20 Toronto, ON, Canada - Deep_Down_in_the_Glove_Compartment(Flynn) https://mega.nz/folder/TIRAWB7B#L2eFZ-L2uG-w8Jl2dQG0Cg enjoy!
  8. Does that mean it exists, just not for our delectation
  9. Hi, Just wondering if someone has this please? 1984-09-25 Buffalo '84, Last Night (Earlmv edit) thanks!
  10. It's called atonement for recent transgressions
  11. But of course Flac, (art, info,etc where available): 2008-06-25 Milan, Italy (Edomedo Version) https://mega.nz/folder/KQoAFIAS#HwI4U8rHs-HejNANqMHU8w 2008-06-27 Paris, France (ascot47-Moerie Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/iMIz3a4L#_O85m5OQ5HvYe9Rc9_rIgA 2008-07-11 Helsinki, Finland (Bull Version) https://mega.nz/folder/SU4UDQbB#tcM7HfDbUN1BtqlxNm8Kog enjoy!
  12. I'd probably go for the 5 source matrix version, although CC sounds good too.
  13. As someone really famous once said: one day we'll look back and this will all seem funny not sure who though....hmmm
  14. well, you can either kick a dog when it's down, or just sit on the river-bank & watch the sh&t float by....
  15. Like all the slack I got today?????
  16. As another would say : Move along, nothing to see here
  17. Heard it was a good gig edit: just curious, why do you ask....?
  18. No cookies on the naughty step - bread & water if I'm lucky
  19. I like your thinking: if I'm going to go out, do it with a bang - may as well load the full Nugs set as well!
  20. In my defence your honour, I took the title 'out-takes' too literally, & miserably failed on further due diligence.
  21. shhhhhh, if everyone just whispers, she'll never find out......
  22. If the Judge is Mean John Brown I'm doomed
  23. It's not humour, it's abject horror! Just planning my last meal now, might be a Cadbury's creme egg.....
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