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  1. Hi, I'm on the hunt for these, if anyone has them, be most appreciated 2008-04-05 San Jose, CA (calrust-Hoserama Edit) 2008-05-31 (Essexboy) 2008-05-31 London On Fire (Night) 2008-07-31 East Rutherford (Ascot47 Matrix) 2008-08-23 All The Stars Shining (Ev2) Oops - Nugs! thanks!
  2. I think the charge for a deliberate lure is at least 3 uploads to the board, but since it wasn't deliberate we'll let you off with just one...
  3. I'll take a slice of pepperoni please?
  4. Hi, Does anyone has this with good check-sum please, mine has been tagged: 2000-05-29 Salt Lake City UT (Ivan) thanks
  5. Great job again @Twink I'm a bit behind the 8 ball, but have checked these against Eddy's site & we've no gaps there (although it should be noted we seem to have quite a few more than Eddy has listed). I've also checked ABMS & couldn't see anything different. Thanks to @sunshine2020 & @Estreet_19for the couple of additions too!
  6. Hi @Twink seems to match the info file for #2.
  7. Hi, Looking for these versions this morning, hope someone can help please? All 1999-09-24 Philly: Untitled Bobby Bourbon & Travitz version, transfer 1 & 2 Greetings From Philadelphia thanks!
  8. You're starting to sound like Donald T now.....
  9. Not unless you keep heading North & end up in the Land Of The Free, Home of the Brave
  10. Are you telling us it's not grim up north????
  11. You want the devil's format (mp3) when there's some lovely 24 bit lossless masters floating about?? edit: just to clarify, it's mp3 only: https://www.springsteenlyrics.com/bootlegs.php?filter_date=1977-03-23&cmd=list&category=filter_date
  12. I grew up shovelling sh&t out of a cowshed (come to think of it, not hugely different to the IT Support role I do now...), so sounds like a promotion to me
  13. He can have my work iphone as well, trying to get it as slim as possible by using a very large sledgehammer - did I tell you I hate Apple products - 2 hours of my life I won't get back just trying to reset after getting it locked ....& I'll eat the ginger nuts & wash them down with Glenlivet on the journey to the Great North.....
  14. Good Morning @foreveryoung, Here you go: Flac, (art, info etc where available): 1977-03-23 Boston, MA - Incident in Boston (Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/2c41EC7Q#-Lt7VRBMfauSOjcWdK2M1Q enjoy!
  15. Hi @Twink, no need, @foreveryoungis kindly loading this.
  16. yea, but Doesthisbus stop there....????
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