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  1. Hi @Twink, no need, @foreveryoungis kindly loading this.
  2. yea, but Doesthisbus stop there....????
  3. sure! Flac, (art, info etc where available): 1999-04-20 Milan, Italy - Milan Night (Crystal Cat Records) https://mega.nz/folder/6F5l0aBb#IsmrSUGZoRRLsORI_yNyxQ enjoy!
  4. The photo was taken this morning, silly
  5. Hi, Anyone have this (with valid check-sum) please? 1981-02-23 The Omni, Atlanta, GA untitled Bosstrade xfer thanks!
  6. Thanks @Born To Rock, that explains a lot!
  7. Hi, Also looking for these? 1976-10-25 Streets Of Life (Flashback Worldproductions - Silvers) 1976-10-25 Down In Jungleland Vol 1 (Winged Wheel - Silvers) thanks
  8. Hi, Does anyone have this please? 1974-10-18 Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ (Fanatic Records) thanks!
  9. Thanks Lampi, Folks - please take a moment & read this: https://www.greasylake.org/the-circuit/index.php?/topic/140416-my-american-mom/ Thanks!
  10. As a devoted fan, she truly was one of the 'Family', & she will be missed terribly - our thoughts & prayers will be with her family & friends at this tragic time.
  11. Certainly! Flac, (art, info etc where available): 1988-03-23 Atlanta, GA (1st Gen Tape - Mauro R.-Vittorio Tapes Collection) hrubesh https://mega.nz/folder/iERRFSRJ#z50PhjjZQxjt6sI6n-d-kg enjoy!
  12. Here's the tracks: Flac, (art, info etc where available): 1988-03-23 Atlanta, GA - The Atlanta Soundcheck (Bosstrade) https://mega.nz/folder/qMJVgSbK#UejEJY4-m4JnRBf5S9hIjQ enjoy!
  13. Devils & Dust - St.Paul - Nov 2012 -from the official release - great version
  14. Hi, Have you checked that none of these are same dates as official releases? thanks!
  15. sorry for the delay, here you go: Flac, (art, info etc where available): 1981-02-01 St. Paul, MN (Flac Trade) https://mega.nz/folder/qMI3mYrD#a7n89O5SLS6WoOT-ItZbCA 1981-02-22 Columbia, SC (CDR Trade) https://mega.nz/folder/mFInWQSA#QgtzcvYWnJiHIqu-F1_Yog 2013-03-14 Brisbane, Australia (theincident Version) https://mega.nz/folder/mBZB3QhK#z4FZsF-nXIcAEUEqDHCIaw 2013-03-18 Sydney, Australia( theincident Version) 16bit-48kHz https://mega.nz/folder/CEAFQQaA#2bPhePLaIRyBYZI-KHPNIA enjoy!
  16. No problem - in my mega: Flac, (art, info etc where available): 2002-10-07 Buffalo, NY - Break That Heart of Stone (Producer Version) (ALD-AUD Matrix) https://mega.nz/folder/mFQHQCxB#MzbxHnYP-AT5knXwH0vtOg enjoy!
  17. Brilliant, many thanks @Born To Rock I'd better cancel my request to @bosstrade01
  18. Great job @Twink, the only gap I can see is: 1978-12-19 Good Rockin' That Night Swinging Pig Records (multicolored vinyl), vinyl transfer (hrubesh) Hopefully someone has a copy? thanks!
  19. Hi, Here's JB, sorry, don't have Mr T version: Flac, (art, info etc where available): 2007-09-28 East Rutherford, NJ (JB Version) https://mega.nz/folder/HYIHRYBD#pWVwsDIsfp7fgKsWkr-1Jw enjoy!
  20. Thanks so much @Born To Rock @ Stefano :)
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