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  1. I met him at Max's Jukebox in Nashville. He's very nice, very humble.
  2. Off the top of my head and in no particular order: Bill Bruford Mike Portnoy Neil Peart Terry Bozzio Mick Fleetwood
  3. Billy Strings - Home A friend has been trying to get me turned on to him for a while so I finally gave this a listen. Sorry I waited so long. EDIT: Meant to post this this song. If you want to skip to the jam, it starts about 4:30 but the whole song is worth listening to.
  4. Can't believe this is 30 years old. Love how Chris comes in from the intro here:
  5. Never saw the first one, and now I know no need to. By the numbers
  6. I just listened to Blame the Vain a couple days ago. He's put out so much, I've only touched on it. I liked his covers album a lot too. This is a favorite.