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  1. Love their enjoyment playing together ^ Listened to a lot of Cars yesterday. Eliot was such a beast guitar player.
  2. Indeed. I'll be getting this album and suspect it will be getting a lot of play based on this song alone.
  3. I agree with those who feel that this is actually a dark song. It gets darker with every listen. I’ve been jumping back and forth between Life Itself and Miracle and sense some sort of connection between the two, particularly if written around the same time. What began as an ill-fated relationship or perhaps as the result of some type of schism, now reveals its conclusion in Miracle. Bruce does the juxtaposition of dark and light so well, and this song is no different; the undercurrent of loss made all the more jarring by the lilting vocal and lush instrumentation.
  4. That looks great, Steve. I'll watch for it.