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  1. An inspirational teenager who terrifies angry, insecure, ignorant white men. (Not you obviously).
  2. I enjoyed season 1, but gave up before the end of the 2nd episode of season 2. I thought Joe was incredibly irritating and the gratuitous violence totally unnecessary.
  3. Johnson has always been a man of the people.
  4. Done. Huge thanks to you all for everything you do to keep this place going.
  5. New scapegoat(s) needed. Duckenfield has now faced trial THREE times. None of them found him guilty.
  6. Mr Justice Openshaw discharged the jury and expressed his “thanks and admiration” for the part they had played in the administration of justice. 9 - 1 decision.
  7. My copy’s just arrived, can’t wait to get into it.
  8. Purely subjective, but I think he was the greatest country music singer/songwriter of all time:
  9. Really looking forward to this one:
  10. Really enjoyed The Irishman. Already looking forward to seeing it again on Netflix.
  11. Same with Trapped, Jersey Girl, Twist & Shout, War, Shout and Rocking All Over The World?
  12. Excellent turnout in Penrith, Cumbria. Despite bitterly cold weather and a pretty late, (9.00pm), showing, I was staggered to see 150 people there. I thought it was beautiful and can’t wait to see it again, won’t bother with the Q&A next time, I don’t think that added much. “Stones” was the highlight for me, I thought it was stunning. Loved Patti’s contributions, the orchestra was fantastic. Charlie was great too. I though the cover of Rhinestone Cowboy, was brilliant. I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t appreciated what a great song it was, I’d always dismissed it as just another a trite, MOR, radio friendly country song. Thanks Bruce for opening my ears, (not for the first time!).
  13. Just my luck, i go to The Ham Yard a lot, but I’ve never bumped into Bruce there.