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  1. Satisfaction guaranteed. It’s absolutely superb, you’ll love it.
  2. Anyone watching this? I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever watched. Right up there with The Sopranos, The Wire and Breaking Bad.
  3. Fully agree, I’m really enjoying it. Meryl Streep is superb. It must have cost a fortune to put that cast together.
  4. Nice family:
  5. Lords isn’t really a cricket ground, it’s a cathedral of cricket. The Long Room is stunning, I’ve been in there many times.
  6. Don’t criticise what you can’t understand.
  7. I took a more patriotic view, I always support our brave boys when they come against the forriners. #rulebrittania
  8. They were both clearly enjoying it too. Andy seems to be gradually improving each time I’ve seen him since his comeback, he played very well tonight.
  9. No, its a legitimate ploy.
  10. I really enjoyed them in Manchester last week, though if I was being picky I thought there was slightly too much Joe Walsh in the second half of the show. I thought Deacon Frey was excellent and Vince Gill was great too.
  11. Very odd post. He’s enjoyed a hugely successful career in a golden era for men’s tennis. He fully deserves every penny he’s earned from the game, achieved through talent and sheer hard work. You point out his “drab” voice - perhaps that has something to do with the trauma he endured when as an 8 year old, he had to hide in his headmasters office as 16 of his school mates were being slaughtered in the school gym. He, his brother and particularly his mother have contributed massively to junior tennis and never charge for their coaching.