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  1. Wonderful. Thank you so much for posting.
  2. Interesting list from The Guardian. Purely subjective list obviously but I fully agree with the top 3. Their no1 show is beyond dispute.
  3. Disgraceful decision. He was convicted of a brutal assault on his ex partner.
  4. He’s still alive, I saw him at The National Theatre in London a couple of years ago.
  5. Anyone want a ticket for The Oval on Friday?
  6. Thunder Road - side 1, track 1. Still remember the first time I played the Born To Run album after driving 120 miles to my nearest HMV store to pick it up in 1975.
  7. I love the WS video. Beautiful video for a beautiful song.
  8. So cruel that she’s now unable to sing.
  9. I’d rather see a Western Stars, solo or Seeger Sessions revisited tour than another E St Band stadium tour next year.
  10. I’m sure they’re all divas with massive egos but they’re very much stronger when they’re all together, Lyndsey’s irreplaceable.
  11. What’s the “official” story, personality clash or Lindsey’s health issues? Either way, the band can never be the same without such an integral member.
  12. Steely Dan unquestionably should have made the top ten.
  13. Fucking great opening episode, superb music.
  14. Only 7/1 at the start of our 2nd innings.
  15. I’d rather see a WS tour than another ESB outing.