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  1. Too risky, even in the short term, he’s rarely sober these days. Also he’ll always be tarnished by his disgusting defence of the racist Suarez. He’s hardly an ambassador for Sky Sports BLM policy. Could Cara and Thomo be the dream ticket? Fat Sammy Lee? Aldo and Rushie? All club legends who would surely the lift the spirits of this once great club. #YNWA
  2. Jimmy’s already looking for a new team to support, my money’s on PSG.
  3. A scouse fan on this thread, surely not, that would be very hypocritical of you. Stick to wallowing in self pity about your beloved joke of a team. Do you think it wasn’t a penalty? #YSB
  4. As if things weren’t bad enough, our very own Henry Winter is MIA. Corporal Chaos where are you? We miss your witty, insightful analysis.
  5. They made a huge difference. Look at them admiring Mount as he scores the winner. Thiago’s been very impressive too, 28 appearances - 0 goals, 0 assists. 5 consecutive LFC home defeats for the first time in their history Surely it’s time for KIng Kenny to take the helm again, (if they can sober him up).
  6. Your Honour. Gripping stuff, acting masterclass from Bryan Cranston.
  7. RIP Always really enjoyed Saint and Greavsie.
  8. Decent point for United. The rent boys were fortunate to escape with a draw.
  9. A cynic would say they announced it to sell tickets and increase their cash flow.
  10. I’m sure you’re right. Hadn’t read the small print there, fully agree with your description of Johnson.
  11. Why not? I don’t know the capacity for Leeds and Reading festivals which are going ahead this year, but I would imagine it will be tens of thousands.
  12. Minutes silence or black armbands for Hendo?
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