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  1. Just around the corner from the light of day.
  2. Putting things into perspective. Superb from Klopp.
  3. Very entertaining read here:
  4. So you don’t think Hendo is better than Roy Keane or James Milner is better than Paul Scholes?
  5. Lovren was badly missed tonight, he wouldn’t have let Athletico score 3 in 10 minutes.
  6. The Premier League is going to be cancelled this season, so..... Liverpool 18 COVID 19 MUFC 20
  7. If the league gets cancelled, here’s the banner: Liverpool 18 COVID 19 MUFC 20
  8. He was far too quick witted for the dopey, City defence.
  9. He certainly lacks the composure and elegance of Otamendi and Lovren, two of the leagues most accomplished defenders.
  10. I was surprised Pep didn’t pick Foden again today.
  11. Any idea why he was never tempted to join Barca or Real Madrid?