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  1. Really enjoyed that, thanks for posting.
  2. Good to see justice finally done in the 96th minute.
  3. Well played Newcastle, great result and fully deserved. Well done Steve Bruce, a late contender for manager of the season.
  4. She has a great live album - “Songs From The Road”.
  5. Such sad news. Marsha was obviously a very, very special lady. RIP
  6. Anyone still think they were clean? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/56459664
  7. Alexa, tell me about Liverpool Football Club https://imgur.com/a/aNWUCEv
  8. The golf was very exciting, unlike that game.
  9. Thought Harry Maguire was superb yesterday, astonishing that some on here don’t rate him.
  10. Great album, saw Muddy around the time it was released.
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