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  1. Ordered, really looking forward to that, hope he does the same with “Howling Wind”.
  2. It is very poignant in places, but it’s also hysterically funny in others, it’s also very rude.
  3. Great song, but I thought it was too long, could have done with it being a minute shorter.
  4. Just watched the first episode, I thought it was absolutely brilliant, brutally funny, (the paedphile line was astonishing), yet heartbreaking in places too. Comedy gold, as is the new Alan Partridge.
  5. “Master poet. Master painter. Most subtle technician of the deep. You changed the way women sing, and the way men listen. What an astonishing victory over the unforgiving years.” Leonard Cohen.
  6. Joni 75, bit of a curate’s egg, but some great moments from Emmylou, Seal, Rufus Wainwright, Kristofferson and James Taylor, (no Bruce sadly).
  7. Lucky you! Purely subjective, but I don’t believe anyone is currently making better music than Jason Isbell.
  8. The atmosphere for the Chelsea/West Ham game will be toxic, it always is. A London derby so it wont be easy to get a ticket. Millwall isn’t easy to get to from central London and, (many, not all) their fans can be pretty unpleasant, there were ugly scenes very recently for the Everton game. Head to QPR. Friendly club, easy to get to and tickets will be readily available.
  9. Done, (would have given more had it not been for b****t uncertainty).
  10. Couldn’t resist 2nd Row in Manchester, (£217) from this mornings Eventim pre sale.