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  1. Defensive masterclass tonight. Rudiger, Zouma and Christensen all absolutely outstanding.
  2. Chelsea desperately missing David Luiz. Fat Frank should never have let him go.
  3. It’s not exactly their first offence.
  4. I was at that one too. Certainly wasn’t under appreciated by me, that was another really great show.
  5. I was there, first time I saw Bruce in Italy. Can’t believe it was 17 years ago. One of the best shows I’ve seen.
  6. The Liverpool fans have gone very quiet on here. It’s not getting any better:
  7. Any update on the 34 people injured during the “celebrations”, some of them are still in hospital. How are the police officers who had bottles and glasses thrown at them? Have the shop doorways been cleaned up after being used as toilets? Is the Liver Building still on fire?
  8. Don’t think I was any help at all. The hi res streaming services really do sound fantastic on a decent system, not worth for playing on portable devices unless you add a DAC. Good luck getting sorted, you must have your music whichever streaming service you go with!
  9. I’ve ditched Apple Music and moved to Qobuz and Tidal where the sound quality, particularly Qobuz, is superb, way better than CDs.
  10. Really enjoyed episode one of Perry Mason on Sky Atlantic.
  11. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. They’re the best fans in the world.
  12. Packed stand, ready for tonight, 40,000 expected: