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  1. Really enjoyed The Irishman. Already looking forward to seeing it again on Netflix.
  2. Same with Trapped, Jersey Girl, Twist & Shout, War, Shout and Rocking All Over The World?
  3. Excellent turnout in Penrith, Cumbria. Despite bitterly cold weather and a pretty late, (9.00pm), showing, I was staggered to see 150 people there. I thought it was beautiful and can’t wait to see it again, won’t bother with the Q&A next time, I don’t think that added much. “Stones” was the highlight for me, I thought it was stunning. Loved Patti’s contributions, the orchestra was fantastic. Charlie was great too. I though the cover of Rhinestone Cowboy, was brilliant. I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t appreciated what a great song it was, I’d always dismissed it as just another a trite, MOR, radio friendly country song. Thanks Bruce for opening my ears, (not for the first time!).
  4. Just my luck, i go to The Ham Yard a lot, but I’ve never bumped into Bruce there.
  5. Really tedious. A total let down after a brilliant TV show.
  6. I’d never seen Graham Norton before but I really enjoyed last nights show. I thought DeNiro was excellent and I’m really looking forward to seeing The Irishman. Bruce was great as always, (I did think he’d aged but haven’t we all!). I though the Western Stars trailer was beautiful.
  7. Great cover of a song written by the American Sam Fender:
  8. Really enjoyed the first three episodes of “Criminal”.
  9. I think he’s great. Clearly heavily influenced by Bruce. Very strong album. He also appears to be really humble/grounded when I’ve seen him interviewed.
  10. Wonderful. Thank you so much for posting.
  11. Interesting list from The Guardian. Purely subjective list obviously but I fully agree with the top 3. Their no1 show is beyond dispute.
  12. Disgraceful decision. He was convicted of a brutal assault on his ex partner.
  13. He’s still alive, I saw him at The National Theatre in London a couple of years ago.
  14. Anyone want a ticket for The Oval on Friday?