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  1. It's almost certainly that he was 75 and that he tried shaving 5 years off his age at some point.
  2. Friday we got the news about Eddie Money. Yesterday I saw the new Linda Ronstadt documentary which detailed her battle with Parkinson's. Then I came home and saw the news about Ric O. I suppose that continuing stories of death and decline of artists from that era are now inevitable, but makes it none the easier to accept.
  3. I never knew this even though AC has always been one of my favorite Bruce songs. I love the way it overloads syllables and pulls it off. My best guess is was that it had something to do with the San Diego chicken who might have been in Philly (he did make guest appearances at other MLB parks) and the notoriously ruthless Philly fans did something to him.
  4. https://www.nj.com/entertainment/2019/08/bruce-springsteen-steven-spielberg-and-the-cast-of-west-side-story-descend-on-paterson-see-the-photos.html
  5. Remembering Springsteen's epic 1999 N.J. reunion concerts, 20 years later
  6. As most people associate the title song with Manfred Mann and not Bruce, I wonder if there wasn't a better song, or maybe a well known lyric from a song, to name the movie after.
  7. I actually like Marsh's writing except for the Bruce brown-nosing.
  8. His pre-song spoken "stories" are cheesy. And he was preoccupied with "credibility" and "authenticity" to the point that it became his schtick.
  9. And of course this thread lead to the blackout last night...
  10. It's Clarence on sax (obviously not him in the video) on this early 80's midwest hit that Clevelanders know well.
  11. When the dust settles, how likely are you to have decided that Stars has at least one or two you don't care for?