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  1. "These two legs will take us anywhere." Makes sense since it's the opening track of an album called Born to Run.
  2. Sorry if this was posted already. I couldn't find a thread. Springsteen’s ’69 Chevrolet Chevelle heads to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  3. 40 Jackson Street is the address of the lofts that occupy the old rug factory in Freehold, referenced in My Hometown. Freehold shooting: One dead, another injured as investigators search for clues
  4. Believe it or not, I had a part time job in college working in Sizzler's accounting department, which was located in offices above one of their restaurants that later became a Chili's after Sizzler exited the market. So this has definitely piqued my curiosity. Would this happen to be the about the Secaucus, NJ Sizzler cum Chili's?
  5. Levon's grandson on drums, daughter Amy vocals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViUd0TtETQM
  6. I wonder how Captain Lou would remember Bruce if he was just another kid fan?
  7. The only reason I (and most Americans) know of Otto Wanz is because he paid a promoter to become the American Wresting Association champion for a month or two in the early 1980s. Anyway, don't want to digress further off the topic.
  8. I became a wrestling fan in 1981 literally the same week that MTV came on the air and for four years I hardly watched anything but MTV and pro wresting. So when rock & wrestling "merged" in '84 I was at a great vantage point to observe it. I remember Tommy "Wildfire" Rich, who they had always touted as a country boy and a big Willie Nelson fan, now saying things in his promos like "Just like Bruce Springsteen said, ya gotta stay hungry!" But by 1987, I thought both rock and wrestling had lost their way and lost interest in keeping up with either.
  9. In general, I'm guessing they don't lead lifestyles that lend themselves into an easy transition to quarantine.
  10. I guess not. I've read so many obituaries lately that I assumed it was.
  11. I thought Bruce frowned upon Freehold ever becoming any kind of museum/shrine/tourist attraction related to himself.
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