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  1. And of course this thread lead to the blackout last night...
  2. It's Clarence on sax (obviously not him in the video) on this early 80's midwest hit that Clevelanders know well.
  3. When the dust settles, how likely are you to have decided that Stars has at least one or two you don't care for?
  4. Roger Waters - Pros & Cons of Hitchhiking Donald Fagen - The Nightfly Jackson Browne - Running on Empty
  5. I am a fan of the concept of Bruce more than his recorded material. There's many other artists that I've logged many more hours listening to.
  6. In the US it was announced that after the show he would go next door and jam with Dire Straits. Did that happen?
  7. I just read the Wikipedia page for Western Stars which states that four singles have been released from it. What exactly does it mean anymore to release a single?
  8. Well Bruce is half Italian. The only time I ever thought his nose was too big was at the end of the I'm on Fire video when he turns after putting the keys in the mailbox.
  9. I believe he uses covert security for gigs like this. You won't know they are there unless he ends up needing it.
  10. What's his oldest son doing? There's an old youtube video from when he was a budding singer/songwriter.
  11. This one sounded a bit too much like BTR for comfort. Seger has omitted it from every one of his various hits compilations. Maybe that's why.
  12. Could be. I wish the video was still there. Rumor has it that Bruce offered Levon Helm a million dollars to help with his expenses after he became ill and that Levon refused. I thought it made sense that he might want to hire his son in law.
  13. I'm trying to verify if saxophonist Jay Collins (Levon Helm's son in law) every played live with Bruce. There was a youtube video from around 2015 where I'm pretty sure Bruce introduced him during the band introductions but it's been taken down. Can anyone confirm? Thanks.