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  1. Exactly. They didn't shell out $500M to "protect the integrity" of his music.
  2. I didn't like how Bruce's popularity in 1985 got exposure for related things beyond their worth. The Clarence Clemons/Jackson Browne duet. Got top 40 airplay well beyond its appeal as radio fodder. The Nils Lofgren solo album - Would have been DOA along with his previous discography that forced him to look to join the E Street to start making some money. Got some mainstream news coverage in New York City because it was released around the time Bruce was selling out stadiums in the area. Sun City - Seemed like Steve using the Bob Geldof strategy trying to catapult himself from a sort-of-famous musician into the world spotlight. I thought it was calculated and insincere. John Cafferty Album - People magazine aptly called it a counterfeit Born in the USA. Heavy airplay on MTV. Granted, he was coming off a hit single from Eddie & The Cruisers so this one I can forgive and he has no direct connection to Bruce.
  3. Artists have amended lyrics over time that don't hold up, or were in poor taste to begin with. Paul Anka overhauled "She's a Lady" (a hit for Tom Jones) to remove chauvinistic sentiments. And Bono's original line in Do They know it's Christmas was changed in more recent performances.
  4. Dave Marsh wrote that reading the lyric sheet for The Rising cost him his favorite. "Must have been your science degree."
  5. I believe it was Billy Joel who pointed out the irony of having that concert at Madison Square Garden, which was being powered by the Indian Point nuclear plant.
  6. There's a documentary on the recording of Bat out of Hell, and Todd Rundgren demonstrates how he made the motorcycle sounds on his guitar.
  7. As I read how many of the sport's participants are the children of billionaires, I was thinking of the lyrics to Used Cars. What a difference a generation can make.
  8. Tokyo Olympics: A Bruce Springsteen fan’s guide to watching daughter Jessica compete in Olympic equestrian
  9. 70 years later, Springsteen still visits his local N.J. ice cream shop
  10. "Hey Bruce, can you sing on my record to help draw interest?" "No, but my stunt double will. I keep him around for stuff like this."
  11. In fairness, they have to do what is considered "right" under the circumstances. They are a car company, and the charge is DWI. They can't suggest that it's something they don't take with the utmost seriousness.
  12. Now Mister the day I sell out and do a Super Bowl commercial I ain't ever gonna ride in no used Jeep again.
  13. You don't get a sense watching that commercial that Bruce was worried about his credibility and had to make sure everyone would understand that it's not your run of the mill car commercial a la Bob Seger or John Mellencamp singing a jingle?
  14. You mean the year when gave in to playing huge stadiums, something he said he'd never do?
  15. Bruce has always been selling us on his credibility. As earnest and sincere as they tried to make that commercial, it's still Bruce in a commercial. Oil and water.
  16. "These two legs will take us anywhere." Makes sense since it's the opening track of an album called Born to Run.
  17. Sorry if this was posted already. I couldn't find a thread. Springsteen’s ’69 Chevrolet Chevelle heads to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  18. 40 Jackson Street is the address of the lofts that occupy the old rug factory in Freehold, referenced in My Hometown. Freehold shooting: One dead, another injured as investigators search for clues
  19. Believe it or not, I had a part time job in college working in Sizzler's accounting department, which was located in offices above one of their restaurants that later became a Chili's after Sizzler exited the market. So this has definitely piqued my curiosity. Would this happen to be the about the Secaucus, NJ Sizzler cum Chili's?
  20. Levon's grandson on drums, daughter Amy vocals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViUd0TtETQM
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