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  1. But i know people who left (whoch i frankly donĀ“t get) when he announced BitUSA Album because they already had it XXX times on this tour... I don't want to derail the thread but I just want to say this. That there is something I've never understood. People paying their money to go to a show. If they're following the tour paying money for flights hotels etc. Sticking around of 12 songs and then leaving. If it wasn't a full album there is a pretty good chance they were gonna get most of BITUSA, Darlington, Working, No Surrender, Bobby Jean, Glory Days and DITD. Is it really worth leaving the show for the sake of 6 other songs you've heard before. Going to multiple shows you're gonna hear so many of the same songs time and time again. How many times on the tour did they here Badlands, WB, Jack of all Trades, Johnny 99, Sunny Day, The Rising, Born to Run, 10th Avenue, LOHAD. You don't leave before the encores when you're hearing the same song over and over. In my opinion it shows greed and I think they are undeserving when there are many people, myself included, who would love to see another show, Born in the USA or otherwise. But it's their money, if they want to waste it then that's their choice. Couldnt have said it better myself mate. Ive seen 1 show this year. Thats all i could afford, im gutted im not in kilkenny this weekend. I would gave a testicle to see another show, bitusa or otherwise once u start getting bored and/or leaving early its time to find something else to spend your money on.
  2. Love this idea, im up for it. A good way for those of us not attending to say thanks to bruce and the band
  3. Bobby jean soundchecked twice, not much reaction from the die hards so maybe just a recording? Was good to hear bruce outdoors in belfast regardless! Is that a sign of bitusa album 2nite?