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  1. Well someone with the screen name PrineHootieWho2000 is still posting and just posted like 5 minutes ago
  2. I do not expect anything at all on the 23rd.
  3. Really sucks they didn't have the multi-tracks for this show because the performance is really good but the mono sound is tough to take especially in comparison with the excellent sound of the other 78 shows. But the video is essential viewing.
  4. I think there are still multiple Darkness shows to be released. They know how many fans want them. I would say Winterland is probably a lock as the next one. Then maybe Atlanta, Passaic 3, Berkeley, Phoenix are in contention I would assume as I am pretty sure they have multitracks of those.
  5. Well I did say Arguably in my original post, however I still feel that Passaic was more important simply to due its widespread distribution. As it is the highest selling one and also the show that had the most listeners at any one time in the broadcast, this show more than any other converted the most fans and made Bruce THE live act to see. While he was well on his way and the 75 broadcast was a huge part of that, it simply pales in comparison due to the sheer amount of people who not only heard but owned Passaic and considered it the best show of all time. The only reason the tour is considered the best of all time is due to the availability of those 78 broadcast with Passaic being the biggest by far of all of them. After 75 he was still playing clubs and theaters with some arenas mixed in. After 78 he was playing arenas and stadiums and never looked back (when touring with the E Street Band) unless my memory is faulty and I am forgetting some theater or clubs shows on the River Tour. The Passaic broadcast was a huge part of making his live show a must see for the masses and not just to his already growing hardcore fanbase. Bottom Line simply does not have the same overwhelming praise and familiarity. That does not diminish it or its greatness but if I were to rank them it would be Passaic 1 and Bottom Line 2 in my opinion. But like I said originally it is arguable and other people may feel other shows are more important. It is really a matter of personal opinion either way. There really is no quantifiable way to settle the discussion. And yes I agree about moving the focus to the 70's. Hopefully more come out despite the lesser amount of recordings in that era.
  6. Personally I think this blows Roxy, Stockholm and Nassau away but everyone's ears are different. I don't even listen to Roxy much due to the sound despite the quality of the actual performance. Ironically it was also one of my least listened to 78 boots for the same reason. Guess it is cursed at least for my ears.
  7. I always get the HD files anyway but I would consider this to be one of the ones on the short list if you are picking and choosing which shows to spend extra on. But please listen to the samples first to make sure you like the mix. Nothing like spending the extra money and then not like the mix or mastering. That happened to me with Roxy. I bought the HD files and the show is pretty much unlistenable to me.
  8. Not sure if that is a serious question? I don't know how one could be a hardcore Bruce fan and be a longtime member of this site and not know the significance of this show. This show did more to help spread the legend of live Bruce and created more fans from one show than any other in career. It has long been regarded as maybe his defining live show. More people bought this bootleg and listened to this broadcast than heard or bought some of Bruce's actual albums. I cannot count how many people, fans and critics alike who have stated that if he released this show as an official live album back in the day it would have been revered as one of the top live albums by any artist ever. The original bootleg of this show is probably the highest selling bootleg of all time by any artist according to many bootleg and live recording historians.
  9. This is a definite upgrade to all of the boots for this show. This is a must have for any fan. Arguably the most important show in his career and JA knocked it out of the park on the mix. Seriously if you didn't know who did it you might think Bob Clearmountain did this one. This just joined the next night as the 2 best releases in the series so far in my opinion. I will add one caveat that I have only listened to the SiriusXM broadcast so I need to confirm when I listen to the HD files after work but I am very happy and impressed with this one. It was like listening with virgin ears at times due to the clarify and details this new mix was able to provide. I just finished the show a few minutes ago and I still have goosebumps about how good it was.
  10. Well they are pretty loud on this release. Way more than his usual mixes.
  11. Listening to the Prove It intro I am hearing details on the guitar that I couldn't hear on any of the prior mixes, this is freaking amazing. So far this is JA best mix and pretty damn close to a BC mix. I still get goosebumps during this song despite having heard it countless times over decades of listening to the boots. This blows them away. Interesting that in the essay they mention that the guitars were so loud at this run due to the amp staging at the venue and the way they were miked.
  12. This show along with Winterland was right behind the Vets in that Nugs poll. I personally would rather have this than the Vets show and it sounds better than any of the boots out there. They release one of the top 3 Holy Grail shows and people are STILL complaining? GTFOH.