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  1. This might be my favorite live version of Thunder Road. The changes in vocal delivery and inflection really hit me hard. Not sure why but that is why I love live music and you can't judge a show by a setlist.
  2. Fair enough. I hope you get the shows you are looking for in the future.
  3. There are already great shows from almost every tour post 75 so I assume you are done with the series? Just kidding sorta but I as a huge fan of live music, this mentality is so strange to me. I want EVERY show released. To each their own though. Cheers.
  4. Who cares about the setlist? The performance is the only thing that matters.
  5. All versions of the bootleg and the archive version have the same mix. But the archive release was compressed way too much when mastered which is why it sounds bad.
  6. So do we think we are getting a release tomorrow?
  7. They can only remaster Agora and remove some of the compression to make it less ear bleedingly loud. No way to remix as they only have a 2 track stereo master available. They have shown no real interest in getting the master multi-tracks from that museum in Cleveland or wherever it is now so it will never happen as much as we want it to.
  8. It is VERY rare that an official release has not leaked at least a week or so prior to the release date in my experience.
  9. This release is light years ahead of the bootlegs. It is the 2nd best sounding show behind Passaic 2.
  10. Yeah I am the same way for the most part. I think Atlanta is the 2nd best recording we have now for the 78 tour with Passaic 2 still being the best. But for me this one is not too far behind. Others may feel differently but this was a very welcome surprise after the butchering of Winterland. Here is my list of the available 78 archive releases for sound quality only in my opinion... 1. Passaic 2 - The Gold Standard 2. Atlanta - Best non Clearmountain mix 3. Passaic 1 - Good overall mix with a few misses but compression hurts it 4. Winterland 1 - Sounds slightly better than the bootleg to me but compression is an issue 5. Agora - Same as Winterland 6. Roxy - Compression totally ruins this one for me. The mix is ok but I cant listen to more than a song or 2 before faitigue sets in. 7. Winterland 2 - The worst mixing and mastering job they have released since Altschiller was hired. Shame. This deserves a remix. 8. Houston - I am not a fan of mono recordings but it doesnt sound bad for what it is, but I dont listen to this at all.
  11. Yes I posted the same thing there. Probaby BTX too
  12. Update. This show is now in my top 3 archive releases behind Passaic 2 and Tempe 80. It sounds better than Passaic 1 to me. Only Passaic 2 sounds better in my opinion. Awesome release.
  13. This show is now in my top 5 archive releases. One of the best Altschiller mixes.
  14. The mix on this makes listening to the show like a brand new experience for me. Marked upgrade from the JEMS bootleg I have.
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