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  1. On 10/29/2021 at 10:17 PM, G-Man said:

    The mix on LINYC is awful.  No feeling of being “in the room.”  Terribly muted audience sound.  Both mixed by Clearmountain.

    While I do think that when Clearmountain is "ON", he is untouchable as a live mixer but he is not infallible and I am among those who cannot stand the LINYC mix and actually prefer Altschiller's mix overall despite the flaws in it.  I was so disappointed with LINYC when it came out I don't think I have played it more than once or twice and have no desire to ever listen to it again.  I listen to Hyde Park way more.

    That being said his Nugs release of 9/20 and his mix of Tempe 1980 are by far the best sounding of the live archival releases to date in my opinion with Apollo 2012 right behind. I just don't care for that show overall so it doesn't get much play but it does sound good.

    Maybe the 5.1 mix will sound better and have more ambience and space in the sound to not feel so claustrophobic and "in the room" feel.  The clarity of the instruments and vocals are stellar, the mix just needs to breathe a little more for me.


  2. They can only remaster Agora and remove some of the compression to make it less ear bleedingly loud.  No way to remix as they only have a 2 track stereo master available. They have shown no real interest in getting the master multi-tracks from that museum in Cleveland or wherever it is now so it will never happen as much as we want it to. 

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  3. 48 minutes ago, doesthisbusstop said:

    Not downloaded it yet but that’s very encouraging to hear. I always listen to the best sound quality shows most often, even if others have a better performance. The sound quality is everything for me to warrant repeated listening to the show. 

    Yeah I am the same way for the most part.  I think Atlanta is the 2nd best recording we have now for the 78 tour with Passaic 2 still being the best.  But for me this one is not too far behind.  Others may feel differently but this was a very welcome surprise after the butchering of Winterland. Here is my list of the available 78 archive releases for sound quality only in my opinion...


    1. Passaic 2 - The Gold Standard

    2. Atlanta - Best non Clearmountain mix

    3. Passaic 1 - Good overall mix with a few misses but compression hurts it

    4. Winterland 1 - Sounds slightly better than the bootleg to me but compression is an issue

    5. Agora - Same as Winterland

    6. Roxy - Compression totally ruins this one for me. The mix is ok but I cant listen to more than a song or 2 before faitigue sets in.

    7. Winterland 2 - The worst mixing and mastering job they have released since Altschiller was hired.  Shame. This deserves a remix.

    8. Houston - I am not a fan of mono recordings but it doesnt sound bad for what it is, but I dont listen to this at all.

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  4. On 9/29/2020 at 9:14 AM, skywalkerboh said:



    I'm uploading here now the new JEMS project upped on jungleland.


    Kansas City MO - 16 june 1978 SOUNDBOARD

    Setlist is incomplete, but the sound is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is an unreal upgrade.  Crystal clear well mixed soundboard.  One of the best sounding shows from this tour in my opinion.  Sounds better than some of the official archive mixes to be honest.  How Bruce Inc cannot seem to do what JEMS does is mind-boggling.  This is a must have.

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