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  1. Not sure if that is a serious question? I don't know how one could be a hardcore Bruce fan and be a longtime member of this site and not know the significance of this show. This show did more to help spread the legend of live Bruce and created more fans from one show than any other in career. It has long been regarded as maybe his defining live show. More people bought this bootleg and listened to this broadcast than heard or bought some of Bruce's actual albums. I cannot count how many people, fans and critics alike who have stated that if he released this show as an official live album back in the day it would have been revered as one of the top live albums by any artist ever. The original bootleg of this show is probably the highest selling bootleg of all time by any artist according to many bootleg and live recording historians.
  2. This is a definite upgrade to all of the boots for this show. This is a must have for any fan. Arguably the most important show in his career and JA knocked it out of the park on the mix. Seriously if you didn't know who did it you might think Bob Clearmountain did this one. This just joined the next night as the 2 best releases in the series so far in my opinion. I will add one caveat that I have only listened to the SiriusXM broadcast so I need to confirm when I listen to the HD files after work but I am very happy and impressed with this one. It was like listening with virgin ears at times due to the clarify and details this new mix was able to provide. I just finished the show a few minutes ago and I still have goosebumps about how good it was.
  3. Well they are pretty loud on this release. Way more than his usual mixes.
  4. Listening to the Prove It intro I am hearing details on the guitar that I couldn't hear on any of the prior mixes, this is freaking amazing. So far this is JA best mix and pretty damn close to a BC mix. I still get goosebumps during this song despite having heard it countless times over decades of listening to the boots. This blows them away. Interesting that in the essay they mention that the guitars were so loud at this run due to the amp staging at the venue and the way they were miked.
  5. This show along with Winterland was right behind the Vets in that Nugs poll. I personally would rather have this than the Vets show and it sounds better than any of the boots out there. They release one of the top 3 Holy Grail shows and people are STILL complaining? GTFOH.
  6. The samples sound great. At first listen seems to be better than the multiple boots i have heard but need to actually listen to the HD files after work.
  7. I posted on BTX but I read on Hoffman's that someone got an email from Nugs that the show was delayed in the mastering process due to vacations and will be out this Friday.
  8. They literally announced it right when the show was supposed to start on SiriusXM. Very strange. They would have to have sent the files to them earlier so they knew about the delay for a while. Why wait to announce it at exactly 12 Noon EST? Why is this double posting?
  9. They literally announced it right when the show was supposed to start on SiriusXM. Very strange. They would have to have sent the files to them earlier so they knew about the delay for a while. Why wait to announce it at exactly 12 Noon EST?
  10. Release is now delayed until sometime later this month.
  11. I hear you. There are times when I am in certain mindset where a song I may not be the biggest fan of, just hits the right spot in that moment when I am listening to a live show. I just haven't had that moment with this song. There is a show by Pearl Jam in Krakow 2000 which starts of with a run of slower "new" songs that I normally don't like, but one night I was listening to the show on headphones with my eyes closed in a recliner and just got into a zone and I loved it. Going back to Incident, I just can't connect with it in comparison to his other epic story songs. Kitty's Back and New York City Serenade are 2 others that I have issues connecting with. I just get bored and want to skip to another song. Meanwhile a song like Jungleland I can listen to on repeat for hours. Just as a comparison to the longer storytelling type songs. I do agree the live performance is far superior to the studio version.
  12. It just meanders and goes nowhere for me personally. I mean it is ok but I never connected with it. I don't think it is a bad song at all, but if you go by a lot of the posts about this song on multiple Bruce fan boards you would think it is his best song and I just don't get it. I mean if he played it as much as Mary's Place or Sunny Day would it still be so highly regarded or does its relative rarity add to its cache? I know I am in minority it just is one of those songs that is beloved that just confuses me.
  13. Guess I am the only one who doesn't care for Incident and thinks it is a touch overrated by hardcore fans?
  14. Yeah compression affects everyone differently and even though 2 shows may have the same Dynamic Range value which would indicate a similar overall amount of compression was applied, it isn't uniform and not everyone will hear it the same exact way. Just one of the many quirks of audio waves and how our ears receive them and our brain interprets them.
  15. The article pretty much explains it. Basically dynamic range is the audible range from the loudest part of a recording to the quietest. What modern mastering has become in a lot of cases is use compression to lower the dynamic range so the difference between the loudest part and softest part are not so great. This makes it sound better on lower quality equipment such as boomboxes, car stereos, and in formats such as mp3. It also can add a layer of "mushiness" or like a wall of sound with no air or breath (but not in a good way like Phil Specter which is a mixing choice not a mastering choice) which some people who are sensitive to it can perceive and can cause your ears to literally have fatigue and become uncomfortable when listening. It can feel like an assault on the ears. For me, depending on the recording (and I do not have audiophile equipment BTW) when I play a song loud in my car/ or through my LG DAC with headphones with a recording with a bad DR number, my ears almost feel the sound waves hitting it and it can cause discomfort and then pain if i keep listening for a period of time. The problem with the bad DR number is that to avoid that feeling I have to turn it down so much that it is basically not worth listening to. One easy way to notice it even if you aren't sensitive (and many if not most people are not) is take a rocking (BTR will work) song that is on both Live 75-85 and the newest 12/31 show or Tower or Roxy from the archives. Crank up the version from 75-85 to a comfortable but loud level. Listen for a bit. Now without touching your volume level, immediately play the other version. It should sound much louder and most likely you will need to turn it down to be at the same comfortable level. This tells you that the other version has been more highly compressed. You can do it in reverse as well. Play a song from the archive show at a nice loud level, then play the 75-85 one. You will likely notice is sounds much quieter and you will need to turn up your volume to be at the same loudness level. For reference Live 75-85 has a DR number of 13/14 and Tower is 8. The new NYE release is a 7. The original mix was an 11. 12/29 is a 9. Passaic is a 10 and Tempe is an 11. The higher the number the less compression is used. This site lists all the releases. http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/list?artist=Bruce Springsteen. I will also say that that number is not the be all end all, it is merely an indicator that the compression was applied and it may cause an issue for those sensitive to such auditory sounds. In my case the new version of NYE doesn't bother me even with the bad number although i know it does others. Yet Roxy which has the same number does. Sorry for the "novel" of a response!
  16. I was one who criticized the Roxy audio on this and other boards however it was not mix related in my case. I personally didn't have any issues with the mix, the issue was the mastering and that it was compressed at such a high level, that it causes ear fatigue and actual discomfort in the ears when listening to the audio at a similar level as other shows that haven't been compressed as much. If you are listening to mp3 versions or with lower quality equipment AND/OR you are not sensitive to compression than the issue might seem baffling. But it is there, it is quantifiable by the Dynamic Range Numbers for the show showing a high level of compression. I think the mix of the official release is better than the bootleg but due to the compression and the discomfort caused by listening to it, the bootleg is a much nicer listening experience despite the inferior mix at least for me. I can't speak for anyone else. Agora is the same basic source as the boots just lower generation so the mix is identical from what I can tell. It was only a 2 track stereo tape that has been premixed on the fly for the broadcast. That is why it doesn't sound any different mix wise. Again the issue with this release is also compression. This results in the sound having no dynamics which makes it sound narrower and not as full as the boots despite the same basic mix and the boots being from a higher gen from the source. I wish they would get the multi-tracks from the estate of that guy in Cleveland and let Bob C take a crack at them. Tower 75 is another that is a compressed mess. The mix is good but not perfect but the compression is so bad it muddies the sound and makes it unlistenable to some. I don't find it as bad as some do and unlike Roxy I can actually listen to this show without too much discomfort although I can't listen to it all in one sitting before ear fatigue sets in so I only listen to this on shuffle with other archive shows to mix it up and give my ears a break.
  17. While I agree that I need more 78 and some of the 78 releases do have issues I would like to point out that the single best release from the entire series (and nothing really comes close) is the 9/20/78 show.
  18. The cynical part of me is thinking that with the amazing July double release that earned a lot of praise and goodwill they will take the opportunity to release a show next month from one of the less popular tours which usually causes some complaints . Never know though. Last year we got the prime era Roxy 78 and Wembley 81 back to back in July and August. But after releasing over 7 hours of prime rocking E Street band I am guessing next month will slow things down and a solo or Seegar show is due.
  19. No I think those complaining are doing so because they want freebies. Don't know why but they do. Anytime a better version of a product is released you always have to pay for it. It costs money to release so it should be paid for accordingly.
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