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  1. I went to the my stash and i don't see you can redownload the show, only stream it.
  2. Latest rumor is the birthday show from MetLife 2012.
  3. As others mentioned, my version is complete with Quarter to Three included. Highly Recommended! I know, as was my response. However there are many who do believe that if we already have a great sounding boot then that show should be passed over in favor of a show that doesn't have a good boot. While I agree with that in theory, there are some landmark shows that I want officially released via Nugs preferably with Clearmountain mixing before any other shows. The 78 shows are among those shows.
  4. I agree, I think both stands should be released in Clearmountain mixes. They deserve it. I have to believe at least the entire Passaic stand was done when Clearmountain did the 20th. I don't think Passaic 3 beats the broadcast shows as an overall show, I was merely commenting on the audio quality of the boot which is actually better than Winterland in my opinion. I prefer the Winterland show but the sound of Passaic is superior at least on the versions I have heard.
  5. If we don't need Passaic 1 or Winterland due to the excellent boots of these shows than we dont need Passaic 3 because the boot of that is just as good if not better than the boots of Passaic 1 and Winterland.
  6. I have a feeling I will be disappointed in tomorrow's release while others will love it whatever it is. I am also bummed this is a long month so it is an extra long wait until the next release.
  7. There is also excellent bootleg of the 9/21/78 show. The whole run is available in excellent soundboard/broadcast quality. Obviously the official release of 9/20 is superior but the boot of that show is excellent in its own right. Pretty amazing that these recordings are out there. I think this might be the only multi-date stand where every single show is available in soundboard quality. I could be wrong but I am unaware of any others.
  8. Just listened to Hello Sunshine and as expected it isn't for me BUT I really like the tone of his voice. It sounds strong and clear. What year what it recorded?
  9. No grip to catch but thanks for your worthless comment.
  10. Pass meaning I have no interest in solo Bruce in general and even less after reading the descriptions of the music and themes. Just not for me. But I hope those that like him solo really enjoy it.
  11. Pass for me but am happy for those excited and were waiting for new material. I envy you.
  12. Hoping for a 70's show in May but wouldn't mind a Rising show if those issues have been worked out.
  13. No guesses but I was looking at Nugs site and the most popular shows. Anyone else surprised by the most popular ones? I mean the 93 show is the second most popular show in the series? That seems crazy to me.
  14. So any thoughts for March 1st? Hopefully something from Prime ESB years?
  15. 78 or 85 would be my preference but I think we will probably get a newer show since we have gotten a few older ones recently. I mean if this archive series ONLY covered 75-88 I would personally have zero issues and buy them all but I understand the reality of people wanted to cover the whole career and the limited shows from that era so I think it is time for something post reunion.
  16. I am probably in the minority, but of those only the 75 show is a hit for me. I can't stand Bruce solo and St Louis is probably the biggest disappointment of the series for me so far. This solely based on the over-hype of this show as the "best show eva!!!!!" by some many fans and it did nothing for me. Way too many covers and not cohesive and somewhat sloppy. I am sure in person it was awesome, but it didn't translate as an audio recording for me. After my initial listen, it was deleted from my media player and sits on my hard drive only because I paid 25 bucks for it. No need to listen to it again. Now despite the negativity above, I am still very happy these shows were released since I know so many other fans love them. They just didn't work for me. Tower 75 is awesome, I just wish the mastering of the show matched the performance. No matter what gets released next week even if it isn't a show that I want I am still happy for those that do want it and that the archive series is ongoing.
  17. Mixed by Jon Altschiller from 2-inch, 24-track tape source; Additional engineering: Danielle Warman Stay, Rave On and portions of Detroit Medley from 9/21/79 were missing from the multi-track transfer; a two-track soundboard recording was used to complete the show
  18. Not to mention different mixers most likely. I am assuming this new audio was from Altschiller.
  19. Listening now and it sounds good. Not mind-blowing but definitely decent. The official River/Thunder Road videos sound better to me.
  20. I hope I am wrong but does anyone else have the dreaded feeling that there may not be an Xmas release at all this year considering the 2 live releases in December already and that the next one is due Jan 4th? If they do that would be 4 live releases in the span of 28 days.
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