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  1. I am at the point where if it is not a 75 or 78 show preferably mixed by Clearmountain but regardless of mixer is not brickwalled than I will be disappointed no matter how good any other show might be.
  2. My top 5 Archive releases are: 1. Full Tempe 2. Passaic 78 3. Helsinki 2003 4. Tower 75 5. Wembley 81 As far as Columbia releases, only Live 75-85, Hammersmith 75 and the Hyde Park show are worth anything to me. The BITUSA bonus disc from London 2013 is ok as well. I don't have much use for the rest of them for various reasons ranging from performance, song selection, and sound quality.
  3. If any one can post the essay it would be greatly appeciated. I am blocked from viewing it directly. I am excited about this show, it looks good to me. Thanks!!
  4. If they did ever release Barcelona I would assume it would be a new Altschiller mix similar to the MSG 2000 show. I don't think they would just port the existing mix to audio.
  5. No doubt Brucebase is more complete and accurate and detailed but I can't stand the all caps paragraph style of song listing. They all blend together and look like shit. I much prefer clearly numbered easy to read lists.
  6. I too would love a Main Point release from multi-tracks but if as they say they don't have it and they have no better source that what is out there, there isn't much point in releasing it at this point in the series despite its overall importance as a show to most fans. Even though Cleveland didn't sound much better/different than the existing boots, at least that was from an un-booted source even if the mix was the same. Those specific reels were never used as a bootleg source before. Not the case with Main Point. The only thing they could do is maybe take the existing boot and clean it up some but that is a waste of time and money when there are so many other better sourced shows to be had. Once all multi-tracks and unreleased boards are out then maybe they can go back and clean up some of these boots but the potential improvement probably isn't worth the effort. There are some fans who could and probably have done the same thing with similar results that they would be able to do. But never know with Bruce Inc. They might throw a curve ball someday and release it.
  7. Yeah they are getting dumped on pretty good on that other board.
  8. Wake me in December when (if) Winterland comes out...
  9. Well along with the 78 show rumors, there was talk that the issues with the Rising Tour had been fixed and someone else implied that the August release would in fact be a Rising show.
  10. If these rumors are true then it is likely the Rising is set for August.
  11. Oh hi! Gotta say these rumors make my week. Of course watch for a swerve now because why should we get nice things...
  12. This was 2 different people on 2 different websites: "Good news, the issue they had with the Rising Tour has been resolved." and below was in response to a complaint saying that no Rising show would ever be released... "Not the case at all. You'll be looking like a fool come August. But hey, act like you know everything. Signed, Someone who actually knows something." Of course both could be bull sugar.
  13. oh I read that the issue had been resolved and that someone "in the know" angrily indicated that August would be a Rising show in response to a complaint.
  14. I doubt video footage will ever be a part of it. Bruce never cared for documenting the show on video really and almost every single video release we have got is because somebody else put up the money to film it for their own purposes and he just piggy backed on that. Also video releases especially archive stuff just does not sell in today's world and really isn't worth the expense of putting it out. The market just isn't big enough. I mean outside of including footage in an official release like a Deluxe Edition or something like that.
  15. So a 78 show next week and a Rising show in August? That is the latest scuttlebutt right?
  16. Awesome thanks! Question about this version of the show. I downloaded to listen as my computer with Roxy Night is in storage during a move and I noticed the balance while listening to headphones seems off. Is this normal? I don't remember noticing this in previous listens but it has been a while since I listened. Are all versions left side heavy?
  17. I really hope both Winterland shows get released at some point as well as the other 2 remaining Passaic shows. Preferably sooner rather than later...
  18. Oh yeah, I get it now, I misunderstood and agree with you. They should have played Prodigal Son but they didn't. they chose the old slow tape running version to air which is crazy to me.
  19. Wait...you preferred the versions played on SiriusXM to your existing boots? Because what I heard sounded much worse to my ears. I have those radio shows embedded in my brain from constant listening and i always sought out the best available versions whenever a new one would pop up and I was decidedly not impressed when listening to the broadcast. Maybe I need new ears?
  20. Pretty sure the version they played was the non speed corrected one
  21. it sounded like crap. If this was my first introduction to the Winterland show I would not be impressed. While I didn't hear it, someone listened to the Roxy show they played earlier and it sounded worse than the boot he had.
  22. Oh no it has Santa Claus on there, some board members will riot if this is chosen!!!
  23. I get what you are saying, however for me there is a very clear difference in the live shows from the 70's and 80's to the shows done after. Bruce changed his single style a lot in some cases (twang) which is grating to me, plus his voice even when using normal delivery had changed for the worse so even thought it was still decent, it just doesn't have the same power and sound as it had earlier. This happens to ALL artists and while I obviously enjoy what I call "new" stuff meaning post 99, it doesn't compare to the power and sheer explosiveness as the earlier shows. I happen to think the Prove It 78 version is the best live performance of any song by any artist ever. No song has ever been so improved or expanded on better from studio to live performance in my opinion and that tour is probably my favorite tour by any band ever as well. I suppose a lot of it has to do with what you grew up listening to and when you became a fan. I was listening to Bruce since I can remember as my parents and aunts were huge fans so Bruce was ALWAYS playing in the house or cars (8-tracks!) and later as a teen I started getting the live shows from that era and it blew me away. If this archive series released the entire 78 tour I would buy every single show and be the happiest person in the world. As I would for any tour up through BITUSA. '88 while still great had already begun the drop off in quality for me. Having said all that I get that not everyone feels the way I do, so I still support and buy the solo and post 99 shows even if they do not compare to the earlier shows for me and am happy they are doing this at all.
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