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  1. it sounded like crap. If this was my first introduction to the Winterland show I would not be impressed. While I didn't hear it, someone listened to the Roxy show they played earlier and it sounded worse than the boot he had.
  2. Oh no it has Santa Claus on there, some board members will riot if this is chosen!!!
  3. I get what you are saying, however for me there is a very clear difference in the live shows from the 70's and 80's to the shows done after. Bruce changed his single style a lot in some cases (twang) which is grating to me, plus his voice even when using normal delivery had changed for the worse so even thought it was still decent, it just doesn't have the same power and sound as it had earlier. This happens to ALL artists and while I obviously enjoy what I call "new" stuff meaning post 99, it doesn't compare to the power and sheer explosiveness as the earlier shows. I happen to think the Prove It 78 version is the best live performance of any song by any artist ever. No song has ever been so improved or expanded on better from studio to live performance in my opinion and that tour is probably my favorite tour by any band ever as well. I suppose a lot of it has to do with what you grew up listening to and when you became a fan. I was listening to Bruce since I can remember as my parents and aunts were huge fans so Bruce was ALWAYS playing in the house or cars (8-tracks!) and later as a teen I started getting the live shows from that era and it blew me away. If this archive series released the entire 78 tour I would buy every single show and be the happiest person in the world. As I would for any tour up through BITUSA. '88 while still great had already begun the drop off in quality for me. Having said all that I get that not everyone feels the way I do, so I still support and buy the solo and post 99 shows even if they do not compare to the earlier shows for me and am happy they are doing this at all.
  4. Aside from a Rising show, PLEASE for the love of all that is good in the world, no more post reunion or solo or non E-Street band shows for the rest of the year!!! Make the word archive mean something.
  5. I don't know if a remix would help much. There are no available multi-tracks so there is only the 2 track stereo tape available and there isn't much that can be done as the mixing was already done live at the recording stage. You are limited in what you can do. Your preference for the WEBN version is most likely due to familiarity, nostalgia and most importantly, poor mastering of the archive version.
  6. While I don't think it will be the Roxy show, if it does end up getting released, I am just waiting to see how many people complain about the sound because it won't sound like the versions on 75-85. The tricks and editing and overdubs and drum and spatial manipulation done to the Roxy songs included on the set will not be in effect on the archive version if and when it does get finally released. It will still sound excellent I am sure but more like Passaic 9/20 than 75-85.
  7. I hope it is something from 81 however I think a Rising show is overdue even if it is not my personal preference.
  8. Well the fact is that due to the availability for MOST of the live shows in bootleg circles, coming up with a "new" recording is very hard to find. Aside from the 77 boards, all the releases have already been out there in varying degree of quality so it is nigh impossible for any release to be new to the people on these and other Bruce boards since we represent the 1% of fans anyway. Not to mention when they do release a show people complain that they didn't release the already well booted shows like Roxy 78 or Passaic 19th instead of the 20th. When they released the 8/5/84 show years ago people complained back then that they should have released the 8/20/84 show and now people are saying they wanted some other show when this finally got released. The fact is no matter what shows they release each month there is going to be a vocal minority who are not happy with the choice for whatever reason. I am guilty of it myself at times especially with solo or post reunion shows. They do nothing for me so each time they are released, I get annoyed and can' t wait for the next release. But that is the magic of Bruce fans, so many era and years of when people became fans that no one agrees on their favorite ones. Even though I really don't care about this tour, I do hope the next show is a Rising show as keeps being speculated for the past 6 months just for completest sake and so all eras are represented with at least 1 release.
  9. I think what this means is when they were making the Live 75-85 they took only that specific original tape reel and transferred it digitally in 48khz for mixing and mastering the track selected for the release - 10th Ave. That tape must have been lost and when they went to the archives to get the rest of the reels so Altschiller could work on them they found the reel missing so went to the digital tape version they had already transferred that reel to back then. At least that is how I read it and really the only thing that makes sense.
  10. Whatever it is I am sure some people will enjoy it and others will complain.
  11. it is random but you know in advance of the actual show released. They don't just appear online one day. They promote it and announce each show prior to release. Pearl Jam only releases one archive show a year but that is announced months and months in advance as well. I have all releases by both bands and will continue to support them both.
  12. yeah I am not one of those people. I don't like surprises and I am not one who appreciates not knowing what is on a set-list for example. I would love to be handed a set-list at the door of every single show I saw. I know they call audibles and can change stuff in the moment but I appreciate knowing what is coming in general. I love and seek out spoilers and read scripts in advance of seeing movies whenever possible for example. If they announced the next months show today, it would not change my feelings on it once it is released one bit. In fact it would save me the disappointment of waiting a whole month only to have a show I have zero interest in come out. I wish they would actually put out a release schedule mapping out all of the 20+ shows they claimed were approved already.
  13. I really am starting to think with very few exceptions that they take what ever list of shows they have available and just hit shuffle or randomize and whatever show comes up is the one they put out. (partially in jest, btw)
  14. Yes I know which is why I do not understand it. There is no sense or reason behind pretty much all releases to be frank. Since they never give any heads up or reason why any particular show was picked for that given month it just comes of as random and unplanned.
  15. Know what other shows are also in excellent bootleg form? Winterland 78, the 2 other Passaic 78 shows, Roxy 78, the other Nassau 80 shows, Paris 85, Toronto 84 among MANY others. Just sayin'...
  16. Which is fine but only once ALL eras have been represented at least once. No one was clamoring for another DD show before a Rising or another River or BITUSA tour show. That doesn't mean people aren't or shouldn't enjoy this show, but be honest not many people were asking for or even guess a DD show would be coming anytime soon. It could also be as simple as they want to take advantage of the current popularity of Bruce shows on Broadway and provide more shows from him solo.
  17. I just...do NOT UNDERSTAND the selection process for this series at all. Oh well at least Feb is a short month, only 28 more days until hopefully a real worthy release comes out.
  18. No rumours or any hints from any of the usual sources. Making me doubt there will actually be any release before Jan 5.
  19. Someone posted July 3 1988 on BTX but I guess we will find out shortly.
  20. I heard rumors it will either be a 1999 or 1975 show but a final decision has not yet been made. Of course with Bruce Inc it could also be something else altogether. Not too long of a wait now...
  21. Sound was comparable to the 78 Houston audio on the dvd. Can't remix mono recordings but can clean up and edit out tape flips and other blips that may be on the recording. They ran the tapes through the Plagent process.
  22. They played Action in the Street and the working version of Something in the Night from the upcoming release on the show. However it was the unmastered versions direct from the cassette before Alschiller worked on them. He is working on them right now for the Friday release.
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