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  1. Saw DB headline the Big Day Out on Glasgow Green in 1990. Free concert with an estimated 300,000 there. Big Country in support as well.... Magnificent night.
  2. Bruce has been nominated in the Best International Artist category this year. I have never heard of the other 4 nominees... As far as I know, he has never appeared or performed at the ceremony....maybe a first time for everything!!!
  3. I currently have a hire car in the USA that has Sirius. If I'm driving tomorrow, does E Street Radio announce the archive and then play it. Will it then be around 12.00EST??
  4. " Barefoot girl sitting on the hood of a dodge, drinking warm beer in the soft summer night..." Perfect!!!
  5. I saw it on the Sunday. There was no announcement regarding clapping at all. However during the film, I did really want to clap after each song, along with the audience in the barn but no one else was, so I stayed quiet. There was applause at the end, and hardly anyone moved until after all the credits.
  6. I thought Western Stars was the stand out track The absolute heart of the film. Also loved finally getting ' the little blue pill' reference....
  7. Now that the film is going to be on general release, I though it would be good if it had its own thread... I was lucky enough to see it in London last week, and absolutely loved it. However now that most of the rest of GL should be catching up over the next few weeks, I would like to hear others opinions. Do you prefer it live to the album? Is there any songs that surprised you? Did you like the explanations behind the songs?
  8. Playing this Friday at Clapham Grand..if that is not enough, then there is an 80's disco straight after until 3am... I would recommend that the She Street Band are definitely worth seeing....
  9. Having listened to the album over and over since it's release and watching the movie today, I can only add one thing.... Western Stars is the absolute heart of the album, and in the live performance it stands above all the other tracks in its magnificence.. This song should be considered in the pantheon...
  10. I also have a spare ticket for the Sunday lunchtime show at London Haymarket. Free to a good home....
  11. How many suggestions for No Surrender do you think he received??!??