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  1. We've still never had a pre 1975 show. That is always my wish...
  2. Incident - with string orchestra Incident - full band Incident - solo piano
  3. Got up at 3am to watch second half.. Never in doubt. Shame it didn't have the ending as the women's game, or the final four's. Normal service resumed, as I regain my GL title... 3rd in 4 years, I think. Thanks for organising as always...
  4. We should have won that. However, If you can't make any of your last 8 shots, then you deserve nothing....
  5. Could be a late night tonight. Michigan game starts at 3.00am.
  6. But I have Baylor in the championship game, losing to Michigan....
  7. I hope the carnage slows down. Only 4 of my Elite 8 left, and 3 of my Final 4 are #1 seeds. Michigan still hanging on... Go Blue
  8. This year seems like carnage. I have lost 7 of the last 10 and have still moved to the top half....
  9. Not a great start so far.. Still plenty to play for though.
  10. Nice to be remembered!! I will be putting my bracket in. Trying to reclaim my crown, and get my third title after losing out last time... Got more confidence on Michigan winning it all this year as well...1st seed. Go Blue
  11. During all the Letter to You interviews, it would have been nice if someone with knowledge of his output would have asked about the Archive series. The obvious question would be along the lines of....When you were reviewing your early career, did you find any Pre-ESB concerts that could be released on the Archive series??? I would love to see some pre-1973.
  12. This has been the best LTY interview I've heard yet. Dermot obviously a fan and some great song choices throughout the hour. Check it out on BBC Sounds...
  13. Could be referencing all the dodgy venues they played back in the day....
  14. Maybe they have found audio of a Castilles gig from the 60's. Would fit the whole LTY vibe....
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