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  1. I saw the movie yesterday, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Yes, cheesy at times, but that is no bad thing... As someone roughly the same age as Sarfraz (18 in 1987), I did recognise lot of the themes growing up in Scotland. The best memory was the Wembley concert in 1988. This was my first Bruce gig, and I had been waiting 3 years for him to tour. Unlike Luton, there were no record shops selling tickets so I had to post off a cheque with a stamp adressed envelope inside..... The excitement when that ticket suddenly fell through the letterbox many weeks later was indescribable....i remember sitting staring at it for ages. I was finally going to see Bruce!!!!
  2. I had a really good time last night. Alwas good to meet other lakers and swap Bruce stories. I thought the guests could have made more of an effort to chat to the crowd. There wasn't many of us there, and wouldn't taken much effort...
  3. Are you still meeting Rachel and Shirley at the BBC or are they coming to ABO also?
  4. Should we meet up for a drink beforehand? There is an All Bar One about 100 yards away on Regent Street....
  5. WS has been the only CD in my car since day of release, and I have played it every day. Whilst not thinking it is the masterpiece that others do, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. However, if pushed I would prefer to have less of the orchestrations and more of the Nebraska feel to it. Top 3 songs would be Wayfarer, Moonlight Motel and Western Star. This morning my Nassau 80 CD arrived, so WS will be demoted and I am pretty sure Nassau will dominate my listening pleasure for the next few weeks. Hello Spanish Johnny......
  6. Impressive!!! I have only seen 196 different songs in total...
  7. I have 92 songs that I have see only once.. Top 5 Thundercrack Streets of Philly NYCS Dream Baby Dream Lost in the Flood Honourable mention to When the Saints go Marchin' which will be the song played at my funeral....
  8. Tunnel of Love at Wembley 88. Quite a common one I would imagine..
  9. Definitely the best of the three songs released so far. This looks like it could be an album in heavy rotation in the car.....
  10. Would it not be better to eliminate 2 River songs in each round?? Otherwise we could be here until Bruce's next album....