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  1. During all the Letter to You interviews, it would have been nice if someone with knowledge of his output would have asked about the Archive series. The obvious question would be along the lines of....When you were reviewing your early career, did you find any Pre-ESB concerts that could be released on the Archive series??? I would love to see some pre-1973.
  2. This has been the best LTY interview I've heard yet. Dermot obviously a fan and some great song choices throughout the hour. Check it out on BBC Sounds...
  3. Could be referencing all the dodgy venues they played back in the day....
  4. Maybe they have found audio of a Castilles gig from the 60's. Would fit the whole LTY vibe....
  5. Two main regrets... 1. Listening to my wife (not a Bruce fan) after the Cardiff concert in 2008, that I did not need to go the hotel bar in Celtic Manor but should go straight up to the room. Apparently found out the next morning that Bruce and the band had been in their drinking. 2. Listening to my wife that it was a waste of money to go to Brazil for a weekend just to see Bruce do Rock in Rio, and that she forbid me to go. Watching it on YouTube it looked like an amazing experience.... FYI - we are now no longer together... I should have spotted the signs...
  6. There is a video of Bruce talking at the end of the article, where he seems to come across as younger and more energised than I have seen him for a long time....
  7. American Land is very similar to Sally Maclennane by The Pogues... Bruce has been record raving about Shane's songwriting...
  8. This never gets a lot of love in covers discussion, but it is definitely one of my favourites...
  9. Born to Run will always sound better on record, until Bruce manages to get a glockenspiel on stage....
  10. Now honey I don't wanna clip your wings But a time comes when two people should think of these things Having a home and a family Facing up to their responsibilities They say in the end true love prevails But in the end true love can't be some fairytale To say I'll make your dreams come true would be wrong But maybe darling I could help them along Ohhh, my daddy said right before he died That true true love was just a lie He went to his grave a broken heart An unfulfilled life girl makes a man hard Oh darling, there's something happy and there's something sad
  11. Bruce's contribution to Live Aid was the stage set at Wembley. He had just finished his concerts there and left all the stage, lighting and speakers to be used for free, as far as I remember. In Geldofs book, he spent a long time trying to persuade Bruce, and Bruce later admitted he wished he'd just turned with his guitar and played something..
  12. I assumed he was a Pogues fan, when I first heard American Land. It was obviously influenced by this....
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