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  1. Great show, the band must have been on fire, playing covers like a barband towards the end of the show. Does Litle Quinne contrnt the intro-story as on 2/10/75?
  2. That ammount of material make me think of a Dylan box with shows from 1966.
  3. Theres videos and songs promoted as "singels" but are there any b-sides for the new album?
  4. Im gonna listen to that one while reading the lyrics later!
  5. The guitar-solo is really nice, how it builds up all the way, filled with energi.
  6. Part man part monkey....once Bruce said: I cant play reagge, its to pure for me", he should have remerered that later. The song does not belong anywere in my opinion.
  7. I wouldent mind a couple of songs from 92 in a future live show with e street band, Roll of the dice, real world, lucky town and some others.
  8. In hindsight maybe he should have re-arrange some of the old material for the 92-93 tour and skip the mega clasic? I mean, From Small Things maybe, or keep You CanLook as it sounded in 88, but its kind of hard to mix material from the past thematicly with the nea-gospel of a newborn man with family in one show.
  9. Great song, I really like the piano-parts, one of the great post-reunion live songs.
  10. Listen moore and moore to songs from that era and really start to enjoy them in a bigger way than before, I use be one of thoose "it was better in..,but as a roll into my 50th birtday I enjoy the post 88 stuff moore and moore, at least the live stuff, its almost like re-discovering a new artist in a way. I just loved the first post-Danny show from 08, and im thinking of buying the latest release. I mean even Mans Job, I wich I were blind spins around in my mind from time to time, the last one could have been recorded by Elvis himdelf!
  11. Listend to Live In New York City, wow, the intro to Prove it hit me like a train!
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