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  1. Springsteen - Cover feature in Uncut

    If you write it like this on the page, it;s like free-style poetry: I had to google "in limbo". I'm not surprised at all. It's not like I was expecting a new record. Thankfully..., we have Stockholm. A life saver. Nutella. My remedy for crappy days.
  2. I can do handclaps. And I can play the triangle. At the intermediate level. (I've only mastered the top two sides.)
  3. Just BRUCE!

    Aw, here’s a random selection from my Bruce folder, to make you feel better, tie.
  4. Just BRUCE!

    Yes. Oh dear. (I may have just listened to the two Culture Club songs I have on my iPod while I made my lunch. ) (There is a strong possibility that I danced whilst making hypothetical lunch.)
  5. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    I hope you’re feeling better by now, Daisy. It’s crap being sick. Even worse when you have house buying to worry about.
  6. Just BRUCE!

    I don’t know about that top pic. The too-cute hat is in conflict with the open shirt. I don’t know where not to look.
  7. Forty years photographing Bruce...

    I don’t think I ever looked at the price as I knew I wouldn’t be buying it. That’s pretty steep.
  8. Forty years photographing Bruce...

    Them’s fightin’ words. Watch out, or @BrilliantDisguise will take you down!
  9. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    @newcastle roy, is this address still the one we should be using?
  10. Just BRUCE!

    How did this slip down to the the second page? From the Stefanko thread. A new (to me) pic.
  11. One more reason to post pics of Bruce. I’ve never seen the one taken atop the roof of the Record Plant.
  12. I'm glad you got a ticket and had a fantastic time.