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  1. Marilla Gorilla

    Tie That Bind

    Linda, I am so glad that you are happy with the outcome. " THERE MAY BE AN IMAGE OF A PERSON INSIDE A ROOM" Or maybe it's a table lamp in a meadow. A very sexy table lamp, wearing a red plaid shirt.
  2. Marilla Gorilla

    Tie That Bind

    Thanks Ann, and Jayne, too.
  3. I laughed out loud a couple of times.
  4. Marilla Gorilla


    This is on Crave and I keep meaning to try it as I liked Welliver in Deadwood and Sons of Anarchy. On a related note, I was at the AGO a couple of weeks ago and came across this.
  5. Marilla Gorilla

    Finally joined this crazy place

    I notice that others have got in here before me and are calling you HaH. To them I say, "Hah!". I will address you as "High". Welcome to the Lake, High.
  6. Marilla Gorilla

    Tie That Bind

    Linda, hoping the operation goes well.
  7. Marilla Gorilla

    Silliest Bruce-Connected Item Ever

    So it's not waterproof? I've posted this before. I think it might win.
  8. Marilla Gorilla

    Tie That Bind

    I can’t help it. I have to see what she does with this
  9. Marilla Gorilla

    Tie That Bind

    So, she is reading my message right now?
  10. Marilla Gorilla

    Tie That Bind

    Does she have an English accent?
  11. Marilla Gorilla

    Tie That Bind

    Welcome back, Linda!!! Can you tell us about this little lady?
  12. Marilla Gorilla

    Tie That Bind

    Thanks for the update Ann and Jayne, Linda, I hope the op goes well and stops your discomfort. I also hope that, with all the advances we have in ophthalmology and technology, you will regain some of your sight. Huge internetty hugs to you. (Is that smiley kiss a bit creepy? )
  13. Marilla Gorilla

    Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Wonderful news, Roy. And Abbey, I think everyone here at the Lake is so proud of your strength. Your smile could light up,a room.
  14. Marilla Gorilla

    Springsteen Rules

    If I am listening to Bruce and someone starts to talk to me I say, “I gotta keep singing, but I can still talk to you at the same time.” This is only when the listening is my prime activity. If I am out with friends and Bruce happens to come on, I am more lax (less rude?) in my loyalty.
  15. Marilla Gorilla

    Tie That Bind

    Aw c'mon, Linda, You know the answer to that one.