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  1. For the pet owner (or pet), who has everything, something for Christmas. "Turn your pet into a masterpiece."
  2. I remember watching this when it was on tv when I was a kid. I couldn’t, off the top of my head, recall any of the songs, and didn’t look it up so I would be surprised. I am sad to sad say that there was only one good song, Getting to Know You. I still thought that Deborah Kerr was beautiful, though.
  3. I actually took a break from Bruce on the way home from work today and listened to some Blue Rodeo. .I remember I first saw them in Sept. 1986. They opened for K.D. Lang at a free afternoon concert for orientation at Mac (McMaster University). They were terrific. I remember my sister writing to me when in ‘87 (no email then) and telling me that they had released an album. I had thought they were called Rodeo Blue, . The last song they sang that day was a speeded up version of Galveston! I’ve seen the Jim Cuddy Band live, too. They were good.
  4. Over the past week I have come to the conclusion that Stones is one of the most beautiful songs Bruce has ever written. The music, the imagery, everything. It has the same haunting feel, and simplicity, of Wreck on the Highway, another of my all-time favourites. I imagine it being sung as a round. In fact, I hope to get my sisters into trying it with me. (Now I just have to get the other sister to listen to the album )
  5. Wow. It was fantastic. The sound, the mini-movies between songs, Bruce's voice, all stellar. My niece started to sing along. I stopped her. On a scale of a 1,2,3,4, how bad an aunt am I? (Instead of having a scale of 1-10, my scale is 1-4, as in Bruce's intro to songs. )
  6. In the cinema, waiting for it to start. Six other people, besides me, sister, nephew and niece.
  7. I'm looking forward to next year, when you post pics of them on this very chair. They will be at least a bit bigger and will have to entwine themselves like a cat pretzel to ensure neither falls off.
  8. I’m sure that must be the reason for it.
  9. Also saw this. I thought the songs were let down by a very dull script.