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  1. From Patti’s Instagram,. I saw the pic before I saw who posted it. I thought it was George W. By the way, I had to take a screenshot of this. Does anyone else know how to save pics from Instagram?
  2. I'm really glad you were able to go to this and that it didn't disappoint. Are you the first Laker to see it?
  3. I completely missed the boat on tickets and I am sitting at home, eating peanut M&Ms. TIFF coverage on my tv says that he was due to arrive at 8:30, so 16 minutes ago. Apparently he won’t be doing any interviews. I hope they are wrong. Good luck @Kburke
  4. I know for a fact that I, personally, have posted pics that I found on this very thread. Somehow, everyone is always pleased to see them again. And this one, is very nice, indeed.
  5. Daisey, I did a search that would combine your love of kitties, your birthday, and your name (forgive the spelling). I found this. I hope it adds to your birthday fun and doesn’t give you nightmares.
  6. I like the way you rejuvenated that cliché.
  7. I agree completely with your take on Vee. She was my least favourite character. I stuck with it though, and enjoyed the others seasons.
  8. I had heard of milk duds but thought they were another name for maple buds.
  9. This Japanese Artist Creates Hats For Cats Made From Their Own Hair Some highlights.
  10. I saw it on Friday. Viveik Kalra was endearing as Javed, and I did love Roops. I am glad I saw it, but I won’t see it again. Overall I thought it lacked coherence. Even though I was forewarned, the cringe factor was huge. I was unclear whether or not we were supposed to be laughing when Javed quoted Bruce. I don’t think I have ever seen my sister laugh so much, but it was a “WTF” sort of laughter. I actually think it could have been better if they had made the whole movie like that, the way the mini series Blackpool did, with everyone bursting into song. or even if they had more of that during the second half. The dinner scene with Eliza’s parents was almost like Monty Python, basically a parody of a Tory family. My sister wondered if that was to counter the scenes with Javed”s family. Rob Brydon was also more of caricature than a character, but perhaps these portrayals of the Anglo/white English were meant to illustrate Javed’s sense of otherness. For those keeping track of attendance, three quarters of the seats were empty. Here is a scene from Blackpool so you can see what I mean.