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  1. I love this song and this video. (I thought this thread was about our own BD. )
  2. I one dollar is the loonie, because it's got a loon on it, and the two dollar is a toonie.
  3. The loonie and the toonie..
  4. People were doing this to our fives.
  5. I like Canadian money.
  6. Or the "You Can Look But You Better Not Touch Virtual Dating Site".
  7. Recent, yes. I posted them the day, or day after, we went up.
  8. I love that song!
  9. You don't need to wrap your head in aluminium; a simple tin-foil hat will do the trick.
  10. (Oh, no you don't get to slip down to the bottom or even the middle of the page, Bruce. A quick post will fix this.)
  11. My mum, Toronto born and raised, to a Toronto born and raised mother, and a born in England but raised in Toronto father, says: -"shedewel", for "schedule" -"kharki" for "khaki" -"clark" for "clerk". Oh, and one I've never heard anywhere, "call-yume" for "column".
  12. Do any of our UK Lakers use "whilst"? I love that word.