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  1. Rachel, is the PayPal still up? i would like to donate if I can.
  2. I just looked on to the other place today, after being away for weeks. I am so saddened by this news. A few years ago, I wrote a ranty post about Bruce, I can’t recall why, really, but it was after my mum had died, and I wasn’t in the best place, mentally and emotionally. Marsha emailed me, just asking if everything was ok. My reply was lengthy, and expanded somewhat on my rant. Marsha replied thoughtfully, helped me put everything in perspective, while still acknowledging my feelings. I will never forget that. Rachel, as you were an especially close friend, you have my sympathies. I also extend sympathy to those of you who were lucky enough to have met Marsha. And if you are still in touch with Ray, please give him my condolences as well.
  3. My cousin’s wife’s new guide dog and her retired guide dog, now just a sweet pet.
  4. https://count-basie-center-for-the-arts.myshopify.com
  5. Should you not be asking if he brought hobnobs? @Born To Walk Welcome to the Lake, @allsetcobrajet, from a fellow Torontonian.
  6. I googled chopper and ranch. https://www.agriculture.com/machinery/hay-and-forage-equipment/new-holland-s-beast-of-a-chopper
  7. Because someone posted a sexy video of Stanley Tucci mixing a Negroni.
  8. Loved her in Shtisel. I saw Unorthodox and thought she was excellent, quite mesmerizing on screen. I want to read the book on which it was based.
  9. Richard Schiff, who played Toby Ziegler on The West Wing, began watching the whole series for this first time last night. I missed it, but he is apparently watching an episode a night and commenting in the places where commercials would have been. Every day at 10pm, west coast time. So, in ten minutes form right now. @Richard_Schiff
  10. https://www.theverge.com/2020/4/17/21225013/samsung-cardboard-box-cat-house-serif-frame-sero-tv-packaging
  11. Wow, that was amazing . But, never mind Odd Couple. That was an Odd Trio.
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