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  1. I don't make claims to having a 'unique interpretation' but I generally think the 'biblical' and 'religious' themes in Springsteen's lyrics are really just a set of cliches his writing strays into occasionally because the Western mind - and in particular the American mind -- cannot but help it. Even atheists cuss in the name Christ. I don't believe he's particularly religious and not nearly as well read in the Bible as say U2. In fact there's equal evidence of hostility to religion in his writing - BUSA tour Garden of Eden rap, 'Part Man, Part Monkey. Some of his 'religious' stuff just sounds to me inspired more from the works of John Ford and Cecil B DeMille.
  2. The voting system asked people to give each track a score of 0 to 3. One of the first voters gave one particular song a top score of 3 and everything else a 0. It was discussed at the time that awarding 0 to anyone was a bit mean spirited. It was. But the system also potentially enabled a bit of foul play. As Tom Joad said it's really not that important but it defeats the purpose of a competition if people start playing games. Just sayin'
  3. This kind of thing is fun but if Greasy Lake does another covers competition the voting system needs looking at. Last time around I was on line most of the day when the voting system went live. I was following things closely and I really had my suspicions there was a bit of games playing going on. I mean people giving themselves a score of 3 out of 3 and everyone else a score of 0. Perhaps even voting for themselves twice. Sorry to have to point this out.
  4. Back in 2009 not long after the Adams' last toured with the Cardinals his Bass player Chris Feinstein was reported dead at just 42. Apparently a tragic accident involving medication he was on that time. You would have expected but actually searched in vain for any comment from Adams about the premature passing of a former colleague. When Adams made his comeback with Ashes and Fire he made some negative comments about the Cardinals - how he no longer worked with them as they weren't very nice to him. But still no comment at all or regrets about Feinstein's early death. I guess this the point I decided the guy was most certainly a self obsesssed, selfish Grade A shit. I don't expect artists to be perfect people but the problem with Adams is he crossed too many lines for me to take his work seriously. A lot of it is just songs of self pity anyway. As you'd expect .Agree his career may well be over as a result of the current allegations.
  5. That too. I guess I was thinking along the lines that not covering his tracks just highlighted his arrogance and contempt for his victim.
  6. Will he still be making records in prison? I mean exposing yourself to a minor is pretty serious stuff. In my experience women very rarely lie about this kind of thing. And there's too many people telling similar stories. Including his ex wife. You gotta roll you eyes with disbelief at people still getting caught out by leaving a digital trail of this kind of stuff.
  7. A lot of Adams' songs appear to present himself as the romantic, sensitive poetic type but he's struck me as totally self entitled. arrogant, spoilt knobhead after witnessing one of his on stage tantrums in Manchester back in 2007. So I'm not really surprised by these allegations He got promoted quite a bit by the UK press back in his early post Whiskeytown days. For me he peaked around Cold Roses but most of his stuff is really a below par blandfest - like most / Americana or whatever we call it these days
  8. I'm just at the last 20 pages or so of Bernal Diaz del Castillo's Conquest of New Spain. The memoir of an actual conquistador who accompanied Cortes and his allies in the destruction of Mexica (Aztec as we now call it) civilisation. I guess we all know this remarkable event happened but once you read into the detail it becomes all the more fascinating. What leaps out at me is that Diaz never once seemed to question what he and his fellow conquistadors did. They were Christian soldiers fully entitled by God to plunder, kill and destroy and convert all to their religion. This year is the 500th anniversary of the start of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.
  9. I wonder if this means the next Bootleg Series release will focus on the later Rolling Thunder shows.
  10. Oh my, the rich and their self obsessive inner turmoils. From an article in today's Guardian by Yanis Varoufakis: 'The ultra-rich are an insecure, permanently disgruntled clique, constantly in and out of detox clinics, relentlessly seeking solace from psychics, shrinks and entrepreneurial gurus. Meanwhile, everyone else struggles to put food on the table, pay tuition fees, juggle one credit card for another or fight depression.' A lot of people really can't afford to spend the time or money with decades long aches about Daddy issues, Oedipus complex or or whatever.
  11. Sadly, this is an example of how professional, trained musicians have to prostitute their talents to earn money to get on with day job of playing the truly great pieces of western classical music to those who still appreciate it.
  12. He said in a Variety Magazine a couple of years back that he had no interest in writing an Anti Trump diatribe. And good on him. The anti Trump stuff is already being done perfectly well on American late night TV by the likes of Bill Maher etc. He also said something along the lines of great songs being great regardless of when they get released. I would go along with that.
  13. This is all very well but where is the unreleased solo 'masterpiece' he wrote and recorded before he decided to do Wrecking Ball instead?
  14. Demos


    The unashamed sentimentality made me wince at first but after three listens I liked it. Do you get annoyed with plonkers like that Anthony guy on X Factor who deliberately exaggerate their Liverpool accent? I spent the first 28 years of my life in Liverpool (Huyton) and I didn't know anyone who talked like that muppet unless they were taking the piss.
  15. I used to enjoy a splash of Maker's Mark myself till...well....the 'incident'. Strictly red wine and nothing over 12% proof these days.