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  1. You didn't mention the subject of your course. Are doing a degree in literature, music, cultural studies, American studies?
  2. I love their Archive live releases and my favourites by far are the shows from 1990 on.
  3. I'm blown away by that album full stop. Was sorely underrated when it came out - particularly by the trendy NME style journalism we had in the Uk at that time. Don't know what the hell it's about but Jokerman is a brilliant.
  4. Probably the 2nd of these releases where I'll go for the deluxe set. The other was Trouble No More. This will be released just in time for the next lockdown. What else is there to spend your money on these days?
  5. Demos

    Euro 2020

    Something seemed to happen in this country - I think it was around 5 years and three weeks ago - when a certain obnoxious sector of British society felt they were given a green light to be even more openly offensive on certain issues.
  6. Demos

    Euro 2020

    Yep. And I've said similar before - there is no inherent reason why the game of football should itself have negative tags attached to it - but the bottom line is that it attracts a very particular crowd of individuals who see it as part of their chauvinistic, xenophobic, macho identity. It's not the majority of fans but throughout my life it's enough of them to certainly put me off. Just not interested. Don't follow football too closely but know enough to expect Italy to obliterate England on Sunday night. I hope each side gets what they deserve. I love Italian food. Had a great 10k run in the local woods last night. I was the only one there. Heaven.
  7. That was very eloquently put by Bruce but the song itself taken on its own terms doesn't do that. You'd never know that was the purpose of the song without Bruce telling us. It merely summarises the plot of a Terence Mallick movie with a generic tune sung over a really quite unremarkable piece of music. I would still cite the writing on Tom Waits' Blue Valentine album (e.g. Romeo is Bledding) as describing vastly superior character portrayals of 'American Isolation' without the writer having to tell us in a later interview what the song is actually supposed to be about.
  8. All those songs you mention wipe the floor with Nebraska. I think Bruce thought he was following that tradition when he wrote it. And maybe he was but it is still a load of boring pants nonetheless.
  9. My heart used to sink when I was at a Springsteen gig and he'd do Nebraska. It's a dire song. Boring rehash of the tune to This Land is Your Land with a lyric that's basically a summary of a Terence Mallick movie. Apparently the 'meanness in this world' line is what really gets the literary intellectuals excited. It's so 'existential' etc. It's pants. And yes the tone of the song I believe is sympathetic to the killer. I always hated it and I always will. I don't like Paradise much either. Starts with an interesting verse and then wanders off into third rate poetry about rivers and such.
  10. Great album. But he finally hit his stride in 2020 with his greatest song ever
  11. Really? I suspect it was pretty much spot on. I bet a group of striking white collar civil servants or local council staff wouldn't have grabbed his attention. It fitted Bruce's image to support earthy blue collar types etc and his core middle class left leaning audience would have approved. In the long run he'd been better off giving his money to environmental causes.
  12. I liked the title track LOHD is ok just as long as you don't spend too much time pondering the lyrics - if we've learnt anything over the last decade it's that one person's hope and dreams is another's nightmare. So it's a nice piece of music, well sung, sounds good in performance but is a bit vague and daft really. I liked Swallowed Up. I liked the studio American Land and the Human Touch era sounding You Got It. I thought the rest of it was complete garbage and still do. The album is choc full of poor lyrics (at times verging on what we would later call Trumpisms) where Bruce describes what he thinks is the typical mindset of early 20th century Everyman as he gets screwed over by The Man. Yawn . EasyMoney, Jack of All Trades, Shackled and Drawn and Death to My Hometown are particulary dire. Does Bruce really think this how ordinary people reacted to the crash of 2007/08? I'm not so sure. The music is pretty much generic alt.Americana. There's barely a tune you think you haven't heard before. We Take Care of Are Own has echoes of 90's Britpop songs by The Lightning Seeds and Pulp And how can a road of good intentions by as dry as a bone? Rubbish Prior to release we were told that WB was Bruce's reaction to the 2007/8 crash. He was angy. In fact he was hoppin'. bloomin' of his trolley mad with rage. The album however came across as a deliberate attempt to revive his American Blue Collar Icon status at a time of national crisis. Didn't work. It seemed to me at the time that a lot people really liked this album because Bruce was back to singing about blue collar type guys losing their jobs etc but somehow lost sight of the fact the most of the content was at best average. WOAD was objectively superior on just about every level. Remamber that hilarious calvary/cavalry debate on this board? Pages and pages of people showing off their in depth theological knowledge, crediting Bruce with the same when it was pretty obvious from the context of the line he was singing 'Cavalry'.
  13. LOL. I'm Liverpool born and bred but a non football fan. Can't miss the headlines, though. Hilarious. That Everton result a short while back had me laughing out loud. Makes me wonder again, though - why do people get so drawn to this stuff? It's like one year the team does well and the fans are over the moon - not walking alone across the Mersey and that kind of stuff - next year they do crap and the fans are utterly dejected - but still not walking alone across the Mersey etc - and yet ultimately the fans have zero control over the outcome whatever it is. A high followed by an a complete downer. But the highs happen about once every 30 years - or never. It's a pointless addiction to a form masochism - pure and simple.
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