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  1. Must admit I've always been a bit underwhelmed by Bond movies. What's the big deal? At the end of the day it's just branding - call it a Bond movie and people will turn out in droves just as they do for Star Wars, Aliens etc. I liked that Adele song one of them used as a theme. I'll rent it when it's streaming and see if I can stay awake for this one.
  2. I notice Amazon uk are currently selling this at around £98 - £30 off the original price. I may buy it when (if) the price drops lower. It's been pointed out elsewhere the running times of the 5 discs average at less than an hour. So at full price it's a bit steep unless you really have to have the book. Not as good value for money as other releases in the series. Thay are also flogging Trouble No More for around the same price - that has 9 discs including a DVD.
  3. I was stuck for something to watch the other night so i took a dive into this as I know it's kind of popular. I see it's already been discussed. Three episodes in and I was thinking oh my what have I been missing out on all these years? I'll tell you what I've been missing: the opportunity to smugly carp on about what utter pile of doggy mess this series is. Typical BBC poor writing, OTT melodrama, historical innaccuracies - at one point a dying IRA man shouts his support for the Irish Free State - which didn't exist in 1919 and the IRA were opposed to it. Maybe he meant an Irish free state without capitals but it was clumsy writing nonetheless. I understand it gets worse and even more ridiculous with each series with this bunch of insignificant low lifers somehow finding themselves entwined in every key British historical event between the wars. It's set in Birmingham but a lot of was filmed in the 'historic' bits of Liverpool so I enjoyed spotting bits of my old hometown. But otherwise jeez what utter tosh. WAKE UP BRITAIN!
  4. Been listening to the 2cd set on Amazon. After really looking forward to this I'm a bit bit underwhelmed. Glad I didn't pre order the 5 cd set. Disc 1 is a set of rehearsals including a lot of cover versions Totally superfluous I think. The Infidels stuff doesn't really rise above what we already have on the original album and bootleg series releases. Might shell out on the digital version at some point. It's ony 17.99 on Amazon - but sadly missing New Danville Girl.
  5. Thank you. She caught Covid around February and never really fully recovered. Still can't believe it. Makes me wonder if the way the stats are presented in the UK really counts the full impact.
  6. That album kind of just came and went for me. It's ok but I prefer Western Stars. I really like 'If I was the Priest' and Burnin' Train'. 'I'll See You in My Dreams' was played at my sister's funeral a few weeks back. The 'Dylanesque' 'Jeannie' and 'Orphans' are quite boring and not a patch on the real thing. Bruce simply lacks Dylan's ability and skills with language and wordplay to sustain interest beyond three verses. The core of the album - the songs about growing up, being in a band etc - kind of just a bit ordinary for my taste. The bit where he repeats House of a Thousand Guitars over and over really grates on my nerves. Rainmaker lacks a decent, original tune. Sounds like something we've already heard before. I still follow Bruce because of the impact of his core iconic era up to and including BUSA plus the amazing live shows up the last time I saw him (2012). This is ultimately just a form of brand loyalty but at the end of the day there's other artists I follow who quite frankly wipe the floor with Springsteen the lyricist and Springsteen the musician - though not necessarily the live performer which is where his real legacy lies.
  7. I don't rate it that highly either. Some great songs but it's overlong and bloated. It's a bit of a phoney album. It was sold to us as Bruce's reaction to 9/11. In reality a lot of the songs were written before. Like the later Wrecking Ball it's Bruce hurrying to make a big statement on a current issue and the obviously 9/11 themed songs sound rushed, clumsy and quite frankly awful (Into the Fire is esp. poor). I was on this board at the time and opinions were quite mixed. A lot of people didn't like it then with the production in particular getting a bit of stick.
  8. You didn't mention the subject of your course. Are doing a degree in literature, music, cultural studies, American studies?
  9. I love their Archive live releases and my favourites by far are the shows from 1990 on.
  10. I'm blown away by that album full stop. Was sorely underrated when it came out - particularly by the trendy NME style journalism we had in the Uk at that time. Don't know what the hell it's about but Jokerman is a brilliant.
  11. Probably the 2nd of these releases where I'll go for the deluxe set. The other was Trouble No More. This will be released just in time for the next lockdown. What else is there to spend your money on these days?
  12. Demos

    Euro 2020

    Something seemed to happen in this country - I think it was around 5 years and three weeks ago - when a certain obnoxious sector of British society felt they were given a green light to be even more openly offensive on certain issues.
  13. Demos

    Euro 2020

    Yep. And I've said similar before - there is no inherent reason why the game of football should itself have negative tags attached to it - but the bottom line is that it attracts a very particular crowd of individuals who see it as part of their chauvinistic, xenophobic, macho identity. It's not the majority of fans but throughout my life it's enough of them to certainly put me off. Just not interested. Don't follow football too closely but know enough to expect Italy to obliterate England on Sunday night. I hope each side gets what they deserve. I love Italian food. Had a great 10k run in the local woods last night. I was the only one there. Heaven.
  14. That was very eloquently put by Bruce but the song itself taken on its own terms doesn't do that. You'd never know that was the purpose of the song without Bruce telling us. It merely summarises the plot of a Terence Mallick movie with a generic tune sung over a really quite unremarkable piece of music. I would still cite the writing on Tom Waits' Blue Valentine album (e.g. Romeo is Bledding) as describing vastly superior character portrayals of 'American Isolation' without the writer having to tell us in a later interview what the song is actually supposed to be about.
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