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  1. LOL. I'm Liverpool born and bred but a non football fan. Can't miss the headlines, though. Hilarious. That Everton result a short while back had me laughing out loud. Makes me wonder again, though - why do people get so drawn to this stuff? It's like one year the team does well and the fans are over the moon - not walking alone across the Mersey and that kind of stuff - next year they do crap and the fans are utterly dejected - but still not walking alone across the Mersey etc - and yet ultimately the fans have zero control over the outcome whatever it is. A high followed by an a complete d
  2. If the last year has taught me something I don't miss spending hundreds of £'s on a combination of concert tickets, transport, hotels etc to witness gigs in football stadiums or arenas. It's just not a particularly enjoyable experience - thinking back to the '80's I wonder it it ever truly was? I wonder how the experience of this pandemic will result in a shift in priorities for a lot of people?
  3. Someone may already have made this point but this story is a classic example of not jumping to conclusions too quickly on the basis of a single headline. When the news broke my original thought was along the lines of sad old man potentially with a drink problem in his car drowning his sorrows on his own in the park. Bit like a character in one of his songs. Truth of course was much different but potentially reveals the rather bizarre attitude America still has towards alcohol some 80 odd years after prohibition was ended. What the hell is wrong with having a drink in the park?
  4. If I was answering this question 30 years ago the answer would be very different to now. Same as if I was answering 20 years ago. Do people here generally retain the same favourite music throughout their lives or switch as time goes by? One thing for certain - I tend to drop into this board out of long ingrained habit but Springsteen ceased to be my 'favourite' quite some time ago - e.g I can't abide acoustic Bruce (or acoustic music in general) and none of his post Magic studio albums totally hit the mark for me except roughly half of Western Stars.
  5. I loved his portrayal of the Duke of Wellington in Waterloo. One of my favourite films of all time
  6. Whatever. I just meant that mixing popular culture with government / state events always looks a bit naff to me. Same as when people have their favourite song played at their funeral. Distracts from the gravity of the event. It's just..well..naff.
  7. I liked the Ga Ga version of the National Anthem. Can't be bothered with the full show. I imagine a lot of songs with their original meanings forgotten shoehorned into an event they really bear little relevance to and the whole thing turning into a shallow celebration of celebrity culture. I prefer the way we do it in the UK.
  8. I just watched the BBC streaming series on the Rise of the Nazis. Followed up with a BBC documentary on the fall of Berlin in 1945. Fascinating and scary. Demonstrates the tragic consequences when people unleash populist forces they ultimately can't control and what happens when too many people are all too willing to believe their percieved problems and misfortunes are due to the 'other'. I'd advise Americans to watch these documentaries if they are able to access the BBC.
  9. Never watched an episode of this. The British Monarch has a defined constitional role but in the modern age the rest of them retire from any real jobs (usually military service) relatively young and appear to struggle throughout the rest of their lives to have any real point beyond a form of glorified celebrity status. As such they're not the most exciting subject for a drama series which can in any case only be based on supposition at best and at worst blatant fake history. It's one thing Mel Gibson doing this with Anglophobic trash like Braveheart and The Patriot but doing it to people who
  10. Just more proof the man's an idiot. His last gig in Sheffield was notorious for his famous rudeness. Anyway, personally I'd be surprised if live gigs took off again until at least till late summer.
  11. Boring. This is just a variation of the kind of interviews I've seen or heard Springsteen giving since 1978. Sure the topics can change - this time around it's the band - but it's pretty much a fixed set on repeat - growing up, Band, Mom, Dad, Vietnam etc ; growing up, Band, Mom, Dad, Vietnam etc; growing up, Band, Mom, Dad, Vietnam etc. My toes curled at that bit from the documentary. As a buttoned up Brit that kind of talks frightens me. Pretty sure he gave much the same interview to Stephen Colbert a few weeks back - though in that interview I did enjoy hearing his choice of fa
  12. An orchestral version of the Nebraska album might liven that dud of a recording up a bit although the full band live versions work fine for me. Othwerwise, no. It would be a pointless embellishment.
  13. I took Jertucky's response to mean that if he goes into more detail it's crossing a line re. board policy on political discussions and the thread will probably be pulled.
  14. Absolutely. British politics has shown it's perfectly possible to repeatedly screw people over and con them while retaining impeccable charm, manners and politeness.
  15. From this side of the pond it looked like the other fellow wasn't particularly up to the job either. He's treated the office like a reality show these past 4 years and primarily a means of winding up people he doesn't like or don't like him.
  16. Odd system you have over there. In the UK we wouldn't know how many actual votes have been cast and counted until they've all actually been counted. Yet in the US you have this running tally of the count.
  17. ...until I get total confirmation that 'Mongrel Trees' is not a politically incorrect term.
  18. Sometimes I wonder if we may be moving into an age where as established artists die out music isn't really a viable career move for all but a few so people just 'go local' and make their own more as a hobby. It takes hours to create a decent recording and prior that it takes years of effort to learn how to play and arrange. More effort than a lot of us apply in our daily jobs these days (I'm talking about the spreadsheet generation) Why bother if somone can just nick your creations for free and try to justify it with some half assed rationalisation like 'no one owns music'
  19. I bought Western Stars the day of release and then as often happens with new music I didn't listen to it for weeks and then not much at all till a few weeks ago (discovered it's actually quite good). I think I can wait till Friday to put this album on my shelf. Just realised I still haven't listen to that Nick Cave album I bought that came out last year.
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