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  1. ...until I get total confirmation that 'Mongrel Trees' is not a politically incorrect term.
  2. Sometimes I wonder if we may be moving into an age where as established artists die out music isn't really a viable career move for all but a few so people just 'go local' and make their own more as a hobby. It takes hours to create a decent recording and prior that it takes years of effort to learn how to play and arrange. More effort than a lot of us apply in our daily jobs these days (I'm talking about the spreadsheet generation) Why bother if somone can just nick your creations for free and try to justify it with some half assed rationalisation like 'no one owns music'
  3. I bought Western Stars the day of release and then as often happens with new music I didn't listen to it for weeks and then not much at all till a few weeks ago (discovered it's actually quite good). I think I can wait till Friday to put this album on my shelf. Just realised I still haven't listen to that Nick Cave album I bought that came out last year.
  4. I thought Chasing Wild Horses was a sequel to Pony Boy
  5. That bloke on Pointless who sits at the desk is actually the brother of the bassist from Suede and is even taller even than me. I love his rants against moronic idiots who walk up to tall people and say things like 'Ooh! You're tall, aren't you?'or 'What's it like being tall?' or 'Is it true tall people like you die young?' or comment about you in public and think you can't hear them. A true Man of the (Tall) People.
  6. Astral Weeks is an album of largely overlong three chord vamps with 'the man' warbling aimlessly over them the way he does. It sounds like it was made in 48 hours. Sorry, I just never got the appeal of the blandness of Val Doonican - sorry, Van Morrison.
  7. Why are you constantly trying to goad people into political discussion when it's clearly not allowed?
  8. Yeah, but in 1965 rock was still young and Highway 61 comprises for the most of a fairly generic set of blues tunes normally sung over repeating chord sequences. Tombstone Blues has just 2 chords repeated over and over. It was fresh and original then but 55 years later rock audiences have high expectations.
  9. I'm a bit underwhelmed too - so far. But the signs were already there in some his comments. It's simply not possible to create new, original and melodically interesting music at the kitchen table on an acoustic guitar and then invite your old pals around for a few days to do full band versions in the home studio. The risk is you end up at best with a rush job which is competent but generic sounding. Truly great music like all great art takes time to craft.
  10. As much as I like that solo and admire Prince as a guitar player the thing that really makes that performance work is the perfect descending A minor chord sequence that sits under it. I guess I'm saying that George Harrison wrote a beauty of a piece of music just ideal for for a bit of A minor pentatonic soloing - the first minor pentatonic scale most of us learn and that Prince's performance here - though good - is not that special from a guitarist's perspective. The song - in this case - makes the solo work.
  11. Amazing to think it was derided and laughed at on release particularly in sections of the UK press who saw Springsteeen as a phoney, overhyped record company creation. A desperate attempt at a 'new Dylan'. This view was partly confirmed by that none too special, nervous first Hammersmith gig - it sounds great but it's hardly a classic performance (Springsteen himself said so) . I was going to a lot of gigs at the time and to be honest on film at least it looked about on par with a Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel gig . I still don't like She's the One.
  12. I was at the Sheffield gig shortly after and quite frankly it was brilliant. The equal of any post reunion ESB show I've witnessed
  13. Good album - kind of sags in the middle for me - loses momentum with that pointless nashville song and the other slow ones with the titles I can't remember. Whole thing was outclassed by Arthur's last ride and accompanying song in Red Dead Redemption 2. One of the best Springsteen songs he never wrote
  14. Electric live - which how I feel about all the Nebraska songs. Not enough light and shade in the original versions which let's be honest are a set of demo recordings and for me often cross the line into plain old boring - like most acoustic music
  15. Played it a few times and although I can see the merits of this record I do wish it was performed with a bit more energy. It quickly outstays its welcome and is indeed 'dull'.
  16. Fact: Even in it's heyday this programme was rarely funny. Typical of most so called political satire on British TV it fell well short of making a serious political point and was really focused on piss taking for the sake of piss taking and exaggerating the physical characteristics of famous people. Was total rubbish then and so will be again.
  17. A native of Liverpool, I was still living there at at the time. Soon after the event I did overhear a scally conversation on a bus journey along the lines of 'if the cowards stood and fought instead of running away it wouldn't have been as bad'. This actually happened. Was it a typical sentiment? I don't know, but there was an attempt locally to suggest it was down "Cockney Infiltrators" who always turned up at international matches to slug it out with the foreigners. I wasn't convinced. Personally, I was always put off by the macho culture, aggressiveness and just plain nastiness that seem
  18. I still worked in London then and I remember getting up super early to join the queue for tickets one Friday morning. It was a farce. The Earls Court computer system had some issues and the queue moved so slowly that by approaching noon I gave up, went to my office and bought tickets over the phone. Ridiculous I seemed to be in the queue near a lot of young kids you were working for ticket touts and being given huge wads of cash to buy as many tickets as they could. I thought the Youngtown-Murder Inc-Badlands-Out in the Street segment of those shows was sublime. As was the show clos
  19. True. All of the 'great' talents in rock /popular music walk a very thin line that easily crosses into the preposterous zone. It's the nature of the beast. Ah, the great evenings I've had alone with a bottle of wine watching U2 live DVDs. Take Popmart live from Mexico City - pompous OTT ego driven spectacle but at the same time utterly brilliant. The haters just need to chill, relax and go with flow.
  20. Bono / U2 are one of those mega rock acts all too easy to dismiss until you delve back into their work or see some of their live shows and you understand why they are where they are. One of the greatest rock acts of all time. No question.
  21. Quickly off the top of my head.... Strangers When we Meet Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (reprse) Five Years Bewlay Brothers Stay Can You Hear Me Width of a Circle Panic in Detroit Drive in Saturday Modern Love ....and potentially many others that haven't come to mind
  22. I always loved this song. It has cheesy lyrics yes but in tone and performance it perfectly captures the essence of what Springsteen at his very best was about - and if I try to explain what I mean by that I'll start sounding cheesy, so I won't. Loved this version and I always preferred this song (actually written well before 9/11) to some of the more 'serious' songs on the Rising where forced sentimentality and cliche take precedent over quality.
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