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  1. Thanks for that. I understand it's a 75 minute cut but the full show will get a release soon.
  2. Last U2 gig I attended was in Manchester October 2018. Great show for the most part but Bono banged on about Brexit just a teeny bit too much - even Remainers like myself were groaning with the tedium - and meanwhile I was stood near to a group of dickheads who talked as loudly as they could about frickin' football most of the night whilst paying zero attention to what was being said or performed on the stage. I'm probably in agreement with most of Bono's politics but I think he overestimates the extent to which huge parts of U2's audience are even remotely interested. Just play the damn songs and let them speak for themselves.
  3. Springsteen does tend to portray characters - and in particular working class characters - as experiencing life as bit of a dead end. It's there also in the 'bills and kids' line in Moonlight Motel. Is this a reflection of how he sees life or how he thinks 'ordinary' people see life? Sometimes it can come across as a bit patronising to be honest. It was there in songs in his early career and although I can understand that viewpoint coming from a much younger person yet to find their way in life it's a bit unbecoming of older people. Something to snap out of or risk being a bit of a bore. In real life I'd cross the road to avoid people who talk like the miserable characters in a lot of Springsteen songs. Are we really interested in listening to songs about people who no longer think life has anything to offer? It's one of the reasons I've been unable to accept the WS is a masterpiece point of view. Maybe he should join his local Park Run and get back to doing what he was born to do. There's a new challenge.
  4. This film is getting some incredible reviews. I like a good historical movie. Will go to see it but I get annoyed with scenes like the bit towards the end of the trailer where someone is depicted running across a field with high explosive going off all around him and doesn't even get hit by a lump of earth let alone a piece of shrapnel.
  5. Lost interest in this guy probably around 1990. I doubt I ever really genuinely liked his stuff but rather went along with the hype that he was a great songwriter. Horrible voice singing those awfully smug, cynical and condescending lyrics where he always comes across like he's the cleverest and smartest guy in the room. Yuk!
  6. I've watched / listened to this over and over. This is an amazing song. Like Dylan, Cohen had a rare gift for writing entertaining and captivating verse regardless of whether you want to decipher the meaning in depth or simply float along with it.
  7. Not watched this season much yet. I used to like it when Darcy Bussell was on the panel because quite frankly I fancied her. Total class. That new judge is too loud. A little bit goes a long way. There's still that tall blonde Ukrainian, though. The Argentine tango is always the season highlght.
  8. I used to watch Graham Norton back in the days he was on C4 most week nights. I used to think his opening monologue section was generally funny but the show kind of sunk once the guests came on. Just watch last night's episode and I see little has changed. Last night's interviews were all fairly meh. Springsteen's included. Can Robert De Niro smile? Chat shows based on celebrities are generally boring. Most of these people aren't that interesting outside of their day jobs. Best by far these days is the great Bill Maher over in the USA but his show is firmly based on current politics so you get conversation with a bit more meat on it. 'Interstitial' must be a new buzz word. Muse used it to describe the short instrumentals between songs on their last tour. I had to look it up then.
  9. Joe Satriani is a genius and has made probably the best guitar based rock music of the last 27 years. The Pet Shop Boys rock. Muse are the greatest British band of the last 20 years. Shostakovich's 8th is his best Van Morrison is pantsy grandad music.
  10. LOL. If only he could have a conversation or two with some of the ex miners I met when I worked in a former South Yorkshire mining town . He might well conclude he wasted his money spreading all that brotherly love. Certainly opened my eyes (sorry can't go into too much detail - relates to current UK politics etc)
  11. Not seen this film yet. I've seen the trailer. The way they talk about Springsteen. They say exactly the same kind of things I would have said back in the '80's Embarrassing. Really doesn't strike me as a subject that could sustain a movie over a couple of hours. Bet it's not as good as Saturday Night Fever. Anyway, there's a particular genre of British and Irish films that I really don't get at all. Y'now the kind of movies with a very strong contemporary regional setting - I'm thinking of films like the Full Monty (Sheffield), Letter to Breznev (Liverpool), Angels Share (Glasgow), The Commitments (Dublin) - I hate the way these films pander to local stereotypes -y'know like repeating the same old tropes that all northerners are inarticulate but down to earth, funny folk, all Scots and Irish are plain talking rough diamonds, all cockneys are sly lumpenproletariat types and are not be trusted (might be some truth in that last one) etc etc Awful films. One exception I thought was Bend it it Like Beckham. Wasn't a great movie and I'm not particularly interested in Football but it did a good job of genuinely acknowledging a multi cultural urban Britain much like the one I know and without falling back on regional stereotypes. I understand Blinded was made by the same guy who made 'Bend It' so I may check it out - but only when it becomes a 'free' watch via Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  12. He's not been a Laker for it seems many, many years now. I remember he put his comments on here re.High Hopes but nothing since. I thought he was a Tranmere Rovers fan .
  13. I like it.I like the other two we've heard more. Probably a bit of a grower. I don't get this distinction between a 'solo' album and an E Street album. Absolutely no reason as far as I can tell why the E Street band couldn't play this with orchestration added.
  14. I guess it's saying that we live in a culture that wastes so much time distracted by trivia (in this pre internet case worrying about what's on TV) when there's a world out there where some pretty serious messed up stuff is happening which we continue to ignore at our collective peril. Kind of like fiddling while Rome burns or 'Winter is Coming' etc. I remember it being a highlght of the 92 - 93 shows I saw.
  15. I have suspected in the past that Springsteen songs can attract ire even from long standing fans more for their tone and subject matter as much as for the objective quality of the writing and the music. So for example Queen of the Supermarket and its clever comic-tragic observations of everyday life gets dissed by people who'll also slavishly drool over over the poorly written tosh that made up most of Wrecking Ball. Cos proper Bruce songs should be about angry, unemployed dudes who worked down the car plant or steel plant and fought in 'Nam (or had a friend who did) etc etc. So based on the two songs we've heard thus far I'm guessing this album is going to get a lot of flak. Personally I like both songs equally. They sound lightweght but tinged with regret, sadness and even bitterness. Music reminds me of Scott Walker and some Bowie as much as it does Glen Cambell et al. Hope the quality is consistent across the album.
  16. Welby / MM was hilarious. Genuinely funny. He once did a totally irreverent Tiananmen Square post that had me in stitches. I think it involved this picture. The outrage it stirred in the humourless PC mob still makres me smile.
  17. Kind of song it's easy to dismiss at first listen. Then one day it just happens to be playing in the supermarket. It suddenly stirs memories of...things and moments lost...things that could have been..things never spoken...you get a lump in your throat and suddenly distracted you choose the unpitted olives in error. Bruce is the only artist who can have this effect.
  18. This version isn't so much bad as it looks like a rehearsal for a demo of a song still in development. Every song ever written will go through this stage. Pretty much unlistenable unless you want some insight into the process of writing a song.
  19. Despite flying dragons, zombie armies and other elements of fantasy / magic it's fundamentally a drama about people, family, politics and war - something it shares with the best sci fi. It's basically a pseudo medieval drama inspired by stuff that actually happened (e.g. the Wars of the Roses) set within a geography we would all recognise. This video on youtube draws the parallels between GoT and 'real' history.
  20. Back in 2009 not long after the Adams' last toured with the Cardinals his Bass player Chris Feinstein was reported dead at just 42. Apparently a tragic accident involving medication he was on that time. You would have expected but actually searched in vain for any comment from Adams about the premature passing of a former colleague. When Adams made his comeback with Ashes and Fire he made some negative comments about the Cardinals - how he no longer worked with them as they weren't very nice to him. But still no comment at all or regrets about Feinstein's early death. I guess this the point I decided the guy was most certainly a self obsesssed, selfish Grade A shit. I don't expect artists to be perfect people but the problem with Adams is he crossed too many lines for me to take his work seriously. A lot of it is just songs of self pity anyway. As you'd expect .Agree his career may well be over as a result of the current allegations.
  21. That too. I guess I was thinking along the lines that not covering his tracks just highlighted his arrogance and contempt for his victim.
  22. Will he still be making records in prison? I mean exposing yourself to a minor is pretty serious stuff. In my experience women very rarely lie about this kind of thing. And there's too many people telling similar stories. Including his ex wife. You gotta roll you eyes with disbelief at people still getting caught out by leaving a digital trail of this kind of stuff.
  23. A lot of Adams' songs appear to present himself as the romantic, sensitive poetic type but he's struck me as totally self entitled. arrogant, spoilt knobhead after witnessing one of his on stage tantrums in Manchester back in 2007. So I'm not really surprised by these allegations He got promoted quite a bit by the UK press back in his early post Whiskeytown days. For me he peaked around Cold Roses but most of his stuff is really a below par blandfest - like most alt.country / Americana or whatever we call it these days
  24. I'm just at the last 20 pages or so of Bernal Diaz del Castillo's Conquest of New Spain. The memoir of an actual conquistador who accompanied Cortes and his allies in the destruction of Mexica (Aztec as we now call it) civilisation. I guess we all know this remarkable event happened but once you read into the detail it becomes all the more fascinating. What leaps out at me is that Diaz never once seemed to question what he and his fellow conquistadors did. They were Christian soldiers fully entitled by God to plunder, kill and destroy and convert all to their religion. This year is the 500th anniversary of the start of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.
  25. A lot of the criticism I recall is from people taking the lyric too literally. He's sending up old folk tunes - like the one about Davy Crockett killing grizzly bears with his bare hands. I've found it ironic that people who will praise Springsteen as a writer turn against him when he actually produces evidence that he can use stylistic devices like irony and satire .
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