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  1. I've never been that keen on the Nebraska album. It's as boring as most solo acoustic music is. The full band live versions of these songs are infinitely superior.
  2. I like it - as mentioned above - but it does sound to me like an early draft of the ideas that would develop into Darkness. It even shares a line with Badlands. Not so much a failure as a stage in a creative process
  3. I think if making music is someone's daily bread and butter then not remembering every last thing written and recorded might not be that unusual. It was probably just another day in work for Springsteen. Who remembers every single day at work? I dabble in music myself and have on more than one occasion have come across stuff on my digital recorder that I'd simply forgotten about, or left unfinished.
  4. I first heard it around '85 when it appeared on the 'Son /you May Kiss the Bride' bootleg. Always loved it. Prefer it to some of the other more popular Darkness outtakes such as the Promise
  5. Same thing happened to me but for a seated ticket. I eventually got back into the system and eventually landed a better seat in the same block. There were still some seats left this morning but I admit they are a bit pricey. I've never seen them in an indoor arena before so I've splashed out a bit on this ticket. plus I don't go to many gigs these days so why not?
  6. It was rushed to the point of being ridiculous. This article from the Guardian highlighted the flaws perfectly. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2017/aug/21/game-of-thrones-the-best-show-on-tv-just-became-the-silliest
  7. Just been announced season 8 won't drop till 2019. After the serious dip in quality for the rushed season 7 are we all that bothered? Looking forward to HBO giving us the rumoured Spielberg produced epic of Napoleon's life based on Stanley Kubrick's script - said to be the most epic film never made. Also hoping Netflix make a great job of The Witcher. But GoT has lost a lot of its fantasy world making interest and charm as it works through an increasingly predictable and daft plot.
  8. Listened to it a few more times since making my post above. Yep, it's great album but a bit of slow burner. Needs to be played loud.
  9. I'm finding it gets better with each listen. Sounds boring initially but suddenly you find the tunes start sticking in your head. My main criticism is that there is too little musical content. The trademark sound is virtually absent to the point it sounds like a Bono solo album.
  10. The new western series on Netflix - Godless. I'm three episodes in and it's good. Very good.
  11. 2nd series was boring pants for the most part. Some of the acting was pretty bad. Especially that episode where El went punk. Could have been about 4 episodes shorter
  12. If you order the album from the U2 website you get a download of three songs from the new album. More of the same really. More songs about being a famous, rich midget. Again, too much focus on lyrics hardly any focus on the band. Sometimes they sound like an ageing boy band. After the extended wait not expecting great things from this album.
  13. I don't think it's Bruce who thinks he brought the Berlin Wall down. It's generally pompous music journos who are notorious for having a generally over inflated assessment of the importance and impact of rock music on post WW2 society.
  14. Demos

    Andy Murray

    I turned BBC1 on last night to watch the news but the tennis was on. I don't follow any sport but I found the that women's game quite compulsive viewing. I didn't know their names except neither of them was of Andy Murray but I was disappointed when I realised the cutest one in the shorts wasn't the British player.
  15. An ironic comment from a guy who thinks country style twang is the pinnacle of musical accomplishment.
  16. Never quite got the fuss about Bullet the Blue Sky. A one chord drone with over cooked lyrics. What was side two of the original release has a couple of boring clunkers. Much prefer Achtung Baby.
  17. They told us the Songs of Experience album would be out this year. They also told us the songs were written a while ago alongside the Songs of Innocence material. Why has it taken so long? I hope it is a great album but I'm a but suspicious that a set of supposedly great songs needed so much additional tinkering before release. We'll see.
  18. Early reviews suggest the first disc is good but the second is just a lot of predictable 'tallica style riffing. Perhaps a single album might have been better. I loved Death Magnetic but somehow I don't think this will as anywhere near as good. However, these early reviews will mostly be by the more fanatical metal fans who are a bit too purist at times and notoriously difficult to please when it comes to latter day Metallica. So I'll keep an open mind,
  19. I've been re-watching GOT currently up to the end of series 4. When you watch it all the way through some stuff sticks out: - Increasingly poorly directed and rushed scenes (e.g. when Samwell Tarly met Bran Stark on the road to Castle Black) - Some lazy writing. e.g. Ygritte appears to ignorant of anything south of the wall but at some point makes a reference to fine ladies in silk. How could she imagine what she has no knowledge of? - a sagging story line that doesn't seem to going anywhere in a hurry. I understand the same happens in the books - a lot less Tyrion style humour than in series 1. Much missed. - Very poor representations of medieval warfare. Yes, I know it's not supposed to be accurate history but the reference points are obvious and could be done better. The battle of Castle Black was particularly badly done. The courtyard fight was just a messy melee with people hitting each other's swords. A medieval army would have held a line and worked as a team otherwise it would perish. Especially with those odds. This event even included the now standard CGI cliche of a supposed massive army emerging from a treeline but it's really just a cut and paste job of twenty or so guys and a few horses. Same effect was used in the recent BBC War and Peace and Da Vinci's Demons to name but two. Stannis' timely arrival at Castle Black was also too obviously a cut and paste. Looked like a film of gameplay from a Total War game. On to series 5 next week but I have to admit to getting a bit bored at times. All in all I probably rate History Channel's Vikings higher.It just isn't getting the same level of hype. Also like to put in a word for recent brilliant Starz series Spartacus and Black Sails.
  20. Inspired partly by the recent BBC dramatization of War and Peace I just finished re-reading Adam Zamoyski's 1812: Napoleon's Fatal March on Moscow. Originally published in 2005 this is no dry academic or trainspotter military history. Following a few chapters about the diplomatic background Zamoyski goes on to describe in harrowing details how tens of thousands - maybe millions - of people (soldiers and civilians) perished in what we would today describe as a massive 'humanitarian disaster' . This huge and unprecedented event wasn't really that long ago in terms of human history yet I don't know if the full story is that well known beyond the brief outline of what happened (or through Tolstoy's dubious account). A warning from history of how one man's hubris and ambition can result in mass murder and savagery and get you killed. Highly recommended.
  21. I found the killing off of the Hilary Swank character a bit disappointing and confusing. You gave it away damn it. I found it disappointing only in as much as she wasn't in it anymore, but I got her death. It surprised me when it happened, but I think it served to highlight that her own psyche was damaged even more than the other women. That she knew she would never have even the slim chances that they had had. Have you guys seen That movie about Jesus-he dies at the end then comes back. I don't care about spoilers. I don't watch films for the 'story' anyway. I watch for stuff like good writing, performance, film technique, spectacle, atmosphere and so forth. Plot is only part of what makes a great film 'great'.
  22. I found the killing off of the Hilary Swank character a bit disappointing and confusing.
  23. Folks gotta move on but I would of thought that at the very least Welby would be noted on the Last Carnival page. http://www.greasylake.org/last_carnival.htm At the moment he isn't.
  24. I'm just watching season 5 now on Amazon. I'm up to episode eight which was great but for the first time I kind of felt a GoT series sagging a little bit - esp around episodes 4 - 6. I found the Sand Snakes plot a bit thin not helped by some poor acting and script. Those ladies simply didn't do evil very well. The dungeon scene was a bit pointless, I understand things really pick up in episodes 9 and 10.
  25. I listened to Drones today too. I actually cancelled my order of the CD from Amazon some weeks ago. Trying to save money. But earlier this week I got an e mail telling me that as part of my pre order deal the download version was ready. And so it was. Obviously a glitch in their system. It's not the first time Amazon have given me stuff for free - like giving me the download for extended deluxe copies of things when I only ordered the single disc version. I also listened to Tom Waits Blue Valentine and Anno Domini by the Polish prog-metal band, Riverside.
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