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  1. ok http://brucebase.wikidot.com/gig:1981-05-14-apollo-theatre-manchester-england
  2. but: :):) 29 songs and.... ??? http://www.shewan.co.uk/bruce-springsteen-manchester-apollo-13th-may-1981/
  3. Hi everyone an unusual request ... but do you know of a concert in which Bruce was not in vocal form? where his voice didn't shine at all? is there a concert like that? in the 70s or 80s ???
  4. Fantastic version.....Bruce when this concert on bluray???? looool ahahaha
  5. IMHO I can say that the blu ray of No Nukes 1979 is gorgeous and I have been waiting for this for about 30 years but ... they could have done everything better 1) both evenings in two blu ray 2) Quarter to three could have avoided showing Clarence and Danny instead of Bruce in the finale .... I love Clarence and Danny with all my love but in that part of the song it's only Bruce that had to be seen. 3) lack of bonuses in CDs is really unspeakable what did it cost him to insert at least the songs of the dvd anthology ???
  6. BONUS with Thunder road and THE RIVER ????? nooo eh... it's incredible....
  7. The QT3 VHS old version is better than this..... bad cut in this song...
  8. In my opinion there are some things that made me feel bad like: they could insert in Bluray version The river and Thunder of the original old DVD ... they could not cut in Quarter to three where he accompanies Lynn Goldsmith off the stage and they could avoid putting the credits in Rave on together with the video !!!
  9. hey friends...there is an other boot from: Bruce Springsteen 1981-03-05 Indianapolis (JEMS Archives)
  10. BORN TO RUN ...was released in 1965 and what if Springsteen's career had been brought forward by a decade? Would the E Street Band be more famous than the Rolling Stones ???? I think yes !!!!!! the darkness tour in the 1968 :):) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band just like Beatles and Rolling Stones???? or no???
  11. please request : 1985-08-05 - RFK Stadium, Washington, DC (JEMS) FLAC Artwork & Info included
  12. MichaelU1230 please check FADE AWAY track 208 is cut I have the MP3 it's complete.... ok why??
  13. in saint lous 1981 there is a FANTASTIC version of FADE AWAY
  14. Please can you reupload springsteen headin' south saint louis 1981 thanks
  15. Hey friends there is a full concert with sound good for LOS ANGELES october 31 1980 !!! THANKS
  16. Please re upload Verona 1993 Bentegodi (audience version....) just like in stadium thanks friends
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