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  1. Here it is 1999-08-31 Washington, DC (Reunion Flood)!dZJxjKga!I1NKtnQzLJScwHwhpxCaLQ
  2. Unfortunately, you can't have everything in life
  3. There is no circulating audio of this show!
  4. Here we go Flac with Info and/or Artwork 2003-07-24 East Rutherford, NJ (IEM-AUD Matrix) the intro on this version is removed due to Dime policies!!!lM5hxaSI!IgFAeiB8UWRcX5M-VQhxeA 2004-10-13 East Rutherford, NJ - Meadowlands Night Vote for Change (Crystal Cat Records)!YQpmSKTI!Lvdy6Rjt8cRImH7y4kHsoA
  5. I have them in Mega and will post them! @fadeaway Here they are: 1974-03-09 Houston, TX - The Lost Radio Show (Kiss The Stone - Silver)!AZRVACCI!wAoiEryEOrQg02VJq6Seow 1974-03-09+10 Houston, TX - Greetings From Liberty Hall (Wonderland Records - Silver)!tcQBXaoA!iFocK-06VvM63Y9ySzrusA 1974-04-09 Radio Station WBCN-FM, Boston, MA - Radio Waves (Great Dane Records - Silver)!0BAjRaII!ZROyqgZAJffp5dn3SW12Wg
  6. That's very cool you can listen to E Street Radio, it's a shame we can't in Europe. The one on this compilation is the studio alternate version and is released on the Blood Brothers EP I thought
  7. Super, thank you Cowboy, it's exactly the one I needed and yours is perfect!! I already have the Hobbes version I hope someone else have 1984-07-05 in Flac A nice day to you too
  8. I'm looking for in FLAC only: 1984-07-05 Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH (Ivan) 1984-07-06 Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH (IvanF Transfer) Mine are corrupt and they're doing nothing on JL anymore Thanks in advance!
  9. Badlands is not so much available at the moment. So here it is: 2000-05-27 Las Vegas, NV - Soundcheck IEM (Benchboy-Mark Persic Transfer)!JUBlRYxC!l9EFSOF4n3ZS9Pev0QUfsQ
  10. Here are the E Street Rarities in mp3 Sirius Rarities - Rare and Unusual Tracks Aired By E Street Radio 2005-2006 (Sirius Radio Webstream) (mp3)!sUR3DQba!n4zTK6t6lPmHqcioZ43aBw
  11. Here we go Flac with info and/or Artwork: 1996-03-16 Copenhagen, Denmark!MMwQwSoQ!fUcjxE_MC-c4NfcIDDsTiQ 1996-03-17 Dublin, Ireland - A Thousand Miles From Home (Joe Ely with Bruce Springsteen)!VQ42HI6b!DVXgiesACIFhIj3zgxudSA 1996-04-10 Rome, Italy - Santa Cecilia (Lizard - Silver)!EcwCiIwT!OzTv1p_hPejocdlTCGVPgg 1996-05-02 Zurich, Switzerland!ZQgGCSJZ!WqO57nXXJDz7nTu-gPRMIg 1996-05-06 Barcelona, Spain (RJ-B.L. Tape Transfer)!VNxwnCLT!71NLg9s6adww67yXlxAwDQ 1996-05-08 Madrid, Spain - La Noche De La Musica Tranquila (mrclst Transfer)!JE5SSK5C!9Psezm35HGZEDtt7T0gA9A