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  1. Here is in Flac with Info: 2013-09-18 Sao Paulo, Brazil (Aces Version)!FRg2SAjR!HbEdJLfBP7jHWeoOsc4ZWQ
  2. It was still on Mega Flac with Info It's About Tricks - The 2007 Magic Tour Compilation (Flynn)!pAw3wCzD!Lz-1TcxOveL0u7KYDDzYZw
  3. This is the same as on Eddy's site, it's from a YouTube video which are always lossy, read the info!
  4. @Carles I already have it on Mega Flac with Info and Artwork Love Tears And Mystery The Defenitive Devils and Dust Compilation (11 CDs) (Flynn)!MAZwzaxQ!6cGYa0TXbDT_byNbL754Fw Valid for 1 months
  5. @mazur65 Flac with Info and/or Artwork and Lossless 1996-04-30 Strasbourg, France!hRIhRCLL!I5PRHs0ekL7fnt-GRiBD4Q 1997-05-25 Paris, France - All Roads Lead To Paris (Doberman)!MMBhiKJA!5A6SDW9jy79FNj4VKNju2g 2009-07-16 Carhaix, France (Philme Version) (16bit-44,1kHz)!VcRxUKCD!SNFlMP8CLp2Rre_SontFbg 2016-07-13 Paris, France (Eddy Wehbe Version)!oBQDgCTQ!XTPrnpT00uPLlMa4Me-tqQ Valid for 2 weeks
  6. I also have 1984-10-21 Oakland, CA - Reason to Believe in Oakland (Cellar Dweller) if you want it I'm not sure if it is lossy!
  7. That is right, the last two songs are missing on this version, the only complete version is only in mp3 for as far as I know!
  8. I hope this one is good Flac with Info and Artwork and Lossless 1984-10-15 Vancouver, BC, Canada (IvanF Transfer-G Tape!INQDiC4C!0F0oDmDtC-M2mJ_sQFJyeg
  9. That's ok, thanks for your help Cowboy and also monkinmotion!!