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  1. Here they are in Flac 1980-12-06 Philadelphia, PA (Dan Tekker 1st Generation Tape) 1980-12-08 Philadelphia - Philadelphia Special (Masterpiece) Enjoy!
  2. Here is in flac 1995-04-05_1995-07-22 Sea Bright, NJ_New York City, NY - Sony And Tradewinds (Crystal Cat Records) 1996-04-11 Milan Italy - Milano Night (Crystal Cat Records)
  3. @foreveryoung And 2003-10-01 Hobbes4444 DAT Transfer
  4. Here are in Flac, Info, Artwork I have 1985-04-22 Osaka, Japan (IvanF Transfer-JG Tape) 1985-04-22 Osaka, Japan - The Boss in the East Vol. 1 and 2 (Recorder 1) (4LP mjk5510) 1985-04-22 Osaka, japan - The Boss In The East Vol 1 and Vol 2 (TBS Records - Vinyl) hrubesh I don't have the CDR!
  5. Yes, I have and will upload! Flac, Info 2003-06-28 Milan, Italy (Paolo Barisone-Earlmv)
  6. I can be wrong too and not an expert as well, but for me this is lossy
  7. Here it is in Flac with Info and Artwork 1978-05-27 Philadelphia, PA (Recorder 2 DS Archives Vol 16) (mjk5510)
  8. I will upload! LOSSY with Info and Artwork 2002-11-03 Dallas, TX (CDR) (Lossy Material) the only version for as far as I know!!
  9. Here it is In Flac 2012-09-07 Chicago, IL - Hometown Boys (Godfatherecords)
  10. Can you try again? I replaced it. It should be resolved now!
  11. @TelecasterMaster Here are the other 3 Flac, Info, Artwork 1985-04-19 Kyoto, Japan (mjk5510 2nd Gen Tape Transfer) 1985-04-22 Osaka, Japan (Recorder 3 mjk5510 2nd GenTape Transfer) 1985-04-23 Osaka, Japan (Recorder 3 Source with Patch) (mjk5510) Enjoy!
  12. I will start with the first 3 today! Flac, Info, Artwork 1985-03-23 Sydney, Australia (Ivan) 1985-03-24 Sydney, Australia (mjk5510 Transfer) 1985-04-04 Melbourne, Australia (Vittorio Tapes Collection) (hrubesh Tape Transfer) Enjoy!