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  1. I found this 1985-06-12 Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Earlmv) (CDR Trade) https://mega.nz/folder/hRg3nSpS#a4Cwf6by101DyLeNb7plNA Enjoy!
  2. Thanks Twink I can add this one: 1981-02-07 Champaign, IL (René) (CDR) https://mega.nz/folder/dUR21ZDA#OqUurCrfU1Eox9IrFqL2zQ Enjoy!
  3. Here you are This Hard Land (Repress - Boss Productions - Vinyl) hrubesh https://mega.nz/folder/5UxAkIJT#xq0FjwEnPhRXjDBrlgzRdQ Enjoy!
  4. How wonderful, thanks to you and Stefano and thanks for sharing!!
  5. 2000-06-20 New York City, NY - Prodigal Son Meets The Ubers #1) (IEM-AUD Mix) (CDR) https://mega.nz/folder/VVQn1aQI#4SfvWFnLQhX1PIWPz3BO8g Have a good Sunday and Enjoy!
  6. I have this one! 1999-11-15 Cleveland, OH - Just the Boys In Cleveland (ALD-IEM Mix) https://mega.nz/folder/JZpm3KgK#t8-3Y--Q14Yy-TFczPfbmQ Just the artwork named this way! And this one 1999-11-15 Cleveland, OH - Just the Boys in Cleveland SHN https://mega.nz/folder/IVwy3AzD#3xLpwtWCD_0ewUTlFy9KKA Enjoy!
  7. Here you go!! Thanks to Stefano 1985-07-04 London, England - Wembley Stadium (Spacematic Records - Vinyl) (cre001-hrubesh) https://mega.nz/folder/tJQ3zaRD#uVYJZSMA5kkt6PFOXs70Hg Enjoy!
  8. I'm uploading!!! 1988-04-22 Los Angeles, CA (Ademotte Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/BYgmmAoQ#uUsrleUy8n0RdTURdNQPPg 1988-04-22 Los Angeles, CA (The Complete 1st Generation Recorder 2 Tape (mjk5510) https://mega.nz/folder/MUpymSgb#8RD9IsC9DHnsbkf7XOffKA 1996-03-20 Dublin, Ireland - On The Floor In Dublin (Doberman Records) (CDR Trade) https://mega.nz/folder/Nc4mGY5Z#2Tm5qaZ0Fj0oz9-nIcHMGA 1996-04-25 London, England (Alternate Recorder Source DAT Master) (mjk5510 Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/9dIXhSDa#p5VNVSxAQUttNoX7mRiAwA 1996-04-25 London, En
  9. Great, I only know one of them from seeing! Thank you!
  10. 1988-03-17 Rosemont, IL (Two of Us Version) (Flynn Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/EMw0wBxC#WWdsGzQylOOyrvcktDHF2g
  11. 1988-03-16 Chicago, IL - Love Me Tender (Gatefold - Unknown Label - Vinyl) hrubesh https://mega.nz/folder/pAgE1bxJ#bzngwKvY7CjM7uT3wBAWZw
  12. I'm uploading now!! 1988-02-28 Worcester, MA - Tunnel Of Lust (The Swingin' Pig - Silver) hrubesh https://mega.nz/folder/ENZHEAxI#K9Qdk9JCM7snAGhctFaREQ 1988-02-28 Worcester, MA (MarkP Version) https://mega.nz/folder/8cgQwAIL#Dk6UX11ac7GbdbRMIgGZJA 1988-02-28 Worcester, MA (Recorder 3 - 1st Generation Tape Transfer) (mjk5510) https://mega.nz/folder/tcRRDSwQ#paUqTYqUhdlX4Z94LYtycQ 1988-04-12 Houston, TX (IvanF Transfer - G Tape) https://mega.nz/folder/cYJzTYSI#FBWHQezAEa9gzq-SLZuzWw 1988-04-13-Houston TX (IvanF Transfer - G Tape) https://meg
  13. LOL..I also have that much of this date, but unfortunately I have nothing to share from hrubesh for this date
  14. @Marnix Both are not for posting here anymore!!
  15. I certainly will, but I think you did that already here and now!!
  16. Good Day Everyone With the Best Wishes for a Happy Easter from Stefano (hrubesh) and me. Here is the 1973-01-09 WBCN-FM Radiio Show which is the most complete recording currently circulating. Version 1 is the original broadcast in Boston and Version 2 is a re-broadcast in 1985 on a UK Radio station and is complete except where noted. 1973-01-09 WBCN-FM Radio Studio, Boston, MA (CDing-II Tape - Mauro R. - hrubesh) (version 1) https://mega.nz/folder/EcxXTADC#BnIUJrGkZ_ZorRUjrn_ZLA 1973-01-09 WBCN-FM Radio Studio, Boston, MA (TDK SA Low Gen. Tape - Mauro R. - hrubesh) (
  17. Thanks Twink The only one I can add is: 1980-12-01 Pittsburgh, PA (TDK D Tapes) (Vittorio Tapes Collection) (hrubesh) https://mega.nz/folder/wQQmFJYa#fxsryaEd7BBmBDyTaoNbxA
  18. Here are 1982-08-06 Red Bank, NJ with Beaver Brown (Unknown) https://mega.nz/folder/4VhAXRiY#eoCkOz8XKNofllkMkvOC4A 1982-07-25_1982-08-15_1982-10-03 Stone Pony Series Vol. 7 https://mega.nz/folder/sJYiCTJZ#FqLcv_YVK6QoADfxx-84Ww Enjoy!
  19. Here it is 2001-12-06 Asbury Park, NJ - Prodigal Son Meets The Ubers #3 (Prodigal Son Edit) (SBD) https://mega.nz/folder/gJJBXK5L#41igpduC5nCyiJs7WvX-5g Enjoy!
  20. Sorry, I only have the Zimmy21 Version of 1996-05-01!!
  21. Thanks Twink!! I think this one is missing 1980-10-28 Oakland, CA (Unknown) https://mega.nz/folder/BMoTQSba#5XALlkyPJ1SGaQN4qHlRXQ
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