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  1. I also forgot to say that the movie does a pretty good job of pointing out how obnoxious some of us diehards can be at the peak of our individual fandom!
  2. I seen this movie tonight in Glasgow at a special preview, followed by a Q&A session. Real good film. I'm not sure how it'll come across to non-Bruce fans though... I know it's very easy for us to say how Bruce's appeal is universal and that's certainly the point of the film, but, it is rather heavy handed with the Bruce music (great for us). Time will tell. Some really funny moments and some that tug at the heartstrings. Apparently Bruce loved it and didn't want a single thing changed. He thanked the director for how she treated him in this film. His favourite part was the Born To Run part. There's a section that features Jungleland which he reckons Clarence would have been really proud of the way it was used. To clear up some a question from this thread. No, it is certainly not a musical. There is no singing except for Bruce's songs, some Pakistani songs and other various radio hits from the 80s such as Pet Shop Boys and Tiffany.
  3. Oh wow. Bring it on. I am not even thirty year old yet so obviously I got into Leonard Cohen extremely late into his career and thankfully I managed to catch him live once. However, the mythology between him and Marianne was always something to behold. I remember reading that note he wrote just before she died. I'm paraphrasing but I particularly remember the part he wrote saying "I am not far behind you, if you reach your hands back you'll be able to touch mine". And then not long after he himself was gone. Truly, this man was not a man. I am utterly convinced he was some sort of higher being in a suit and trilby hat.
  4. We'll never know but I am thinking of Bruce talking about a conversation with his therapist. When he keeps driving past his old house in the middle of the night and can't figure out why. I'm sure his therapist tells him he keeps going back waiting for something to be fixed - even though whatever it is can't be fixed. So even if he's put a little imagination to it - there sure must be a hint of truth in this song (that's not to say he's had an affair or whatever, regrets come in many forms)
  5. I love the idea of the song, I really do, but I never liked the actual song. I don't know if it's quite the vocals for me, though they sure don't help, but more the melody - or lack of. This is one song where it feels like he tries really hard to shoehorn the lyrics to the music and it just doesn't work for me.
  6. Don't forget there's plenty of Phil Collins related names to be had too.
  7. A-ha are wonderful at crafting great pop songs. As someone else mentioned, their lyrics are often quite dark - even in hits like The Sun Always Shines On TV and often quite poetic and English isn't even their first language. Easy to dismiss them as another 80's pop band, and aye they're not about to compete with Motley Crue for debauchery, but really, they're worth checking out.
  8. At least they threw the remix show onto the same date as another Archive release and didn't take up an entire month with it by itself.
  9. The guy singing and driving and walking is the narrator from Western Stars. The girl who brings Bruce the raw eggs and gin is "the makeup girl" from Western Stars Girl at the bar is "Some lost sheep from Oklahoma" from Western Stars
  10. Two notes I'd like to make about my personal wishes: 1. I would like a Western Stars version of Downbound Train 2. As much as I love Moonlight Motel as a closer, part of me wishes the closing song was a reprise of Sundown. Like maybe a 90 second reprise or something.
  11. Ever since it was pointed out to be that it looks like Bruce has a bionic leg I haven't been able to look at the cover the same way again.
  12. I really like the song Stones but I'm a little confused 1. What the heck are stones in the mouth? Does this mean the tongue is weighed down with the amount of lies it tells? 2. I'm unclear as to who the liar is. Is the narrator the liar, so the wom/an is saying "You said those are only the lies YOU told me" or is the woman the liar and the narrator is referring to her as "you" both times in that line? As in she's confessed that she has more secrets but these are the only ones she's told him?