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  1. Whoever said Western Stars wouldn't be hailed as a masterpiece if it was sung by Tom Petty is a silly billy (and I don't use that term lightly). I think Western Stars' music and lyrics would have suited Petty's vocals seamlessly. It would have felt very natural.
  2. That IS dedication! Their cinema is quite nice though, so at least they have that
  3. Rest assured, it was a joke. I was poking fun at the other thread which is why I used those exact words. I even deliberately left the "(laughs)" bit in to mimic the "(if any)" part of his note. (laughs)
  4. "What a nice guy I am. How great it was to work with me, all the usual stuff (laughs)." He's finally lost it. Pretentious.
  5. Maybe next time Thom should sign the note instead
  6. "I'm just the Boss, standing in front of the E Street Nation, asking them to shut the fuck up - Bruce" Original draft of the note or a new note after he hears about this thread. Not sure which one.
  7. Maybe this has been a problem with the preview showings and that's why he's addressing it? I don't know though. Just a thought.
  8. I'll do it only, ONLY, if in return Bruce will vote for me as Employee Of The Month at my work. In all seriousness, it is the album of the year to me so far. Followed by Lana Del Rey. We'll wait and see how the new Leonard Cohen album turns out in November.
  9. I believe it was pretty much just vocals before he passed, and he had asked his son Adam to finish it off for him. I'm slightly worried since You Want It Darker was a wonderful conclusion to a wonderful career but also excited to be getting some new stuff. I'll consider it an epilogue.
  10. I remember seeing this clip fairly recently. Maybe a year ago. I can't remember where but it must have been on some Beatles documentary. I remember this clip well because I recall how sorry I felt for the fan. To have someone's music mean so much to you and then to meet the writer and have him say he was just writing nonsense - and to bring Bob Dylan of all writers into it as well! It just made me think, wow, imagine if I found myself in the company of Bruce Springsteen to tell him how much Thunder Road means to me and he waved it off and told me he was just rhyming words for the sake of it. Having said that, I never took into account what you've just said there and yes, knowing what we know now that was to come in the future. It can be seen as rather chilling.
  11. Some wonderful quotes but I've always wondered if the one about telling the teachers they don't understand life is true? It's just always sounded...I dunno...I just don't buy that he said it for some reason. Happy to be proven wrong.