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  1. I'll do it only, ONLY, if in return Bruce will vote for me as Employee Of The Month at my work. In all seriousness, it is the album of the year to me so far. Followed by Lana Del Rey. We'll wait and see how the new Leonard Cohen album turns out in November.
  2. I believe it was pretty much just vocals before he passed, and he had asked his son Adam to finish it off for him. I'm slightly worried since You Want It Darker was a wonderful conclusion to a wonderful career but also excited to be getting some new stuff. I'll consider it an epilogue.
  3. Tiger Rose album? Devils & Dust sequel? Alternate Western Stars? Just when you think you know everything there is to know - you learn more.
  4. Stevie really has it good doesn't he? Imagine playing in a band with Bruce Springsteen and acting in a television show with James Gandolfini.
  5. Doesn't Ron know that if you want to post old photos you have to wait until Thursday so you can hashtag #throwbackthursday? I know rules are made to be broken but jeez, you don't get Bruce Springsteen fans into a frenzy just willy-nilly. Dangerous game.
  6. I'm very bad at maths and numbers so I'm sorry to do this but upon revision I have come to realise that I think my mum was actually only 4, one week away from 5, when Born To Run was released.
  7. Well to show off even more - my mum wasn't even 6 when this record came out
  8. 44 years. So much older than myself, yet probably fresher than I'll ever be.
  9. And I'm clearly in the minority as everyone seems to be in full admiration of it. Which is fine. He said bitterly.
  10. Well even if I liked it masterpiece would still be an incredible stretch, I've listened to it a few times and a couple more songs are starting to reach out to me. But, yeah, reputation is still the best one of her catalogue so far for me.
  11. I hope Sarfraz joins up here to have it out with Michigan Line. That'd be the headline match.
  12. Aye but not for Daisy it isn't!
  13. That's because I do all my arguing in real life to get it out of my system so I can be nice on the internet.
  14. Haha yeah I spotted that, we must have posted at the exact same time. That's cool, I was just making a wee joke since it seems like the thread for fighting!