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  1. I can take the over-singing on Back In Your Arms - what I really can't stand is the way he shoe-horns in the lyrics to fit the music. Something is off about that song, to my ears.
  2. It's really nice. The first song hits me hard, as I'm sure it will other parents. I really liked Painkillers, but Sleepwalkers I never took to (with the exception of If Your Prayers Don't Get To Heaven, which I love). But yeah, really nice little album. Just the right amount of songs. I listened to two of the singles when he first released them but refrained from the rest as I didn't want to be familiar with half an album before its release. From the interviews I've read with him recently, it really sounds like he no longer cares about what people think. Which is good because Brian Fallon always clearly cared too much what people think - even when he used to say he didn't.
  3. Six years? Man, I can remember when it all started. I ordered a CD of the first Devils And Dust show the released. That was one of the first ones, right? I can picture where I was when I was listening to it, the house I was in, my bedroom, my job, the period of my life. My life was completely different yet still somehow not much different. Six years can be a long time,
  4. Beautiful story. I don't want to hijack the thread and my story isn't Bruce related but it's along the same lines. As I've mentioned on here before, I have a little girl who's 4 years old now. She was born in my early twenties. Her mother and I have a very turbulent relationship where we've had to go through family courts so I can see my girl after attempts made to stop us from having a father/daughter relationship now. After a couple years of only having her for hours every week I now have her for the whole weekend every other week. Asides from Bruce, I'm also a huge fan of Elvis Presley. And recently when my daughter was with me I was playing some Elvis songs through my speaker whilst getting her dressed in the morning. She started dancing. I started dancing. She asked what was happening. I says, this is Elvis Presley and he has this effect on us. I've then shown her pictures and videos of Elvis and she's realised he plays guitar. Like daddy. And she's realised he has a quiff. Like daddy. Infact now on a very rare occasion if I pick her up from her mum's and my hair isn't styled, she'll tell me off and tell me to get back "the Elvis hair". My daughter's name is quite similar to Elvis actually and her middle name is Marie, so her name isn't too distant of Elvis' daughter Lisa-Marie. One day she drew a picture of Elvis and asked me to take a picture of it to send to him. It was funny that she thought I had Elvis' number but I didn't know how to explain to her that Elvis died so long ago that Daddy's mum was only a little girl when it happened. But I decided to just tell her I've sent it and we're just waiting on Elvis responding with his blessing. The other weekend my 4 year old actually asked me to teach her how to put an actual record on my turntable and she plays Jailhouse Rock on repeat. And the following weekend I had her, we also had a visit from her cousin who is the same age. We go to the supermarket to get some things and suddenly my daughter asks her cousin if she likes Lisa Marie Presley. I found that so funny, that a four year old even knows who that is (I know I taught her but still), funny that she just assumes every other 4 year old would also know who Lisa Marie Presley is and even funnier that she didn't even ask her about Elvis. Anyhow, I rambled on a bit there but your lovely story just reminded me of the sheer happiness I feel when I see my girl dancing to Jailhouse Rock.
  5. I love this song, it could possibly be one of my favourite Springsteen songs actually. I love the actual music and the way the band plays. It sounds like a train struggling to stay balanced on a rickety old track going across an unstable bridge. It's like the band could fall apart at any moment and you don't know if they'll even make it to the end of the song before it all collapses. Dig the lyrics and vocal delivery too.
  6. Whoever said Western Stars wouldn't be hailed as a masterpiece if it was sung by Tom Petty is a silly billy (and I don't use that term lightly). I think Western Stars' music and lyrics would have suited Petty's vocals seamlessly. It would have felt very natural.
  7. That IS dedication! Their cinema is quite nice though, so at least they have that
  8. Rest assured, it was a joke. I was poking fun at the other thread which is why I used those exact words. I even deliberately left the "(laughs)" bit in to mimic the "(if any)" part of his note. (laughs)
  9. "What a nice guy I am. How great it was to work with me, all the usual stuff (laughs)." He's finally lost it. Pretentious.
  10. Maybe next time Thom should sign the note instead
  11. "I'm just the Boss, standing in front of the E Street Nation, asking them to shut the fuck up - Bruce" Original draft of the note or a new note after he hears about this thread. Not sure which one.
  12. Maybe this has been a problem with the preview showings and that's why he's addressing it? I don't know though. Just a thought.
  13. I'll do it only, ONLY, if in return Bruce will vote for me as Employee Of The Month at my work. In all seriousness, it is the album of the year to me so far. Followed by Lana Del Rey. We'll wait and see how the new Leonard Cohen album turns out in November.
  14. I believe it was pretty much just vocals before he passed, and he had asked his son Adam to finish it off for him. I'm slightly worried since You Want It Darker was a wonderful conclusion to a wonderful career but also excited to be getting some new stuff. I'll consider it an epilogue.
  15. Tiger Rose album? Devils & Dust sequel? Alternate Western Stars? Just when you think you know everything there is to know - you learn more.
  16. Stevie really has it good doesn't he? Imagine playing in a band with Bruce Springsteen and acting in a television show with James Gandolfini.
  17. Doesn't Ron know that if you want to post old photos you have to wait until Thursday so you can hashtag #throwbackthursday? I know rules are made to be broken but jeez, you don't get Bruce Springsteen fans into a frenzy just willy-nilly. Dangerous game.
  18. I'm very bad at maths and numbers so I'm sorry to do this but upon revision I have come to realise that I think my mum was actually only 4, one week away from 5, when Born To Run was released.
  19. Well to show off even more - my mum wasn't even 6 when this record came out
  20. 44 years. So much older than myself, yet probably fresher than I'll ever be.
  21. And I'm clearly in the minority as everyone seems to be in full admiration of it. Which is fine. He said bitterly.
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