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  1. Didn't get to vote. I choose "Western Stars". A Masterpiece. "Letter To You" is great- top 10 Bruce but not a masterpiece.
  2. Neither this nor "Prayer" are good single releases. "If I Was The Priest" is an attention getter.
  3. Anyone have any idea what Bruce's (Sound)scans are on "Letter For You"? "Ghosts" is still very much alive on Triple A radio so that's good ("Letter To You" reached #2). I would imagine before too long they will release a new single/video. It must be driving them nuts not to tour this terrific rock album.
  4. I find it beyond weird to the point of bizarre Bruce received no nominations, etc. I mean, I haven't watched the show since I was 18 but I always check nominees/winners. The Strokes won Best Rock Album. I haven't heard it but I am skeptical it could lay a finger on "Letter To You".
  5. Ultimately I'd say it was a bad call on his part. Why NOW?
  6. Why is this major news? Mainstream newsworthy? If true it's not his best moment and he shouldn't have done it it's wrong but it's annoying that conservative shitbags are enjoying this so much. I've probably driven legally drunk/buzzed but not impaired. I didn't get pulled over. I won't do it again. I reckon 8 out of 10 people who are driving intoxicated at least once in their lives don't get pulled over. I'd like to know his blood alcohol level because it's 0.9 or something get real.
  7. I though that at first too....but it grew on me like Covid-19 on coke and steroids. It's top half of the LP now for me.
  8. This is the second album in a row where I either love or sincerely like every track! Not bad for an old bastard with a ragged voice
  9. Yeah I think the kid might have a big future..as long as it doesn't go to his head
  10. Finished first listen...it's fabulous. Just fabulous. WS is a masterpiece to me and this album ain't far behind
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