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    Ask Bruce. I didn't write the song.
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  1. Great great band sound. Good song for a single. Man, I love Bruce.
  2. 1. Racing In The Street 2. Drive All Night 3. Sandy 4. Stolen Car 5. You're Missing 6. Hello Sunshine 7. If I Should Fall Behind 8. The River 9. I Wish I Were Blind 10. Kingdom Of Days
  3. Same here. I'm currently on one thanks to "Western Stars", his best album since BITUSA. I've always been a fan so the "peaks" would have to be my favorite albums. BTR, Darkness, River, BITUSA, TOL, Tracks, Magic, WB, WS
  4. I see no reason why we cannot expect physical product later in the year. Most business will be open by July. Life will be different until there's a vaccine, however. The shaking of hands is a hard habit to break but.....As long as social distancing measures aren't relaxed too quickly (like Dangerously Demented Donny Chump wishes) the daily tallies will dip to somewhat rational levels. Of course there's a concern of a second outbreak in winter. People are ordering online like mad- and not just household products. Entertainment.
  5. I'll eventually buy the Blu Ray but I'm annoyed there's no Region 1 DVD...yet. I I watch music videos on my laptop with headphones. I totally get why it's not out yet. I reckon Warner Bros lost money on the movie. Surely they paid Bruce a pretty penny for the rights and it- and I hate to say it- flopped at the box office. The overpriced Blu-Ray prolly helps them a little.
  6. You too! (kicking my own ass as I type...quite a skill at least)
  7. It didn't even play near me except for one week about 45 minutes from me. I planned on going second weekend and poof.....Where is the DVD in U.S. Amazon??
  8. Sheesh. I really am old. I was about to rant about kids these days and their darn music. Western Stars is a masterpiece. I didn't expect it to get nominated for Album Of The Year but surely they could have found a place for it. Americana? Folk? Yet it's neither.
  9. It's great but I prefer the studio version easily. The live version vocals aren't as good
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