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  1. It's great but I prefer the studio version easily. The live version vocals aren't as good
  2. It truly is. The new record novelty has worn off but my appreciation for this masterpiece survives. Probably grown even. I can sing this record word for word already. It's an ALBUM. Here's where it ranks for me Darkness WIESS River Born To Run Nebraska BITUSA Western Stars Tunnel Of Love The Rising Greetings Wrecking Ball Magic Devils & Dust Lucky Town WOAD GOTJ High Hopes Human Touch Seeger
  3. Agreed. Those words created low expectations for me fo' sho' but I ended up loving both albums...Western Stars much more. It's a masterpiece. Best since Tunnel Of Love.
  4. So for the UK Charts Midweek report today Bruce is already on pace to sell more there than in the states. Again, Bruce lost a ton of "fans" here for taking a stand politically. How these butthurt righties didn't know where Bruce stood is beguiling. Bruce Springsteen’s new LP Western Stars leads the albums race with 36,511 units sold. Madonna’s Madame X (20,621 sales)
  5. Okay I've listened enough times to the album. It's a masterpiece. His best since Tunnel Of Love.
  6. Doesn't "bother" me. It's just surprising but, honestly, his audience hasn't been what it was for quite some time since he came out in support of Kerry and when he criticized the demented narcissist and current illegitimate president well I'm sure that was the final straw for some.....good riddance half of the fanbase! You don't deserve to be Bruce fans.
  7. all I gotta say is....WTF?? Not even 50k? High Hopes sold 100k first week! Saturday, June 15, 2019 MADONNA, BRUCE HEADED FOR TOP DEBUTS All indicators point to a #1 debut for Madonna on next week's HITS Top 50. With a ticket bundle and D2C offerings fueling half of the opening total, expect Madame X to give Madge her first #1 since 2012's MDNA. Early reads: Madonna (Interscope) 80-100k total activity, 75-95k album Bruce Springsteen (Columbia) 42-47k, 40-44k
  8. Could our dude finally get another radio hit?? I always thought he should've released "Surprise Surprise" way back then.
  9. I firggin' love it. Dreamy pop. GIANT hook. Pumped for this album! Yes it's Magic/WOAD all over again and I dig that production/arrangement as long as the songs are good.
  10. I support Mr. Van Zandt. I purchased his CDs NEW from Amazon (Soulful, Summer Of Sorcery). They're great. Any fan of Bruce or Southside Johnny will love these.
  11. Got the cd today. Proceeded to listen all the way thru three times. It's fabulous. Mr. Van Zandt has really come into his own as a singer. Hate to say it but this album is better than anything Bruce or Southside Johnny has put out in quite some time.
  12. Yep great album. Much better than it should've been lol
  13. I love the song. As I struggle with depression this song speaks to me. It's perfect but I don't even know if Bruce wrote this coming from such a dark place. It's bittersweet. Restricting myself to four listens until the album comes out. Bruce continues to surprise me the same way Elvis Costello does with his genre hopping.