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    Ask Bruce. I didn't write the song.
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  1. I'll eventually buy the Blu Ray but I'm annoyed there's no Region 1 DVD...yet. I I watch music videos on my laptop with headphones. I totally get why it's not out yet. I reckon Warner Bros lost money on the movie. Surely they paid Bruce a pretty penny for the rights and it- and I hate to say it- flopped at the box office. The overpriced Blu-Ray prolly helps them a little.
  2. You too! (kicking my own ass as I type...quite a skill at least)
  3. It didn't even play near me except for one week about 45 minutes from me. I planned on going second weekend and poof.....Where is the DVD in U.S. Amazon??
  4. Sheesh. I really am old. I was about to rant about kids these days and their darn music. Western Stars is a masterpiece. I didn't expect it to get nominated for Album Of The Year but surely they could have found a place for it. Americana? Folk? Yet it's neither.
  5. It's great but I prefer the studio version easily. The live version vocals aren't as good