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  1. Thank you very much for your upload and the advice!! Regards
  2. Anyone would be so kind to upload Cristal Cat`s "Circus Night" bootleg? It´s one of the best from Joad Tour. Thanks in advance.
  3. Listening to the 4-28 LA AS concert right now. Great quality!!! Thumbs up for this one! Hope the Archive Series continues at least a couple years more!
  4. I would really be very happy if the chosen one is Nassau December 28, 1980. Fingers crossed!
  5. Thanks anyway, guys. We actually have a lot of restrictions here in Argentina to buy things that we have to pay in dollars, no matter cash or credit cards, since a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Hi eeverybody, would any of you be so kind to send me "Kitty´s Back" and the band intro from official Perth February 5th, 2014? These two files on my archive are damaged. Thanks in advance. Regards!
  7. Listening to it, right now, Saturday morning here at home, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Wonderful concert! Grat choice, and excellent sound quality! Thanks Bruce and Inc. for the Archive Series!!!! Regards and a happy weekend for all!
  8. Really great choice! Now I expect Amnesty 1988 Buenos Aires concert. After that one, whatever Bruce Inc. decides to release will be allright for me.
  9. Would any of you be so kind to upload "Hungry Heart" and the "Intro to Born in the USA allbum" from Rio de Janeiro 2013? A user uploaded the whole concert this morning but both tracks are damaged in his own copy? Thanks in advance. regards!
  10. Thank you very much for your quick upload!!!!! Regards, my friend!
  11. Hy everybody! Would any of you be so kind to upload the Rio de Janeiro 2013 concert? I began to download the DVD from TheTradersDen but got stucked at 70%. Only need the audio portion of the broadcast. Thanks in advance. Regards
  12. Hi everyvbody! A special request: looking for the cd "Sony Studios" from the Sony Studios 1995 concert in flac? Thanks in advance. Regards
  13. Thanks for uploading it. I noticed that al the versions I´ve heard of this concert are MONO. if you open the files on Audacity you will see that both channels have the same graphics. I think that alltough some tracks are missing, I will make my own version with the audio of the official DVD. Anyway thanks for your quick upload! Regards
  14. Looking for this one: https://www.greasylake.org/the-circuit/index.php?/topic/129535-unplugged-1992-4cd-box-set/&
  15. Would any of you be so kind to upload the complete MTV concert. I think the bootleg is RAW UNPLUGGED. Thanks in advance. Regards
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