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  1. I don’t think its not being an official music video necessarily makes it unauthorized. I’m sure they had the rights to play the song and since the song didn’t have an official video, they took some footage to play under it, footage they probably also had the rights to use. But even just judging from the video itself, it just seems like a bunch of B-roll footage edited together.
  2. Though not necessarily a traditional Bruce show, the MusiCares tribute concert DVD is complete, including a five-song set from Bruce.
  3. Yeah, not sure why they changed the order but it was still a great listen. Bruce and Billy trading off verses on almost every song. The songs played as aired were: 1. New York State of Mind 2. Spirit in the Night 3. Allentown 4. Thunder Road 5. A Matter of Trust 6. Glory Days 7. Movin’ Out 8. Born to Run 9. The River of Dreams
  5. I had never seen The Searchers before. There were parts of it that I liked but overall, I don’t think it holds up. It’s terribly dated and disjointed. John Wayne gave a good performance and there are some nice visuals, but otherwise, I couldn’t quite get on board with it. Haven’t watched A Face in the Crowd yet but I’m a big Kazan fan so I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it a little bit more.
  6. Here's Elvis and The Imposters with Nils Lofgren doing "She's the One" from the same show. Really cool version.