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  1. I’ve never been much of a Swift fan though I’ve always admired her but I am loving her new album. Has kind of a St. Vincent/Tegan and Sara feel to it.
  2. I really like the addition of the strings. Gives it that cinematic Western Stars feel.
  3. Fathom Events is hosting “Springsteen Fan Event” screenings throughout theaters nationwide on Monday. Apparently this will include “exclusive bonus content”. No word on what this exclusive content is though.
  4. He was also in Ringo Starr’s original All Starr Band alongside Nils and Clarence, Joe Walsh, Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Billy Preston, and Jim Keltner. What a lineup. And now five of them are no longer with us.
  5. It was two words for Marvin Gaye and that’s what matters!
  6. If it's a movie about his early years, Timothee Chalamet might be able to pull it off.
  7. Is this the video that was shown at the beginning or is this fanmade?
  8. Lennon himself made a comment in an interview the day he died or maybe the day before praising Bruce and “Hungry Heart”.
  9. I’m hoping there will be a Blu-Ray as well. Maybe that won’t come until a few months later so that Netflix has it exclusively.
  10. I saw Shane Fontayne as Graham Nash’s accompanist on his solo tour (I think he was also on the last CSN tour but I didn’t see it) and he looks completely different than he did in the Springsteen days and has a very graceful lowkey presence in addition to being a talented guitarist and vocalist (he nails the Crosby harmonies).
  11. Here’s the full playlist. I have the old DVD set but it’s nice to have it all in one place without having to change discs. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them put up Barcelona next.
  12. Cassette tapes were already going out of fashion by the time I came of age so I don’t have any Bruce cassettes but I did have this gem when I was much much younger.