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  1. You mean when BLM protestors were attacked by cops with riot gear, tear gas, and rubber bullets?
  2. But that’s just centrism and that’s neither productive or what’s needed right now. And equating the extremes of the left and right is extremely irresponsible and dangerous. I have friends who are far left and believe me, they can be annoying sometimes but they are not violent, they only want justice for the poor and disenfranchised people who are too often forgotten even by some of the most liberal politicians.
  3. I thought the message of the commercial was pretty tone-deaf. If there’s anything we should learn from the last few years, it’s that there is no middle ground. Why should I want to unify with horrible people who are racist/capitalist/anti-semitic/homophobic/transphobic/etc.?
  4. He also produced and co-wrote St. Vincent's Masseduction, probably one of my favorite albums of recent years. He's probably best known for being the lead guitarist and songwriter for the band fun with Nate Ruess.
  5. I have officially licensed masks from The Stones and The Who. I'm surprised nothing of the sort has come from Bruce yet!
  6. A little disappointed there was no download code with the vinyl. I guess the site never said it came with one but it's usually a given for new vinyl releases. I always like to have a digital copy along with a physical (but without having to pay twice).
  7. Haven’t listened to it yet but Conan’s interviews are always so much fun. https://www.earwolf.com/episode/bruce-springsteen/
  8. Or they could have included the original demos of If I Was the Priest, Song for Orpans, and Janey Needs a Shooter.
  9. Loved the post-credits stinger with Bruce singing "Baby I"!
  10. Wondering if "I'll See You In My Dreams" is the old standard, memorably performed by the English singer Joe Brown on ukulele to close the Concert for George Harrison.
  11. I think it works for what it is. I don't think Bruce ever intended it to be just a concert tour souvenir, he probably wanted it to be a unique entry in his catalog that could stand as a true album along his studio works, and in many ways it succeeds as that. It's both a showcase for the newly reformed E Street Band and a way to show that they were not coming back as an oldies act, that they were still fresh and experimental. I think this shows in the track selection. You've got the two new tracks which would prove to be more than worthy additions to the band's act, some deep cuts like "My Love
  12. It's worth noting that the performances of "The River" and "Kitty's Back" with Vini Lopez and David Sancious have never been released in full (though portions of "Kitty's Back" were intercut with the acceptance speech in the HBO telecast). Great performances by a rare lineup!
  13. I just wish he had talked to someone other than that gross hack David Brooks.
  14. I don’t think its not being an official music video necessarily makes it unauthorized. I’m sure they had the rights to play the song and since the song didn’t have an official video, they took some footage to play under it, footage they probably also had the rights to use. But even just judging from the video itself, it just seems like a bunch of B-roll footage edited together.
  15. Though not necessarily a traditional Bruce show, the MusiCares tribute concert DVD is complete, including a five-song set from Bruce.
  16. Yeah, not sure why they changed the order but it was still a great listen. Bruce and Billy trading off verses on almost every song. The songs played as aired were: 1. New York State of Mind 2. Spirit in the Night 3. Allentown 4. Thunder Road 5. A Matter of Trust 6. Glory Days 7. Movin’ Out 8. Born to Run 9. The River of Dreams
  17. https://blog.siriusxm.com/dont-miss-billy-joel-bruce-springsteens-rare-2008-performance-in-nyc/
  18. I had never seen The Searchers before. There were parts of it that I liked but overall, I don’t think it holds up. It’s terribly dated and disjointed. John Wayne gave a good performance and there are some nice visuals, but otherwise, I couldn’t quite get on board with it. Haven’t watched A Face in the Crowd yet but I’m a big Kazan fan so I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it a little bit more.
  19. Here's Elvis and The Imposters with Nils Lofgren doing "She's the One" from the same show. Really cool version.
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