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  1. For some reason this reminded me a an amusing and WTF satellite radio moment. Shortly after WOAD came out, a guy called into the weekly E Strreet Radio show co-hosted by Dave Marsh. The caller said he liked the album but wished Bruce would not have included the swearing in Queen of the Supermarket and Marsh immediately launched into a rant about censorship as though the caller suggested the album should have been banned from the market. Once Marsh, who has a Supermarket fetish, finished his core rant, he continued babbling on how the swearing made the entire song and no other wording could possibly work in it!
  2. I don't consider it quite dreadful but it does lead me to wonder -- why?
  3. Music in "We Take Care of Our Own" and "Just Another Lonely Mile" Blood brothers: "No Surrender" and "Blood Brothers" [*] * Shared theme: Brothers Under the Bridges/No Surrender/Bobby Jean/This Hard Land/Blood Brothers/Brothers Under the Bridge/Western Stars
  4. Too bad 55 year-old Bruce didn't record those old songs. If Song for Orphans, Zero and Blind Terry, and Thundercrack from Trenton 22 Nov 2005 are any indication of what was possible, those could have been some great recordings.