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  1. Yes, I was mistaken. Both the 12" and CD versions I referenced are just over 5 minutes in length and the EP is definitely without the intro. (I thought I have been listening to the copy from the 12" for 30 years but I must have taken it from the video.)
  2. There was a UK/Euro 12" EP in '88 with the Sheffield (9 July 1988) version. There was a Euro 4-track CD as well from 1988.
  3. The article is a mess. The only points seem to be that Bruce is not true working class (well duh, he's a musician who had a roofing job for a few hours) and he milked a patriotic mood in the 80's to make a lot of money appealing to white racists. Perhaps valid debating points but cheap trash writing overall.
  4. Also on You Tube now https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/songsundercovervol2
  5. Jeep should rename the vehicle after the city of Cherokee, Iowa.
  6. (45 steps) (45 steps) (45 steps) (45 steps) 45 steps, and we'll take that ride 'Cross the bloody hook to the station house 45 steps, taken in the night You're taking just one official breathalyzer test Praying for a pass
  7. From random legal info sites: "On land controlled by the National Park Service, you can be convicted of a federal DUI if you are found to have driven on federal land with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit in your jurisdiction, or if you were under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs such that you were incapable of driving a vehicle safely. This latter condition is a higher standard than most state laws have. You can be convicted of a federal DUI even if your chemical test indicated a blood-alcohol content below 0.08 (the legal limit in all states), if other evidenc
  8. Presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If this thread continues as long as the Archive Rumor thread, we could have a complete introduction to law text...
  9. That may have aged as well as wine with a heavily cracked cork.
  10. It's two for the road In the city tonight Meet me in the middle in the wreck on the highway.
  11. I didn't even notice. I am surprised Jeep would let that through. I like it though since there should be nothing wrong with taking a shot of alcohol and then driving a Jeep - unless you weigh under 80 pounds in which case you should not drive a Jeep anyway.
  12. A singer but not singing... This continues a Chrysler tradition of pop singers (plus Clint Eastwood). The spot is a blend of monologue like SOB and Western Stars the Film (plus that hat) with the snow of Letter to You. The Middle: Just as the geographic center moved westward over the course of the nation's history, the policy middle has moved ever leftward over the course of my life. The left fringe of '72 McGovern is the "middle" of Mr. Sundown 2021. Then: Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet Now: That little blue pill, the credit card, and Jeep
  13. Fill the box with semi-rigid packaging with a bed for a USB drive on top. Top of the line packaging would have a sticker on the USB drive with a collage of the eight concert covers in super miniature, yet detailed, form.
  14. Great setlist supplementing WIESS. Working on a Dream made a nice cameo appearance and kept well away from The Wrecking Ball.
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