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  1. Perhaps of interest: https://www.what-song.com/Artist/540/Bruce-Springsteen I also heard the live Springsteen "Trapped" on a soap opera soundtrack in the late 80's/early 90's but is not listed there - probably 'As the World Turns".
  2. "I always took the line to be Bruce recounting how the propagandized military referred to the Vietnamese" -------- Bruce's possible references aside... Some soldiers may have used "yellow man" (but they commonly used VC, 'C'harlie, and gook). The "propagandized" military was concerned about red men (communists) not yellow men. Our allies minus the ANZACs (that is RVN, ROK, ROC [covertly], Filip, & Thai) were "yellow men". Killing the yellow (brown?) man was more likely how the anti-war left (Bruce?), pro-VC left, and black power movement[*] portrayed the war - not the "propagandized" military. The Yellow Peril was a late 19th and early 20th century military and media concern. [*] also "rice farmers", "rice-growers"
  3. FFS part 4: Now there is a limited edition vinyl recording!
  4. Barnes and Noble will have a deluxe $500 (US) signed version: ------- Available 12/7. In stores only. JUST ANNOUNCED! On Tuesday, December 7, Barnes & Noble Members will have access to purchase the Deluxe Signed Edition of Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen's Renegades: Born in the USA. Visit your local B&N and ask a bookseller for details. Quantities are limited and are only available while supplies last. Limit one per customer. Two longtime friends share an intimate and urgent conversation about life, music and their enduring love of America, with all its challenges and contradictions, in this stunningly produced expansion of their groundbreaking Higher Ground podcast. In Renegades: Born in the USA, President Obama and legendary musician Bruce Springsteen explore everything from their own origin stories and career-defining moments to our country's polarized politics and the growing distance between the American Dream and the American reality. In addition to the full-color photographs and rare archival material, the Deluxe Signed Edition of Renegades: Born in the USA features a gorgeous clothbound book in a slipcase signed by both authors for $500. Get 10% off with your in-store Member Discount.
  5. No matter how many updrafts are caught, all flights must end.
  6. Stiffing a piano shop? That is worse than a rock star cancelling a Sunday concert on Friday over politics and screwing the intending attendees who already incurred travel expenses!
  7. The problem is with the modern global public. Not the lyrics. People are dumber and more sensitive. Not a good combination or trend. Nothing to do though but lie back and think of better days.
  8. We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert will be carried on CNN, CNN Espanol, and CNN International. Sat, Aug 21, 5 PM EDT
  9. Is Springsteen on Broadway part 2 the big surprise? 'Bruce Springsteen will return to Broadway this summer for a limited run of Springsteen on Broadway performances at Jujamcyn's St. James Theatre. Shows begin Saturday June 26, with additional performances taking place through September 4. Tickets for Springsteen on Broadway will go on sale Thursday, June 10 at 12pm ET through the show's official ticketing provider SeatGeek. See a full list of performances and information on purchasing tickets HERE. “I loved doing Springsteen on Broadway and I’m thrilled to have been asked to reprise the show as part of the reopening of Broadway,” said Bruce.'
  10. Yes, I was mistaken. Both the 12" and CD versions I referenced are just over 5 minutes in length and the EP is definitely without the intro. (I thought I have been listening to the copy from the 12" for 30 years but I must have taken it from the video.)
  11. There was a UK/Euro 12" EP in '88 with the Sheffield (9 July 1988) version. There was a Euro 4-track CD as well from 1988.
  12. The article is a mess. The only points seem to be that Bruce is not true working class (well duh, he's a musician who had a roofing job for a few hours) and he milked a patriotic mood in the 80's to make a lot of money appealing to white racists. Perhaps valid debating points but cheap trash writing overall.
  13. Also on You Tube now https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/songsundercovervol2
  14. Jeep should rename the vehicle after the city of Cherokee, Iowa.
  15. (45 steps) (45 steps) (45 steps) (45 steps) 45 steps, and we'll take that ride 'Cross the bloody hook to the station house 45 steps, taken in the night You're taking just one official breathalyzer test Praying for a pass
  16. From random legal info sites: "On land controlled by the National Park Service, you can be convicted of a federal DUI if you are found to have driven on federal land with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit in your jurisdiction, or if you were under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs such that you were incapable of driving a vehicle safely. This latter condition is a higher standard than most state laws have. You can be convicted of a federal DUI even if your chemical test indicated a blood-alcohol content below 0.08 (the legal limit in all states), if other evidence shows that you were too impaired to drive safely. Furthermore, because you do not actually have to be driving, just in “actual physical control” of the vehicle, sleeping off your drunkenness alone in the backseat of your car can be grounds for a DUI. For other federal DUIs, conviction requires a BAC over 0.08." "National Park Service laws impose severe penalties for DUI. As a Class B misdemeanor, these penalties include: Maximum of six months in jail Maximum fine of $5000 Maximum probation of five years"
  17. Presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If this thread continues as long as the Archive Rumor thread, we could have a complete introduction to law text...
  18. That may have aged as well as wine with a heavily cracked cork.
  19. It's two for the road In the city tonight Meet me in the middle in the wreck on the highway.
  20. I didn't even notice. I am surprised Jeep would let that through. I like it though since there should be nothing wrong with taking a shot of alcohol and then driving a Jeep - unless you weigh under 80 pounds in which case you should not drive a Jeep anyway.
  21. A singer but not singing... This continues a Chrysler tradition of pop singers (plus Clint Eastwood). The spot is a blend of monologue like SOB and Western Stars the Film (plus that hat) with the snow of Letter to You. The Middle: Just as the geographic center moved westward over the course of the nation's history, the policy middle has moved ever leftward over the course of my life. The left fringe of '72 McGovern is the "middle" of Mr. Sundown 2021. Then: Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet Now: That little blue pill, the credit card, and Jeep
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