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  1. I honestly thought I would get bored watching Springsteen on Broadway again but I swear I have laughed and cried more this time round!!
  2. Think there is Springsteen FM and Springsteen Radio
  3. Ann Chris Evans does my head in too!! I think it was between 8 and 830 am xx
  4. They replayed both phone conversations from when they were rung to tell them they had won. Didn't hear the first one properly but the second one made me cry. She was so excited and was taking her mum and they are both big fans. It was lovely and I was so happy for her
  5. I dont do cold or snow or winter very well at all. Not even for Bruce
  6. They definitely said they would ring between 9.30 and 10, I'm guessing the winners will be on tomorrow mornings breakfast show Its forecast snow for New York on Thursday so I've told myself I wouldn't want to be there anyway!!!
  7. Me too but its not looking good however much I glare at my phone!!
  8. I think the Chris Evans one is for Children In Need and opens next Tuesday for a week so I think this is another one
  9. Chris has just said there will be two pairs of tickets available starting from next Tuesday . I think the show would be on Saturday 17th November and you get first class flights there and back!! Why am I so excited about this???