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  1. That's what I love about him. Its never same old same old. He keeps experimenting and I for one love that about him. I'm never getting off this train!!
  2. Sounds like a cinema showing from what I've seen. Filmed with a full orchestra I'm beyond excited about this!! This is still the only album I'm seriously listening to at the moment
  3. If anyone is listening to Radio 2 today sometime between 12 and 2 pm Sarfraz is on at some point discussing the film
  4. I saw this on twitter and howled with laughter. For anyone that has been lucky enough to get close to Bruce his facial expression so portrays how you feel inside!!
  5. Just got back from a lunchtime showing in Sheffield I laughed and cried and thought it was cheesy in places. I cringed at the racial aspects of the film which I forgot how bad it must have been back in the 80s when I was a teenager too Went with hubby who isn't as obsessive as me but enjoys his music and we smiled at each other during the Asbury Park scenes as we were there last year All in all really enjoyed it but don't feel like I need to see it again. I will read the book though as I haven't yet
  6. Woohooo saw Rachel well positioned!! They bigged it up like the whole programme was going to be Bruce related and they just squeezed it in at the end
  7. I feel it depends on your own life and friends life experiences as to how this and most songs are interpreted I still feel that MM is a masterpiece as is the whole album
  8. Oh dear tissues!! Perfect just perfect and exactly how I feel
  9. Its still the only music I'm listening to in the car. Controversially I have it on shuffle so I don't know what's coming next I cant remember the last album by anyone that had this affect on me
  10. An outstanding and heartfelt post. Thank you for sharing your life stories with us here at The Lake, its a much richer place for it xx