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  1. An outstanding and heartfelt post. Thank you for sharing your life stories with us here at The Lake, its a much richer place for it xx
  2. Starting to think this is a wind up!! Looks like Jessica is in Belgium
  3. Don't know if anyone has heard anything but apparently on Jo Whiley's country show on Radio 2 last night she announced Bruce will be at The Black Deer Festival over the weekend??? He hasn't got a slot on stage but maybe he will do a couple of numbers??? Did anyone here anything about this
  4. I think we need to set up Western Stars Anonymous as I have a real problem actually getting any work or anything else done at the moment. I just want to sit with my headphones on and listen
  5. Fabulous just fabulous. I love this forum because I can express my adoration and nobody thinks I'm mad. I have no explanation why I love Bruce but I do and to read other fans comments like @SteveJhb and many others is a complete joy. Thank you all for sharing your inner most thoughts with us all
  6. I thought he meant one for me one for you and one more for the road
  7. Its the album of the week so he is playing a track everyday
  8. Definitely got The Mavericks vibe I was saying that to my office this morning of people that couldn't care less!!
  9. I have a love of the desert particularly Arizona. Cant explain it just feel really at home there and if I could I would be there in a heartbeat but unfortunately its not easy to move to America so unless I win vast amounts of money its not happening I started going when I was in my 20's with my first ever trip over the pond and I have been lucky enough to go several times over the years and have fallen in love with the desert I haven't been listening to a lot of Bruce lately and then he goes and releases an album that sweeps me off my feet and goes straight to my heart Last week was very stressful for various reasons and I couldn't wait for Friday to get my hands on it and soak it all in so I arrived home and put my headphones on and just let it wash over me. My goodness it absolutely blew me away. Brought back memories of desert road trips and my love of what I call my second home. By the end I was just sobbing and Moonlight Motel is an absolute gem I love it all but by far Moonlight Motel is my favourite and I still cant get through it without crying its just so beautiful and for me Bruce at his very best. My other favourites are Tucson Train, Western Stars for some reason love how he says the word 'charros' and the sweeping string section just blows me away, Chasing Wild Horses, Somewhere North Of Nashville, There Goes My Miracle is like my guilty pleasure song and I have to sway along to it!! and Hello Sunshine So Mr Springsteen yet again you have drawn me in and made my heart sing and my level of adoration for this man just gets bigger and bigger If only he would tour with this album that would be some night