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  1. Bruce obviously read my I will be in Arizona in September post!!
  2. Well he did play Bramall Lane on The Tunnel Of Love tour so he knows where Sheffield is!!
  3. Happy 2020 everyone I hope its a good one for us all xxx
  4. That line actually scares me and makes me try new things before its too late!!
  5. It made me realise how many times a day I log in , hope my boss isn't reading this!!!
  6. Definitely Moonlight Motel for me too studio version, sheer perfection and the whole album still blows me away
  7. Yes he has been in to photography for along time
  8. and then when he says 'yeah maybe someday' and looks up at the sky
  9. Children are asking if its alright, will you be in our arms tonight The whole song is beautiful but these two lines get me every time
  10. I loved all of the songs in the film and felt they were enhanced by the live performance and it all built up to Moonlight Motel which I adore but I too felt that it wasn't a patch on the original version. I listened to it on my way home from the second viewing of the film and there is just something about the original album version that is just sheer perfection the phrasing and the tone of his voice is wonderfully haunting
  11. I can report back on sweep gate!! He started at the back and swept stuff in to the middle and then he picked up a bottle and stood it up and then the next shot the dirt was further back and there was no bottle then the next shot it was back in the middle again with the bottle and he found another bottle but then it was all at the back again and he put down the brush and walked off!!! Meanwhile Bruce and Patti were gazing fondly at each other at the bar like nobody else was there it was so funny Oh and the film was brilliant the second time round !!
  12. I'm lucky enough to be going again tonight but alone this time. I'm interested to see how it feels second time round and I'm already chuckling to myself about seeing the guy sweeping the floor again!!