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  1. If you go in to your account down at the bottom somewhere you will find the card details you put in and it gives you the option to cancel the subscription
  2. OMG Just listened to it three times running its catchy and I love It!! I'm Alive!! Yes we are Bruce 1 2 3 4 Just imagine it live
  3. It's such an easy song to enjoy and seeing the band back together is just joyus. This is just what 2020 needed Once again Bruce does the right thing at the right time
  4. I must try this as I adore Kacey Musgraves Rainbow
  5. I emailed Ken Bruce this morning and asked him to play Jungleland in remembrance of Clarence. At least he played something
  6. Decided to spend the evening watching the DVD I just adore it and it still remains such an unexpected joy that I didn't see coming
  7. See I asked him to just sit there and he did!! He is listening people
  8. I would be happy just to sit and look at him for abit!! He doesn't even need to sing just tell a couple of bad jokes and chuckle!!
  9. Went to see Jesse Malin last night very good Also my Bruce concert money is going fast, Stereophonics on Saturday and then Keith Urban and Brothers Osbourne in May
  10. That reminds me in the 80s my brother and I used to drink Gatorade which wasn't that easy to come by because we had read somewhere that Bruce drank it!!!
  11. Yep £71.50 for standing seemed abit steep so we decided to pass which is a shame but we are going to 4 gigs already this year so the sensible line had to be drawn
  12. Beautiful thanks for sharing. Just put my make-up on I may need to reapply my mascara
  13. Those lines run through my head a lot and spur me on to keep doing new things
  14. Bruce obviously read my I will be in Arizona in September post!!
  15. Well he did play Bramall Lane on The Tunnel Of Love tour so he knows where Sheffield is!!
  16. That line actually scares me and makes me try new things before its too late!!
  17. It made me realise how many times a day I log in , hope my boss isn't reading this!!!
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