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  1. I loved all of the songs in the film and felt they were enhanced by the live performance and it all built up to Moonlight Motel which I adore but I too felt that it wasn't a patch on the original version. I listened to it on my way home from the second viewing of the film and there is just something about the original album version that is just sheer perfection the phrasing and the tone of his voice is wonderfully haunting
  2. I can report back on sweep gate!! He started at the back and swept stuff in to the middle and then he picked up a bottle and stood it up and then the next shot the dirt was further back and there was no bottle then the next shot it was back in the middle again with the bottle and he found another bottle but then it was all at the back again and he put down the brush and walked off!!! Meanwhile Bruce and Patti were gazing fondly at each other at the bar like nobody else was there it was so funny Oh and the film was brilliant the second time round !!
  3. I'm lucky enough to be going again tonight but alone this time. I'm interested to see how it feels second time round and I'm already chuckling to myself about seeing the guy sweeping the floor again!!
  4. Just discovered its showing in Sheffield on Monday so I can go again!!! Wooohoooooo
  5. I just thought what the hell is he doing he was just moving stuff around slowly and not achieving much . It was like he was getting his few minutes of fame or for those old enough to remember a Morecambe and Wise sketch
  6. Haven't had time to read through everyone's thoughts but here's mine Wow just wow and more wow The whole arrangement of the songs was just majestic and I went from thinking why do I need to buy this soundtrack to I need it and I need it now!! Wild Horses took me by surprise as to how emotional it made me feel I'm not a massive fan of Patti's voice but I really thought that she enhanced the music and Stones where they were taking it in turns to sing ' only the lies that you told me' and looking at each other was outstanding Moonlight Motel my favourite track on the album where do I start. I need to hear it again as I'm not sure that I enjoyed Patti on that one. I thought Bruce sounded old and tired but in a good way if it can be good to be old and tired but it made it all the more emotional like that song needed to be sung like that and I just sobbed and sobbed Rhinestone Cowboy I really needed that at the end so I could pull myself together!! To be honest I found the Q&A abit tedious and it felt like it went on abit and took away from me the beauty of the production that I had just witnessed I just feel really sad that he decided not to tour with this album as I think it would have been a magical experience So I'm off to buy the sound track and immerse myself in the joy of it again and again And at this point I'm going to put it out there and say it is my favourite Springsteen album
  7. Me too Ann just hope this film lives up to my very high expectations. Bring it on!!!
  8. Oh no @rachelharms so sorry for your loss Its the day every pet owner dreads but take comfort from the long and happy life you have had together xxx
  9. Oh my word I cant get through it as it is without crying!! I too am seeing the film on Monday and avoiding listening to the live versions till after then. I have a feeling I may need sunglasses coming out of the cinema as blood red nose and puffy eyes isn't a good look
  10. Its been really poor. I'm going to Newark which is about 40 mins away as it wasn't showing at Sheffield but now it is and now even the local Worksop cinema is showing it 5 mins from where I live. I wish someone was showing it on a different night as I would go twice
  11. Solo acoustic version of Moonlight Motel and I would be in bits!!
  12. Oh my I cry at everything happy and sad so I will probably be dehydrated by the end!! I absolutely adore this album anyway and love the desert and I have really high expectations of this film. Roll on the 28th
  13. Really annoyed now as its just appeared at the Savoy in Worksop which is 5 mins from the village where I live!! So I'm going to Newark as the tickets are non refundable
  14. I'm not in Badlands I just saw this thread and looked at the Odeon website
  15. I just went on to the Odeon website and looked at what's on. Selected Western Stars right down at the bottom of the list and it then asks you to select a cinema
  16. Its not on in Sheffield which is my closest one but is showing in Newark which is 30 miles away. It makes no sense to show it in a small market town but not a big city!!!
  17. Feeling very emotional today and have no idea why. Maybe because my hero is hitting the dizzy heights of 70 I turned his music up really loud in the car this morning and sang my heart out and felt so damn grateful that he has been in my life for so long. I guess my love affair with him started in my teenage years and now I'm in my 50s and my feelings for him just get stronger and stronger maybe as I get older too I appreciate the fact that he is still healthy and producing albums like Western Stars which is outstanding and most unexpected So Bruce from the bottom and all of my heart thank you thank you thank you for providing me with such joy and being with me through the good times and the bad times and being there to lift me up when nobody or nothing else could
  18. Really enjoyed listening. Its so nice to hear some different songs for a change and not the usual Dancing in the dark on the radio!!