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  1. And I haven't played in years so I think any sax break I played would be pretty painful
  2. Yes we can dream. I used to play saxophone so I would have fitted right in to the band lol My hair is short now but was as long as Patti's when I was younger. If only!!
  3. Welcome @Redheadedgirl from another redhead!! Bruce loves a redhead so we are in good company
  4. I hate that most radio stations only play Born In The USA and Dancing In The Dark like that's all he has ever done. Its made me not like these two songs I call the 80's stuff plastic Bruce
  5. That is so much nicer than that last magazine cover. He looks gorgeous here
  6. Rachel you need to tell him its your 21st birthday somehow you have to!!!
  7. Wowzer thats just fabulous. I'm tearing up just reading that. Amazing what a night xx
  8. I'm sure the experience will stay with all of you forever and its so nice that you all got in and could experience it together. So happy for you
  9. I could have tried for a ticket on the last night of our holiday but didn't and I don't regret my decision at all. It was incredible and amazing BUT I just felt that if I went again I would know what was coming if that makes sense. Plus it was sooooooo expensive and I had all on justifying spending £1k on a night out once never mind twice.
  10. Don't get a mortgage you won't be able to afford more Asbury Park trips!!!
  11. I have weeks when I don't listen to him at all!! I mainly listen to music in my car on the way to work which is approximately a 40 min trip and that is the only time generally when I listen to music properly, I just don't seem to get chance any other time. Building up to doing the Broadway show I didn't listen to him much then since we got back I have to say I haven't really listened to him either. I am a bad bad Bruce fan
  12. Have a fabulous time ladies. Having lunch with friends is indeed one of life's pleasures
  13. Perhaps he is trying to look mean and moody but I think he looks drugged up
  14. We have tickets for Southside!!! Hoping Bruce shows up!!
  15. Morning all from a very emotional me. That was one of the best nights from the ultimate showman . I will never be able to listen to Born To Run again without thinking of the Broadway show. I adore him even more if thats possible at this point. But for me I wouldn't want to see it again as it felt like a really magical evening but a one off. It was so nice listening to him talk and describe things like he used to at concerts many years ago with his stories and man he was funny!! So we are here for another 5 nights and then off to New Jeresy for 6 nights alot more fun to be had . Just uploaded two pics one upside down and one sideways!!!!
  16. Hi all so we have got here ok. Just walked down to the theatre to pick up the tickets and I feel strangely calm at this point. Just going to chill now before the new dress and heels come out!! Will try and get a picture as he finishes. Not long now eeeeeekkkk
  17. Thank you. We are at Heathrow now and just chilling. I could literally cry now what is wrong with me!!! Anyway finally I can say TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT I GET TO SEE MY HERO ON BROADWAY
  18. Arrived at the hotel virtually on the runway!! Having a drink and watching the planes land
  19. It's nearly here woohoo watch out Bruce I'm coming to get ya
  20. We are on BA0175 departing from Heathrow T5 at 0935 on Saturday