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  1. We fly on the day of the show so not ideal but the only way we could do it so on the 930 flight out of Heathrow and due in to JFK at 1230 ish lunchtime. I usually have Bruce excitement or holiday excitement so the two rolled into one means I'm so emotional already!! Have already had a few tears just thinking about all the disappointment of trying for tickets and not getting the magical access code then finally actually spending the horrendous amount of money!! Anyway for the first time I'm getting dressed up for Bruce so new dress heels and bag what the hell I'm going to my first ever Broadway show and I'm pulling out all the stops!! So 6 nights in New York and then 3 nights in Long Branch were we are doing the Stan tour and have tickets for Southside Johnny at The Stone Pony which I'm super excited about then further down the coast to Ocean City for 3 nights then the last night back in New York I'm struggling to believe that on Saturday night I will actually be there and I'm crying again!!
  2. Hi Linda This has just made my day. Fabulous news and I bet your so relieved. Rest and chill now and its so good to see you back on here Welcome home xx
  4. I seriously want this!! We have just decorated and it would look so good in the lounge but I may have to just do it and hope hubby doesn't notice!! I went through a phase of wanting a Bruce shower curtain but managed to talk myself out of that one
  5. 8 years ago today we lost the larger than life fabulous talent that was The Big Man I can remember that day so clearly hearing the news and not really knowing what to do with myself He will be forever one of my musical hero's RIP Clarence
  6. Hey Linda what fabulous news, welcome back xx
  7. I think an orange surround and a black frame would look good
  8. Maybe the same blue as the ocean when you stand on the boardwalk looking out
  9. I'm wierd then lol My money my choice. I just feel that it will be a very special night and I want it to be new and fresh. Yes I have read the book when it first came out which seems such a long time ago I can't remember alot of it. I actually can go for months without listening to his music at all so there is another revelation
  10. 30th June I'm more than ready for my turn!! Its going to be a long old day as we fly the same day we see the show but I'm sure I can stay awake for Bruce
  11. I'm not watching it as I see the show in a couple of weeks and I've come this far without watching anything so I will watch it after the show if its still available
  12. Maybe if you don't get 25 out of 25 on the latest Springsteen quiz your not allowed to view him anymore!!
  13. Oh my word I did so badly I'm a bad bad fan!! No wonder I was on the loser list so many times for the Broadway shows. I bet my name will be added to the dont let her in as she is a phony list at the theatre doors
  14. Everyone I'm close to is aware of my Bruce obsession. There was an article in one of the Sunday papers about Springsteen on Broadway a few weeks ago and I ended up with 5 copies as people saved it for me
  15. What horrible news life really sucks sometimes. Please send her my love xx
  16. Well well just checking in here trying to think positive thoughts about going back to work tomorrow and I come across this!! What a complete joy
  17. It's nice but I have to say there was a video of it on Facebook and it just felt like it was a private moment not to be videoed. It was really close up to them and it just felt slightly wrong somehow.