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  1. It sounds like an outgrowth of the songwriting/singing style of Western Stars to me - but with E-Street guitars, drums and organ instead of strings. I like it a lot!
  2. Can confirm that it's up on New Zealand itunes - listening now!
  3. Is this better? Just copied and pasted straight from the original downloaded file.
  4. Well, if he is looking to finish off the mythical '94 hip hop album, El and Killer Mike would be ideal collaborators! (before anyone jumps on that, I don't actually think that's what this photo means - just that El and Mike were stoked to run into Bruce at the same studio, where they're hopefully also hard at work on their next album too)
  5. kia ora Daisey - ngā mihi o te tau hou e hoa! Hope 2019 has been treating you well, Bruce-wise and everything-else-wise. sticking with the topic of the post - it's hardly an original thought, but the intensity of this show is incredible. The band are channelling every emotion from Danny's passing into the songs - Sandy, Darkness and Racing especially. Also, I love the performance of Last To Die on this - one of my favourite modern Bruce songs, I wish it was played more often post-Magic tour.
  6. I'm just beginning my listen - but wow, the guitar solo in Gypsy Biker really comes out roaring. Love it.
  7. One tour that doesn't get mentioned too much as an Archive possibility - presumably due to the brevity of the sets? - is the Amnesty International tour. Now that we've got nearly every tour (come on 02-03!) represented in the Archive series, I'd be really happy to see an Amnesty show pop up one of these months, especially if they can include the big group performances from the end of the show - I don't know if there would be any rights issues given all the different performers involved there?
  8. I've seen a lot of speculation that the shows won't be on nugs, because (as Buddhabone says) it's possible Bruce will want to do a DVD and/or album release of the show after the run is completed. I think there's also an assumption that the show may have a pretty static setlist, which wouldn't lend itself as much to releasing every show. That said, this is all just speculation at this point! As someone who can't go, I'm quietly hoping that there will be either nugs releases or a beautiful Bob Clearmountain-mixed official release at the end of the run - we'll find out for sure soon enough.
  9. Have a blast in Perth tonight everyone, and across the rest of the Australian shows......I'm going to do my best to stay off the Lake for the next few weeks to keep the show/setlist in Auckland a surprise, so will look forward to reading all the setlistvision posts on Feb 26!
  10. Today's tweet from @KupuHou, which provides daily examples of common words translated into te reo Māori (one of NZ's three official languages, alongside English and Sign):
  11. Phew - got my Auckland tickets. Really pleased that it seems to have worked out for everyone else here too!
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