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  1. Against all my advice, my son and his lady got a puppy. You can see how ashamed I am.
  2. I was just happy to see a smile on his face at least once or twice in the video. The Ancient Brooder is not how I like to see him. But, he gets to be who he wants to be, I really have no say. Hell, maybe that's who he is, and if so, that's just fine, at this point, I am owed nothing.
  3. The last Puppy Palooza via Pilots 'N Paws in our big house, they get to poop and pee everywhere as new flooring goes in Monday in anticipation of putting our house on the market. I picked up 7 furbabies in Tennessee this morning in my airplane, we get to host them overnight. I will fly them to Hartford tomorrow where there is a waiting list of adopters. Lots of playtime in the yard, lots of love from the extended family. Here they are at nap time:
  4. November 23, 1980 Cap Center, Landover, Maryland I had a secret Ticketmaster desk that always seemed to be vacant when shows went on sale, scored front row lowers, halfway back. Driven there by my older gal pal, who I hoped to make another first. But alas, even with Bruce greasing the skids, no luck for me. She did track me down years later, broken and divorced, but found me 30 years happy with m'lady, her loss, my gain.
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