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  1. Not being an uber geek of songbookdom, I thank those of you that post things like this. Never knew a song I love so much could be so . . . bad? EDIT: Okay, raw, not bad. Definitely raw.
  2. You are jesting, I know, thanks to the big smiley. But who among us does not have that special place that is not our home? He has alluded to his fondness of the the desert roads many times. I bet his desktop / screensaver is a desert backdrop of some sort, I know mine is my special place.
  3. Yep, later in that time frame. I have just recently remembered that I saved ticket stubs in my teens when I found said ticket stubs while cleaning out the homestead after Dad moved into an apartment in a community. When I find them again I will post what I can remember. Maybe.
  4. Took twenty seconds to click through and give support. Thanks for making it that easy, and for everything else.
  5. My wife and I had this exact meal there after our show in early October. Loved it! Tonight, while searching for a place to celebrate Dad's birthday next week, we settled on finding a place at DC's National Harbor, since that was somewhat central to all the local family. Scrolled through the available dining establishments, guess who has a place there? Guess where we are going, on my insistence? Thanks again for the thread, Rachel!
  6. So far our travels are clear, but the week is early and the gods are angry!
  7. We did in fact go Tuesday night. It definitely did not suck. So many tales already, I’ll keep my additions short. It is the one opportunity for someone lacking press credentials, or not named Hanks or Branson, to sit down with Bruce in a virtual living room and just talk, albeit a one way discussion (mostly). When he stepped away from the mic, and I heard him truly live, unamplified, I saw him as a person. That was really special. He has mastered the art of making the evening what he wants, not necessarily what the fans want. Every time you want and even start to sing along, he deftly changes voice cadence or musical tempo, and quickly stifles the urge, and the crowd goes silent, making you hear what he wants you to hear. He is a funny MF’er. I am sure a night sharing chilled tequila with him would be epic. It was really a shame that everyone felt the need to take a photo at the end. Hands occupied pinching phone screens lead to a less than enthusiastic ovation. I know, I know, “Get off my lawn, you damn kids!” I scoffed at the pricey drinks in adult sippy cups, and in fact I think this is the only time I have been completely sober at a show. But later that night I spent $54 on three servings of alcohol at a bar down the street. And this post is not so short, so I am a hypocrite twice over. A really good start to a two week vacation for us, even though we spent 25% of the budget on the first two days. Gotta fly to some deals in Indonesia to make up the difference. That does not suck either. Well, the time shift sucks, but worth it.
  8. No, no, no. Sunday is a day of rest, moose out front should have told Bruce. I am sure my show on Tuesday will be absolutely terrible now. Happy for your girl, BD. Nice bonus for the effort, Ring of Fire one of my favorite songs.
  9. I got my email about pre-ordering my REALLY expensive cocktails yesterday, and then jumped in the car this afternoon at the top of the hour and had a terrestrial radio station ID go right into Rosie (my local indie station LOVES Bruce). SO many reminders that Oct 2nd is getting closer. Giddy-yup.
  10. One month to go for my wife and I. Loaded our tickets into my Apple Wallet as tribute. And, I have a pizza place to get a veggie pizza thanks to Rachel's thread, and our follow on diving plans on the other side of the world are scheduled as of today as well. This is going to be quite the overall adventure.
  11. I actually like shit audio from time to time. Takes me back to the beginning, driving aimlessly around the streets of my hometown as a teen, in my '71 Triumph Spitfire. There was no way to improve the sound making it to my ears in that car, regardless of the amount of money I put into the most affordable in-dash cassette player and speakers of the day (translated: also shit, because I barely had gas money). I had every album available at the time (up to The River) on cassette: some retail, some recorded by me from vinyl on equally crappy equipment in my bedroom. I would not trade those days away for anything. That being said, earbuds were invented for cars like those, and these days that is what I use (plugged into my iPhone) as I drive that same '71 Spitfire from time to time (yes, I kept that POS car and restored it, I suppose I am officially an old fart).
  12. That is an awesome set, Hon! Been a long time since I did a CD exchange or an FTP download or whatever the kids are using these days, but should you place it somewhere . . .
  13. Saw that on the BBC news feed, made me miss my Dobson so very much. It needs a photo, not just a link: